Small Business Gift Giving

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.

We are on the path to cooking, baking, buying gifts, wrapping and decorating in the next few weeks.

This past Saturday was Small Business Saturday support shopping.  I hope a lot of you took advantage of buying those great gifts for family and friends from small business.

After all the small business owners help support our communities.

I wanted to share some great gift ideas and encourage you to go onto sites like Etsy and Ebay and your small shops in your town to purchase that perfect gift.
First gift idea I would love to share with you comes from my friend Cil Stephens.  I think most of you saw the beautiful Witch Angel she gifted me and then she also made a few Wrens dolls and gave me one for my fund raiser awhile back.

Cil has this sweet blonde angel that I adore for sale.  Love her lace and button blouse.

This sweet dark hair angel sitter with the cute floral top is for sale too.

Love this sweet one with the vintage lace also for sale.

Look at this sweet angel in the wreath.  The wreath and angel come together and are for sale.
If you would like any of these or something made by Cil you can contact her at her email

Cil is also sewing some beautiful ornaments like this one you see above.  She also has many other projects like this so please contact her and let her know if you want to purchase any of her sweet homemade gifts to give to family and friends.
Now onto some other sweet gifts you can find on the internet.  This was on Oprah's Favorite List for 2018.  Kate Weilser is a small business owner and makes beautiful and yummy chocolates.   This is Carl her snowman made of cocoa and chocolate that you put the whole snowman into a pitcher of warm milk and you have a tasty hot cocoa for everyone in the family.  This would make a great family gift.
You can find this guy on

When I grew up in Michigan Sanders Chocolates were the popular gifts at the holidays.  These are my all time favorite treat.  Nothing better than sweet and salty together in one tasty treat.
You can find these and other sweet treats here.

This would make a beautiful hostess gift.

I showed you these cute mugs I got on Etsy and then just added my own hot cocoa and candy canes.

I tied off the cups in cello bags and added a gift card.  Makes for a great gift.

I just wanted to share a few Christmas gift ideas.  I really love the idea of buying gifts from small business owners and also making gifts of your own to give.

This final gift is one of the most special gifts you can give and I hope each of you do one or two of these to have in your car this season.

All you have to do is collect some things that the homeless need to survive on the streets.  The most asked for thing in shelters is SOCKS.  You can get great socks that are thick and warm at the dollar store.

In fact you can get almost all the things for a blessing bag at the dollar store.

Protein bars, first aid kit, Tylenol, chapstick, toothpaste, soap etc.  You can put these bags together for less than $10 to $15 dollars. 

Keep them in your car and when you see someone homeless on the street you can hand this out to them.  Also here in the midwest I keep a couple of old coats in my car to give out to the people on the streets too.

Hope this inspired you to think of getting your crafty on to make some gifts or help out small business peeps with purchasing gifts from them.
Have a great week
I have my annual charity girlfriend party this coming Saturday so I hope to have some pictures to share with you after the party.
Have a great week.

Legend Of The Bird Nest

Happy Black Friday and day after Thanksgiving.
Hope you all ate too much and enjoyed family and friends.

Now onto the downhill slide into Christmas.

I thought I would post today about a sweet legend I try each year to add into my Christmas Decor.

Old German Legend says if you find a Christmas tree with a bird nest in it then you will have good luck and prosperity all year long.
Cute personal story at the end of this post to share if you care to read it!!!
So I make these to give as gifts each year.
I am going to show you how I made them so if you want to pass one of these on to family or friends you can.
They make a great neighbor gift or hostess gift.
This is all the stuff you will need.  Yes Benita I had to get out the dreaded glue gun!!!!

I got these light blue and cream spotted eggs at Hobby Lobby.  The are not expensive especially when you get them for 40% off.

I also bought the nests at Hobby Lobby.  They come 2 on a card for $4.99 with 40% off.
I found these picks at Walmart for 97 cents.

I pushed the pick through the bottom of the nest.  It was easy peasy.

Then I wrote up the legend on the back of a Christmas Card with a Christmas tree and ran them off on my computer printer.

I glued the eggs into the nest and then tied the nests off in a cello bag and added the card/tag to the bag.  Ready for gift giving.
Easy and very cute gift and cost less than $5 to make.

Another cute gift I made up for my granddaughter to give to her teachers and students in her class.
Walmart had these already made up hot cocoa reindeer cones for $1.97 and I bought the red balls to glue for noses.  Easy Peasy and another cute gift idea.

I will use a few of these to add into the nest gifts for my neighbors.

Now that Christmas is on it's way I thought I would share these two gift ideas with you.
I think Homemade Gifts are just a little more special to give than store bought items.

Have a great weekend.  Now on to the baking, gift buying, decorating fun of Christmas.


Cute story about growing up in Michigan and why this nest story means something to me.  When I was in second grade we learned about this legend of finding a Christmas tree with a nest in it would bring you good luck.

Well when you grow up in Michigan we traditionally would go and cut down our own real Christmas tree each year.  So I grew up with three brothers and was the only girl.  My dad and brothers and I headed out to find the perfect Christmas tree that year.  I was insistent on finding one with a bird nest in it for our tree.  My dad being patient said ok then lets try to find one with a nest in it.

It was cold, snowing and knee deep snow we walked through looking for that perfect tree.  My brothers were not real happy about me learning about this legend and convincing my dad we needed to find this perfect tree.  After a few hours and we were really cold we actually did find that perfect tree.  So we cut it down and brought it home.  

Back in the day we did not have those sweet little lights like we have now.  We had 9C bulbs that were the bigger bulbs and pretty common for decorating your tree.  We also had icicles that we would decorate all over the tree made of a thin foil like material.  So up went the tree and I was so excited we had that special tree.

Right before we headed out for Christmas Eve to my grandparents our tree had a short in the lights and the tree branch caught on fire. 

Thankful we were still home and the fire was caught and we had not left yet.  I remember my brothers walking away snickering "so much for your lucky tree".  

I felt so crushed the tree burned and the lights were out on our tree.  My dad looked at me and said this is the luckiest tree ever and it is doing it's job.  

He said the nest gave us good luck to still be home to catch the fire from the faulty lights. This tree was indeed a lucky tree and brought us luck that night.  

After that we looked at the tree as the prettiest and best tree we ever had.  So I love this memory and love to share the nests with family and friends and neighbors each year for their trees.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

May you surround yourselves with family and friends and remember all the things in life you are thankful for.  

I am thankful for all of you that have friended me and have continued to bless me with reading my blog posts and leaving your sweet comments.  I am so thankful for all of you.

I am leaving you with some pictures of my past fall decor.  

As we say good bye to Fall and enjoy Thanksgiving this week, wishing each of you a very beautiful day on Thanksgiving.

  Then it is right into Christmas!!!!  I will be back with lots of fun things for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Gather together with your loved ones and enjoy this special day to reflect on all the blessing in our lives.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Evolving Door

Hello Everyone.

Remember how I dreamed of a beautiful mirror for my entry way.

This was the fabulous Mirror in a shop I frequent.  It would look so awesome in my home but was way out of my budget for this piece.

So the solution was to have Terry make me a entry way mirror out of old salvage pieces and a great old door we already had.
It was a beautiful piece he created.

My problem was that it just did not seem right and did not make my heart beat a little faster like the one in the shop.

I just could not get that great mirror from the shop off my mind.

Then we added a beautiful saying to help give this entry way mirror a little more character.
I thought this would help me fall in love with this beautiful piece and I could get the mirror in the shop off my mind.

Nope! even with the new saying put on this piece it still did not feel right!

Terry said ok lets just get the mirror in the shop and we can make this piece work someplace else.  

I love that he was open to getting that beautiful mirror for me.

 I just could not see spending that kind of money  on that mirror even with loving it so much.

Plus Terry put a lot of work into this piece which made it special.   I was really torn.

While Terry was trying to rent a truck to go to buy the shop mirror,  I literally sat and stared at the piece in my entry and thought what is it about this piece that is not letting me like it as much as the mirror in the shop?

Then it hit me!!!! 

I told Terry forget about trying to find a truck to rent!   I think I figured out what was missing to make me love this mirror as much as the shop mirror.  So.........
I said to Terry what if we make it a full length mirror like the shop mirror?  Do you think you could re work some of these pieces to make that happen.  He said Yes I think I can!!!!  I love those words "I think I can"!!!!!

So as you can see above he made the opening for the mirror bigger and full length.

This is it in the rough stages.  He took out the corner window pieces and used some filler wood pieces to make this work.

I loved those corner pieces and wanted to make sure we could keep those.

I loved it already in its rough form before paint and the mirror going in.

Here it is the "new door/mirror" with the full length mirror. 
I will be putting my Christmas tree in front of this mirror. 
I think it will look pretty here.

Finally the ever evolving door/mirror is done and I love it!!!!

Wish the sun would come out to get better pictures.  It has been snowing and cloudy here in Illinois.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.

New Table Update

Hi Everyone.
Finally got the table to the right size for the room!!!!!!!
Here are some pictures of the new table.

This is the table that Terry made out of the old table legs and our $15 dollar bargain Windsor chairs we found in Michigan.  They were black and we painted them gray.   As you can see the table was about 6 inches too long for the space and blocked the entry way to the kitchen.

So for now we will just have a table for 4 people. There is just Terry and I so this will work until we can take out the wall between the kitchen and living room for an open concept.

Terry was going to move the chandelier over to the middle of the table but since we are going to take down this wall in January we decided to leave it where it is.  Still looks nice in the middle of the room.  We just figured why move it and then have to move it again when the wall comes down!

This is the wall that will come down and we will open up the living room and kitchen area.  Then I can have a longer dining table for entertaining.  When they made this house back in the 40's there was not such thing as open concept and rooms were very tiny and walled off.

I am waiting on the slipcovers I ordered from Target in white to cover the chairs.  This way the chairs will flow better with my two white slipcovered living room chairs.

The wall needs something in the mean time before it is taken down.    I have an idea for that so stay tuned to see what becomes of that space on the wall.

Happy Friday
Have a great weekend.

Christmas Gift

Hi Everyone.

I saw this on FB and had to laugh!

This about sums it up lol!!!!

I bought these cute mugs on Etsy.  I bought them to make into sweet gifts for the wonderful employees at my Vet's Office from Buddy for  Christmas.
Alluring Prints is the name of Rebecca's shop and she does more than just mugs so if you would like to see all her creative items or get this mug you can go to her site here.  I was not compensated in anyway for this shout out for her.  I just love to share talented peeps I find on Etsy.  

I gathered up supplies.  Candy Canes, Hot Cocoa Mix, $ 5 Dunkin Donut gift cards, Donut gift card holders and ribbon and donut stickers.
This is a new hot cocoa I found.  Well it is new to me anyway.  Sounds yummy!

So I put one package of the cocoa and a couple of candy canes in each mug.

Found these cute gift card holders at Hobby Lobby.  Two come in each package.
Perfect for holding the Dunkin Donut gift cards!

After filling the cups I tied them off in a plastic bag which each one came in.  The I hole punched the gift card holder and tied the bags with the ribbon and Dunkin Donut Gift Card holders.

There you have it a sweet gift for all the special people that work with animals.  My Vet is the best and every single one of the employees there love animals and do so much to help animals.
Now I can treat each of them to a hot cup of cocoa and they can treat themselves to a special drink or donut from Dunkin Donuts.

My little side kick agrees that the hot cocoa treats and donut gift cards are a perfect gift for him to give to the staff at the Vet's Office.
So Buddy has his Christmas gifts done.
Now he can go to the Hallmark Channel and pick out a fun Christmas Movie and kick bag and relax his shopping is done!!!!!

The holidays will move quickly so I am getting on top of my DIY's early.

Have a great week.