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Have a great start to the new week.

A Simple Move And A New Project

Hi Everyone.

Sometimes just moving something from one place to another in your decor can make a difference.

A Simple Change.

I had put the Vintage Garden Sign back up at the top of the new re loved door.  I liked it but then thought maybe that is too much and not letting the door shine on it's own.  So I just took it down and moved it.  Easy Peasy!

Just moving the sign off the door lets this door keep her character. 

The vintage garden sign looks so much better in the entry way.

Now this beautiful door can shine on her own.

In Other Crazy........

Now that we have gotten the big stuff done since we moved in I am finding time to start to tweak things a little bit.  We have this stair case that has really tall walls.  I think about 12 feet up.  That makes the stairs feel open but very boring.

So Terry and I are embarking on a project to solve the tall boring wall problem.

Hope to have the post up soon on the changes to this stair case and the entry way.

Have a great Friday and beautiful week end.

Vintage Door Re Love

Hi Everyone.
Here is that lovely vintage door I found at  Vintage a shop in Morris re loved into my home.

I am not sure what it is with me and doors but this one grabbed my attention as it sat lonely in the corner of the shop.
It was screaming I need some love!!!!

This was the first thing to go in her re love.  Just a basic old door knob and let me tell you was well attached!! We (meaning Terry)  actually had to saw the door knob off to get at the inside to remove this.  It had years of rust to keep itself attached to this door!!!

Once we had the old door knob off I was able to attach this old cast iron knob in its place.  Much better look for this old girl.

Ok I really had no business bringing this home since wall space in the new place was full.  It was like going into a puppy store and not coming out with a puppy feeling when I saw this door.  I knew I had to have it.  Plus the price was right!!! So with no place to put her I started the search  what  wall and vignette could be switched up to accommodate this beauty?

Ta da found the perfect spot!  Yep, behind this new re loved Habitat cabinet would be a perfect place for a re love door right??!!!

This door has found a new place in my decor.  It is hard to see in the pictures but the glass in this door is beveled and gorgeous.

She is a keeper!

I still kept my garden vignettes on top of the cabinet.  The lovely door blended right in.

Now this vintage door has a new spot in Junk Chic Cottage II.  I love to rescue and re love pieces that have lots of history and charm to them.

Have a great rest of the week and week end.

Powder Room Reveal

Bathroom with old counter tops before removal.

We removed the old counter top and back splash.  As you can see it did a lot of damage to take off the back splash.

It took lots of filler, spackle and sanding to these walls to get them smooth again.

It took some time but we finally got the walls smooth.

I was not real thrilled about the lighter counter tops without stain.  The floors in the powder room are a dark wood.  So I taped off the walls and the sink area to prepare before applying a darker stain.

I got out the darker color of stain we used on the kitchen counter tops.  

Sorry this picture is so grainy.  It is so hard to get pictures in this small powder room.  There is no natural light.  I like that counter top now matches closely to the floor in this room.

I put the light on to get a less grainy picture but you will just have to take my word that this room came out nice with the new counter top.

I got these cute little chippy barn wood pieces at one of my fave shops in Morris.  The Feathered Nest.  I used one under the old church window and another one to hold a towel by the sink.
Sorry I did not have nicer pics of the powder room but I am loving it now with the new counter top.

I wanted to show you this sweet chippy love I got in Morris too.
Vintage is another shop I love in Morris and this little sweet thing was hiding in the corner of the shop.  It was a steal for an old vintage door like this.  The shop owner had it marked down because of repair needed to it.  No issue with that for me!!!!
Stay tuned to see what I do to transform this beautiful piece of history and re loved it in my home.

I will have that post up soon.
Have a great start to the new week.

Powder Room Spruce Up

Hi Everyone.  Hope your week is going well.

I got home from my mom's in Florida and the treatment she will begin with the Cancer Center  sounds very encouraging.  Thank you for all your powerful prayers and good wishes.  So appreciated.

As you know we had a whirlwind moving into this place and getting almost every room painted and updated in less than a month.  So we quickly went through a lot of the rooms.  I have my powder room on the first level and we painted and hung some of my chippy pieces, but I still was not real happy with it.

I did not like the builder model faux marble sink and backsplash in this powder room bath.  Terry has some butcher block pieces of wood in the garage so I asked him if he could make some kind of new counter top for the vanity out of the wood. He said why yes I can!!!!! So awesome this man!

So here is the before shots:

Little Cooper photo bomber watching my every move as I took pics of the powder room.

Here is the sink top.  Just a builder faux marble beige sink top and they took some pieces to make the backsplash.

Nothing exciting about this vanity top.  I really did not like the color.  The vanity top had a darker cream color with lots of yellow.  Just did not like it against my light gray walls and chippy whites in there.

Here is how it looked this morning after taking down the back splash and counter top.  You can see the damage to the walls where the back splash pieces were.

I was hoping to show you the reveal today but with the damage to the walls we are needing to do a little more repair than expected.  Lots of spackle and sanding involved!

Terry has been working on that task and so far so good.  

We are taking off to spend a couple of days at my daughters to watch these two angels.  Abby is excited that we will be having a sleep over at her house.

We only live about 20 minutes from them but my SIL is working a 48 hour shift at the fire department and my daughter is working two very long days starting tomorrow.  So it will be easier if we just move in there for a few days to watch the girls.

Abby already has games lined up and movies to watch at the sleep over party.

I promise we will get back to this bathroom Saturday and I hope to have pictures up on Sunday or Monday to show you the reveal.

Have a great rest of the week everyone.
Hugs to all of you and again thank you so much for the best wishes and prayers for my mom.

Decor Steals and Prayer Request

Hi Everyone.  Happy Wednesday.  

I got a package in the mail yesterday of something I purchased on Decor Steals.  I thought I would share it with you.  They are not compensating me in anyway to show this.  Just was cute little purchase I made and thought I would share it with all of you.

Cute little bike basket wall hanger.  I miss having my garden bike in the new place so this little gem made me smile when it  popped up in my email.
Filled it with my little birds and a their nest and some greens.

I thought it looked cute with my cottage garden decor over my garden bench.

I thought about painting it white and distressing it lol!! I know a real shocker for someone that paints everything white!!!! I decided to leave it alone with its nice patina for contrast.
Just a sweet little piece.

Prayer Request.
My daughter Kim and I are leaving for Florida tomorrow to take my mom to one of the best Cancer Treatment Centers down in Florida where she lives.  My mom has survived breast cancer twice in her life.  Once at age 58 and just a few years ago at age 82.  They did a lumpectomy both times since the cancer never moved into the lymph and she had chemo and radiation.  Just this past month she had her annual scan done and they found that the breast cancer moved into her bones.  So now we need to see what the best treatment options will be.  My daughter Kim is an oncology nurse and knows about the treatments and she is coming along to help with the decisions.  She will be a great help since she works with these treatments.
So if you could just say a little prayer for my mom that we will get some good news on treatment options it would be so appreciated.
The power of prayer is amazing.
Thank you sweet blogging friends.

Habitat Re Loves

Hellooooo.  Hope your week end is going great.  Finally the temps and humidity here in Chicagoland have come down.  Yikes this past week we were having temps in the high 90's with lots of humidity.  

Finally with the temps coming down we could paint the new pieces I showed you from Habitat Restore.

Here they are:

Here is the before picture of my $10 table.

Here is the after picture.  Yep! just took some WHITE paint and Terry built a new top out of some planks and a can of spray paint for the hardware.  I was going to paint the whole thing white but then I was liking the natural look the wood planks gave to the piece.

Look at her slimmed down pretty legs.

My little finches are happily guarding their new nest on the new coffee table.

Looks pretty in the living room and you can see the other fabulous find re love in this picture too.
So here we go on that re love....

My $40 dollar bottom cabinet.  She just needed a spa day and some love.

It is amazing what a Spa Day can do for a girl!!!

White paint and then steel gray spray paint for her hardware.

I kept my love of gardening for my vignette with this piece.

I got this fabulous metal chippy flower holder at Michaels for 40% off.  Framed it with one of my vintage frames.

Love this chippy watering can with it's sea washed blue spiket.

I have sun streaming in all day long.  Love that about this home.  Always bright and sun filled.

This new place really is beginning to feel like the Perfect Nest.
With being in here less than 2 months I am so happy for all the pretty changes to make it feel like home.  It was hard to move away from the former Junk Chic Cottage but this new Junk Chic Cottage is starting to feel like home.
So happy I have that handy dandy man with all his fabulous tools to make my decor dreams come true in our new home.

  Thank you Terry!

Have a wonderful week end.
It is low 80's with less humidity and sunshine here.
Love Summer!

PS:  A big hug and Thank You to my friend Anita from Castles  Crowns and Cottage blog.  Anita told  me about the White Balance setting on my camera and my pictures are coming out so much better.  Not as washed out like in the past.  Thank you Anita I am now "chasing the light" !!!!  If you do not know Anita or her beautiful blog and Instagram you must hop over to see her beautiful pictures.  She does not disappoint.
Thanks Sweet Friend for the help.

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