Special Delivery Winners

Hi Everyone.  Happy Monday.

I was going to wait and reveal the winners drawn from the giveaway with the reveal of my newest project I am working on.  The project is taking a little longer than expected.  Real Life got in the way this weekend so Terry and I had to suspend working on this new piece.  Hope to work on it during the week.

 I would like to get the winners their flu giveaway sniffs and hand sanitizer and a few extra valentines treats I am adding.  

If your name is listed below you are one of the lucky winners drawn.  Thank you to everyone that left comments I wish I had one of these special deliveries for all of you.  If you name is listed here please email me your address and your treats will be on the way.

Lisa Texas Decor
Julie Creative Life Style
These two lovely treasures found are coming together nicely in my new project piece.  Hope to have that done sometime this week to share.

Have a great start to the new week.

New Cornices and Sneak Peak Project and Giveaway Winners

Happy Friday.

Hope your week was a good one and the weekend will even be better.

Terry has made me cornices for the living room and the kitchen and dining area.  I love them they give character to my windows.

I have been wanting him to make a couple for my bedroom windows too.

Terry had some left over crown and wood and I had some of the textured paintable wallpaper so we were able to make up two new cornices for the bedroom windows.

These where the windows before the cornices.

I just had up white wood rods.

This is the pattern of the wallpaper that we used on the cornices.

The paintable wallpaper gives some texture to the cornice.

The cornices tie in with my old vintage door headboard.

Sorry again about the grainy pics.  Just the way it is with whites and trying to capture the beauty.  I do not have expensive camera equipment to be able to capture the true beauty of whites.  You will just have to take my word for it.  These pictures do not do this room justice.  The whites are crisp and the light is gorgeous that flows in this room.

 I am on the hunt for new curtain panels to give some color to the room.

My duvet on the bed has light colors of white, gray and light blue.  So I am hoping to find maybe some light blue gingham or light patterned curtain panels to finish my windows.

Now on to the sneak peak.

Terry and I were babysitting our two granddaughters and we all decided to take a ride out to a nice vintage market shop near their home.  Love love love this shop.  It has so much chippy beautiful treasures.

I found a couple of items in the shop and I am very excited to have a vision of what I could create with these beautiful pieces.  After all I have that man with the tools that knows how to use them! 

This beautiful stenciled french pastry sign and this old crusty frame.

It was love at first sight when I saw this beautiful sign.

The upstairs of this shop has an attic area that you can find clearance discarded items at great prices.  In the lonely corner of the attic behind some old pieces of furniture was this old crusty and in need of love frame.  I immediately dug it out and said yep this will work for my vision of what I want to accomplish.

This crusty old broken frame is going to be re loved along with the french pastry sign into a new piece of furniture for our cottage home.

Yep! A new piece of furniture will be made out of these pieces.  That frame is going to become something special on the new piece of furniture.

Stay tuned I am excited about this vision coming to life.
Hopefully Terry can begin to work on it this weekend.
It is in the 50's here in Chicago land today.
Woo Hoo that is a heat wave for us.
Sunshine and 50's.  I am taking it all in.

Stay tuned.
I will have the winners of the give away picked this weekend and I will post the names when I reveal this new piece of furniture.

Stay tuned.
Happy Weekend.

Vintage Valentie's Day

Terry got me this Sweet Vintage Valentine Heart Box that was once filled with Brach's chocolates.  He used it as a gift box that he filled with a sweet poem he wrote for me for Valentines Day.

When you move the box the hologram eyes open and shut.

Now a days it seems that flowers and gifts are over shadowing the gift giving ritual of the pretty box of Chocolates.

A long time ago it use to be fashionable and sweet to bring home one of those big heart shaped boxes of Chocolates to the one you loved on Valentine's Day!
Some of these beautiful heart shaped boxes of chocolates were beautiful.  So much detail to each and every box.

Not just red but purples, pinks, greens, blues etc. were used on chocolate heart boxes.

You have to still love the traditional velvet and satin red heart boxes and flowers.
No better way to say I love you on Valentines Day. 

 What girl would not have loved to get these pretty heart boxes filled with sweet yummy chocolates.

In today's world you can still find chocolates in fabric hearts such as this one from Godiva. 
The embroidering on this box is so pretty.  There are still some modern day chocolatiers that still do beautiful and traditional heart boxed chocolates.

If on a budget you can still find these boxed heart chocolates on the shelves at Target and Walmart.

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a heart shaped Spiderman box of Chocolates lol!

Look at these yummy cake and cookie inspired chocolates.  Mmmmmm!

I saw this on Pinterest and think I am going to do a little take on this for my 2 daughters and son in law for Valentines Day.  

They would love the cash instead of candy and of course the lottery tickets.
Just would be a fun little switch to traditional candy.

I am thinking of getting this guy to give to my youngest single daughter.  He is sweet, decadent and rich!!! Perfect Man!!!

For my granddaughters I am making up cute little gum ball machines from the Dollar Tree and will fill them with red, white and pink M&M's. 

 I saw this idea on Kathleen's blog Our Hopeful Home.  So cute.
I miss that the traditional beautifully handcrafted heart chocolate boxes are not given much any more for Valentines Day.  

They unfortunately have been replaced with pretty flowers, commercial chocolate gifts and a good bottle of wine.  
It is all good.  
Times change and so do traditions.  

What kind of gifting do you do for Valentines Day?
Are you the traditional chocolate giver or the more modern roses, wine and gifts.

Have a great Week.

Winter Flu Give Away

Hi Everyone.

You probably thought when you saw the headline that I was giving away the flu lol!  Nope just a cute little flu prevention gift.

I am leaving the 50's and turning the big 60 in April.  Geez when did this happen?!! 
My daughters are giving me a nice birthday luncheon to celebrate and we have been working on a cute little favor for each of the guests.  It is this purse favor. 

 Is this not the sweetest little favor box.  It is a replica of a Dior purse.  Loved these when my daughter showed them to me.

We have been working on getting cute things to put in the purse favors.  We wanted to find things that the guests would find useful to put in their own purses.  

More about these favors later on when we get them complete.

 I had a few extra of the items we are putting in the favor boxes.  These are perfect for a little give away for all of you sweet friends out there and it will help with cold and flu prevention.

First let me show you how I got my craft on with one of the items going into the favor purses!!!

I found these great flat credit card size hand sanitizers on Amazon.  I love these because they are nice and flat.   They not only fit nicely in your purse you can also slide them down in a jean or pant pocket.  They are not bulky like a normal hand sanitizer.

I took off the ugly label.  It removed easily.

Then I took the label and stuck it on a piece of heavy paper and made my template.

 I went to the dollar store and got this great contact paper to make new covers.

It has lots of pattern choices.

I chose the smaller floral pattern to cover these.

I cut out smaller pieces of the pattern and put my template over the pattern and cut around the pattern.

 I peeled back the cut out contact paper and attached it to the hand sanitizers.  Let me tell you this was so easy.  Even a non crafty person like myself can make these!

I think they came out pretty cute.  A lot prettier than the generic covers that come on them.

Another cute item we are putting in the favor boxes are these cute purse size tissues.  Sniff's makes some cute designs.

These are two of the cute items that will go into the purse favors for my bff's to take home from the party later in April.

Stay tuned to see some of the other cute items my two daughters and I are making for these purse favors.

If you would like to win one of these little sets of the Sniff's and Hand Sanitizer to put in your own purse just leave me a comment below.  If you are a no reply blogger please leave me an email so if you win one of these I have a way to contact you.

Happy Friday.
Have a great Weekend.

Perk Project and Kindness

I am excited to join in and share with Jemma from At Home With Jemma and Stacey from Poofing the Pillows blog on their Perk Project.

They invited me to share my thoughts on kindness and how it effects my life.

Let me start by sharing this quote from the Dalai Lama.

Compassionate kindness is the most precious thing there is.  It is something that only we human beings can develop.  And if we have a good heart, a warm heart, warm feelings, we will be happy and satisfied ourselves, and others will experience a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.

This is a beautiful quote. 
  I feel too that kindness is one of the most precious gifts we can share with one another.  It costs nothing and is readily available at anytime for us to share.

I try each day to share a little kindness in some way.  Whether is is as simple as letting the person behind you in the grocery store line go before you because they only have one or two items and you have half a cart full.

Here is an example of a bigger act of kindness.

My husband and I shared kindness recently by adopting another rescue dog after the loss of our previous rescue dog to cancer.  

Adopting another pet is a huge responsibility and time consuming addition to life.  

I was not sure I wanted to take this on at this point in our lives.  

I am glad we did take the plunge again to adopt another sweet basset hound.  

We found that rescuing this sweet pet and giving her a better life gives our life meaning no matter what our age.

  Showing kindness to a sweet animal that has never experienced kindness or care makes your heart fill with joy.   

You are gifted their reaction to the true kindness shown.  It changes your life as well as theirs.

Peggy our new rescue.

I also like to do random acts of kindness throughout the year.  

Most of the time they cost nothing and come from my heart.

Sending a card to someone that will least expect it. Wishing them a good day and telling them you were thinking about them is a small gesture for me but a big uplifting kindness to them .

Random Acts of Kindness give so much to someone else but it also comes back to give you so much more.

The other day I was in line at Starbucks to get a warm Chai Tea.  When I placed my order I asked the person taking my order to please tell the man in the work truck in front of me that I was treating him to his beverage.  

It became contagious when I saw him hold up his cup to say thank you.   I could see the smile on his face from his side view mirror, it made me smile.   

At that moment as he drove away I felt good about myself, the day and even the future.

We all give of ourselves everyday in many ways. 

We naturally share comfort and care when things arise in our lives,  but sharing kindness daily is good for the soul.

Kindness shared is the best gift you can give to others and yourself.

I hope after reading this you will find a spot in your day to share a smile, give a hug or say some nice words to someone.  You will see the smile, the hug or the thank you given back will change their day and yours.

Thank you Jemma and Stacey for letting me share in the perk project.

I hope all of you are shown kindness today and then will share kindness with someone else.