A Giving Heart. I wanted to post about a really sweet and talented blogger.  Her name is Susan and her blog is http://mustlovejunk.blogspot.com/  Susan had a give away not too long ago and I won!! Wooooo Hooooo!!!! This is what she sent to me.

Look how pretty it all came. She had it wrapped in this vintage music sheet with a give tag and old key tying it together oh so sweet and it also came with the sweet crown tag from Susan.  It is a really cute stamped necklace that says " I love Junk".  Oh how true and so me. It is perfect and I can't wait to wear it on my next Junkin outing.

I have it hanging in my office on my mannequin.

A big hug and thank you to Susan for my lovely gift. Susan and I started our blogs about the same time and have become pretty good friends in blog world. She and I are supporting each other as we learn this new blog world! A big thank you also to her hubby Keith for picking my name out of the bucket.  I just love it and love how cute it was packaged when it arrived. Susan you are so sweet and giving and you made my day.  Check out Susan's blog you will love her home and her blog.

Little Miss Sock Monkey was hangin out with me in my office today and while I thought she was smellin the paper flowers........

I turned to see she had my emergency chocolate dish opened and was eating them!!!  I told her if she wants to be in the Sport's Illustrated Edition next year she better lay off my emergency chocolates!!!!!!!! You cannot leave these monkey's alone for a minute!!!

Meet Leena!!!! This little smartly dressed sock monkey lives with Lynn at http://shabbystory.blogspot.com/.  I know  a lot of you know Lynn and her beautiful blog.  She shared with me this morning that she too has a sock monkey named Leena that she won last year on Vickie's blog.  Vickie is such a beautiful seamstress and a beautiful person to share her sock monkeys.  I had to show you this one today too.  Her little sock monkey arrived suit case in hand.  With snow on the ground what is a sock monkey to do except make snow angels!!!!!! Leena is adorable. Look at her cute boots!!!!! Vickie did not leave out any little detail on making Leena so adorable.


Leena came to Lynn suit case and all.

While I was working on this post of Lynn's Leena sock monkey, I looked over and saw my sock monkey looking outside at all the snow we got yesterday.

She would like to make snow angels too but she would have to borrow Leena's coat since this is not bikini weather.

For now she will just sit and dream of when she will be outside with flowers and her lounge chair to bask in the sun.
I am working on some Easter Decor today but it is hard when you look outside at all the snow!!!!
I have a fun post for today. I received a really fun and sweet little gift in the mail yesterday from two of the most talented and fun bloggers.  I know some of you know them. Vicki from  http://daranger911.blogspot.com/ and Tracy from http://crowsfeetchic.blogspot.com/

Those two are so funny and they just crack me up with their Sock Monkeys.  If you are not familar with their sock monkeys you must take a look here. http://daranger911.blogspot.com/search/label/Studio%20911%20sock%20monkeys



They both collaborated and Vicki made me a sock monkey and Tracy made her bikini.  I wanted one for my lake guest room and she is just perfect.  I just have not found a name for her so I thought I would see if you have any good ideas for a cute name.
In the meanwhile she has been checking out her new digs.

She is checking out the big old farmhouse mailbox in her new digs!!!! I am thinking she thinks that could be a good place to hide when she does not want to be distrubed!

She is liking "monkeying" around with the mailbox.

Then she checked out the sail boat and I told her she would have to wait a few months to take the sail boat out on the Lake. Big snow storm on the horizon!!!

Then she borrowed my reading glasses to read the cottage rules that she must live by.

Then she decided to take a bike ride to check out the rest of the house.

Wow if her legs were just a wee bit longer!!!

Then she saw the new Easter Bunny and posed for a camera shot with him on my dining room table.

Then she helped me with this post so I would capture her in the best light and always get her good side in the pictures.

After all this moving in stuff she is tired and needed to take a rest.  I love her pretty blue eyes and her sweet disposition. Now we just need a cute name for her.  Got any good ideas please share them in your comments.
Thank you Vicki and Tracy I love my new Sock Monkey.  I see many adventures in her future!!!!!

Good Monday Morning.  I have a little post today.  I am so happy today that the sun is shining and I actually heard the birds singing this morning.  That is a good sign that maybe Spring is on it's way here in Chicago!!! I can only hope!!!

I went out to Urban Farmgirls shop in Rockford over the week end. I love visiting with Mary and seeing all her wonderful finds and treasures she is selling in her shop.  I picked up a couple of cute things to share with you.

I found this great little chalk board sign and had a nice chippy frame at home for it.

I just loved the saying on this sign.  You can visit Mary's shop if you live in the area or you can visit her blog to see other signs and beautiful treasures in her shop.  http://urbanfarmgirlandco.blogspot.com/

I also found this cute little bunny at Home Goods for Easter.  He had a cute face and a shabby little tissue scarf around his neck.  I just loved him when I saw him on the shelf.  I think it was his sweet face that drew me to him.  I am excited to start to decorate with some Easter decor.  He is getting me motivated to begin.

I also found this lovely red cross pillow at Mary's shop.  I thought it would be so cute with my old vintage doctors bag and my little vintage Raggedy Ann Nurse.

Hope your week is starting out to be a good one. Thanks for coming by.
Happy Sunday!! I wanted to let you know I have been featured at Pamela's lovely blog: http://www.frommyfrontporchtoyours.com/2013/02/how-i-found-my-style-sundays-fancy-shack.html

Each week she features a blogger's lovely home on her "How I Found My Style Sundays".  I was so honored when she contacted me and asked if I would like my home to be featured.  Thank you so very much Pamela.  If you have not check Pamela's blog out yet you really should hop over and check out her beautiful blog and check out the featured Sunday Homes.  She has had some beautiful homes featured.  Beautiful Inspiration to be found.
I found some of my old platters and plates yesterday and decided to hang a couple on the wall in the new dining area.

I thought they might look nice around the old barn door.  I also hung one of my farmhouse aprons next to the barn door.

Had an old bakery sign so hung that above the entry way from the kitchen to the dining room.

Next thing on the list was to make the plain lampshade on my floor lamp into something a little more pretty and interesting so I added some fabric roses and buttons to the lamp shade.

I think it just needed a little embellishing of adornments.
Thanks for coming by.  We are suppose to get 5 to 6 inches of snow here in Chicago so I am staying in and finding little projects to do around my house.  Hope you are having a great week.

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Happy Friday.  Ok this is the last post I will do on my entertainment unit.  I promise!!!!! If some of you have been following along on my blog you know that this focal point in my living room I just can't seem to get right. Today I finally played with it and I think got it to where I want.  Isn't funny how you can get stuck on something and it takes forever to get it right!!!! I promise this is the last you will see of the never ending drama of the entertainment unit!!!!!! Have a great week end. Kris :)

I felt like I needed to put something under the chalkboard to fill in that space.  So I put the little bird house and some of my birds. This way you can still see the writing on the chalk board but it fills in that space underneath the chalk board.

Kept the window up there for interest and layering.  Found my old white watering can filled it with flowers.

My little wooden birds seem to like where they are!

Put my two love birds next to the big birdhouse.

I think I can live with this for awhile!!!! Hope you are having a great Friday.  The sun is out today in Chicago and weather more on the mild side.  Lovin seeing the sun.
Kris :)

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Happy Valentine's Day My Dear Blog Friends.

Wishing you a day full of love and lot's of Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!
It has been so much fun these past few months as I started my blog and have gotten to know each of you.  I always have appreciated your sweet comments and reading your inspiring blogs. Enjoy this special day.

Happy Valentine's Day
      Kris :)

UPDATE:  My blogger friend Lynn from the vintage nest suggested I maybe layer an old window or shutter in my design above the entertainment cabinet.  I stopped staring at the space and went out to the shed and found this old window.  No shutters but this old chippy window  and old chippy post was found too. What do you think?  Thanks Lynn for the idea.

I am not sure why but I just am stuck on what to do on top of this entertainment unit.  Did you ever have a space that you just can't seem to get it right.   I guess I will keep playing with it and hopefully will get to what I want.

I like the old chippy window with the chippy birdhouses.
So what do you think?  Should the window stay or go???
A small Monday post.  I have been playing around with the top of my entertainment cabinet that holds our TV and I just can't seem to get it right.  Here is the before:

It was really blah to me so...........

So I took some roses that I got from Hobby Lobby and made a swag/spray to go over the chalk board sign.  With some of my old chippy birdhouses on display up there too,  I thought maybe the roses and some greenery and nest gave would tie in with the birdhouses.  What do you think???

I want to take a minute and thank each of you for being so sweet and kind with comments and best wishes with my back issues.  This has been an exhausting week with ups and downs with my back.  Today I feel encouraged that it is getting better.  I start some physical therapy next week and hope my back will be on the mend.  

Now on to the post.  It is snowing like crazy here in Chicago and I love the beauty in the white snow but I am a summer girl so I dug out some of my pictures of my garden from last summer to share and reminisce about the beauty to come. Oh how I want summer again!!!
This is what has been going on outside in my garden area. They said we got about 5 inches of snow yesterday here in Chicago with more flurries to come.

Same space as the snowy scene and look how much prettier it can be.  Oh I can't wait to get back to summer fun.
Some of you might be noticing that even in my garden I love  to decorate with old doors.  
A place in the sun!!!!! Oh how I miss my chair.
Great place to rest and relax in the summer.
Look at her just waiting for someone to sit and read and relax  and soak up some fresh air and sun.

Even the hubby's shed gets a little summer flower decor.  I love the fire chief car since he plays a  fire chief in real life. Ha! Ha!
Always love my porch to be welcoming.
Even though the signs says Garden Tours 25 Cents it is free today. Hey where in the heck is the cents sign on a computer keyboard???
To see that sign again in the garden and smell the fresh flowers.  How many more months until Spring and Summer??!! The snow is pretty but this is prettier. Hope this brings some sunshine and a smile to you today.


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