Ok I cannot leave "well enough alone"!!! I wasn't sure about this old chippy shelf finding its home in my office so I hung it and was trying to see if I liked it.  Then I was out in the shed looking for something else and I found this old chippy cabinet that I got some time ago and had no place to hang it.  I knew I needed it when I saw it but was not sure where to put it.  Well I think I found a new home for it.

Here it is.  This little chippy treasure came out of a 100 year old farmhouse kitchen and I got it at the flea market for almost nothing.  Now I have more storage in my office area.  Now on to filling this chippy little cabinet with stuff!!!!

It is amazing what you can do with some old chippy side lights I picked up in Geneva, Illinois from a shop I just love Denise's Adornments.  She has beautiful chippy old things as well as new so if you live in this area please visit her shop. I hung these in my pass through to the family room. I think they kind of framed out that opening pretty nicely.

Don't you just love the character of the old mail slot.

I also had a couple of pieces of old door left from another project so I did not want to throw them out so I just painted them and "chipped" them and hung some old vintage sconces on them.

I just cannot stand to throw away anything with history and character so I was glad I could use these next to my shabby mirror over the mantel.

I made some changes to my office area and thought I would share this.  It is amazing what just switching things around and adding a few new things can make it feel like a whole new room.  It did not cost a cent to make these changes and I feel like my office is brand new.

This basket holder is made out of an curtain rod and I added old door knobs to the end to give it some character

This is that old gate I found in Mark's shop in Naperville. I decided to hang it over my desk and use it like a bulletin board for my Junk/stuff!!!!!

I used an old wine bottle holder for some of my magazines. It organizes them and also I can see them better than when they are stacked. I can change them out as I get new favs!!

I love using old in box mail holders for some of my book and magzines too.  I found this little love letters in box at an estate sale years ago and fell in love with it

I love using this mannequin to hang all my flower pins

A little burlap to the back of a chair and a pin and it gives some sweetness to this plain white office chair

This is probably one of my favorite finds of all time.  It is an old lamp base made into a dress form with chicken wire and the top of the dress form has an old vintage Hilton Hotel hanger from the 1940's.  Love that it has such history and character. I use this too to hang and organize things

A little stamped ribbon and a paper flower added to this lamp shade and you have instant charm

An old silver candle stick with some bling added and you have a string holder with character.

This is a favorite of mine too.  I got this from Katie Rose Designs a while back.  She took an old mail box and blinged it up with some burlap and ribbon and I added the fabric flower and I have a cute place for storage in my office.  Just different from a basket or drawers for storage.  Please visit her site if you would like to see some of the beautiful creations that Lori and her daughters create.  http://katiesrosecottage.com/

 This week end I did a DYI project in my kitchen.  I had the hubby take down this cabinet.
After the cabinet came down

A little paint touch up on the wall

My husband then built me two shelves to put my dishes on.  I like the open shelf concept for my dishes.

A few little decor items added below the shelf

I love this old vintage cheese box I got for a dollar at the flea market!!!!! Love those little finds.
Not hard at all got this done in one day today.
My husband also added back the puck lights I had going under the cabinet.  It is hard to take pictures in this kitchen with my camera but the lights under the shelves really are pretty at night.
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 I thought I would try another shot of the shelves with some of the cabinets showing to give perspective on how the open shelves are in place of the cabinet. I was going to go all the way across but I have open shelving on the opposite wall see the next picture so I decided to go on a smaller scale.

Sometimes just changing things around can feel like a brand new room!!!! I had this cute chippy bench sitting in my guest room closet with no place to call home.  I took it out today and move some things around in the master bedroom and I like it in front of the windows in my Master Bedroom.  Threw on some cute pillows and you got a cute cottage bench in the bedroom!!!

Next thing was taking this Guest Cottage sign and hanging it above one of the twin beds in my small guest room. I think I like it over the bed.  It was hanging on the bedroom door but I think I like that you see it as you enter the guest room.

Ok I wasn't done yet so I took this cute sign I bought on etsy from http://www.etsy.com/people/GraphicallySpeak about the Cottage Rules and hung it on the wall in my lake theme guest room.  I love all the cute sayings on this sign. I just went to Walmart and got an inexpensive frame that I spray painted white and framed this.  I think it came out cute and I really love the wording on this cutie!!!

Ok all of this started with me vacuuming rooms and cleaning this morning.  I got the bug to change up somethings.  Now with very little effort I feel like I have change in these rooms.
I went to the Kane County Flea Market this past week end ( my fav flea market)!!!!! and I found this beautiful cedar chest that needed some love.  Only $35 bucks fully lined in cedar. I jumped on it knowing it just needed a little love.  The hubby sanded it down and fixed the feet and painted it white.  I distressed it to bring back the old chippy feel to it.  My motto is redo and relove and you can bring life back to almost anything.


After some Love!!!!

And now a beautiful new coffee table that I can store all the winter throws in.  Love the flea market and the great finds you can get there. 


I have a sectional in my family room that I have been trying to think about how I could "cottage" it up some how.  I looked into getting a slipcover made and that cost almost as much as the sectional cost me a year ago at Macy's!!!! So I was in Vintage a cute store in Morris yesterday and found these cute scarfs so I decided to attach them to the base of the sectional as a skirt.  I had a hard time getting a good picture but I think I might like this.  Not sure yet.  I am going to give it a couple of days and see if it grows on me.