Hello sweet blogger friends.

I was thinking about my decor for this year's Easter table.
I started to go back through my Old Easter blog posts .
It was fun to look back and I thought I would share some of the past Junk Chic Cottage Decor.

I love these bunny tales for my chairs.

So this was just some of my past Easter decor.  Sometimes it is fun to look back.

Now I am swirling ideas around in my head for this year's decor.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Create, Bake, Grow & Gather

Living Room

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.

Here is the living room pictures.  The room finally feels done.  I am sure I will still be tweaking things but for the most part it is done.  Yeah!!!!

Looking into the room from the front door.

Now I have this back wall to put the mantel on it and keep the path way open by putting the sectional facing into the room.
It just keeps a better flow through the room from the front door.

My design assistant Buddy agrees and likes that the sectional is under the front window to keep watch over the neighborhood.

I painted the front door a light gray to break up all the white.

It was chilly but I loved having the front door open and sunshine coming into the entry way.

My bunny wreath is on the front door in hopes of Spring and Easter to be here soon.

Oh how I wish I could capture this room with good light and better camera.  

These pictures do not do this room justice.  

Take my word for it.  The room is bright, warm and cozy now.  Buddy and I hang out a lot on the new sectional.

Have a great rest of the week and wonderful weekend.
Big Hugs,

Thank You and New Mantel

This guy wanted me to thank all of you for the healing wishes and prayers for his back surgery yesterday.  We both could feel the love and prayers throughout the day.

Terry is home and resting.

The back surgeon was able to do the least invasive procedure to release the pressure off the nerve branch. 

He is up and feeling pretty good today.  He still has some pain but it is manageable.

Thank you sweet blogging community for your loving hearts and compassion.
This was the old fireplace and mantel I picked up awhile ago.
This is the fireplace mantel reloved.

I did a little Spring/Easter decor on the new oak mantel.

I used my little white bunnies and put some light green ribbon on them.

I added this fireplace candelabra with auto candles.

They look pretty at night lit up.

I also wanted to show you that I painted my front door a light gray on the inside.  Just to put some definition between the light walls and the door.

It is still pretty chilly and still a possibility of snow here in Illinois,  so the front door still has the winter decor but hopefully soon will be changed to pretty Spring.

We cannot thank all of you enough for your support and care and concern.  I am blessed beyond measure with my friendship with all of you in blog land.

My mom is doing better and home from the hospital.  Terry is through his back surgery and healing nicely and my foot is healing nicely too.

I will have some new drapes and my final living room to show you very soon.

Happy Friday and Have a Great Weekend.