Santa Visit

Hello.  Happy Weekend. 

 I know all of you are busy with baking, shopping, wrapping and last minute decorating so I will keep this post short.

Our special little guy Buddy had a visit with Santa and I wanted to share the precious pictures.

Buddy was not too sure about this guy with the beard but warm up to him quickly.

Buddy had on his new green sweater to meet Santa.  He wanted to look his best!

Buddy was very excited to tell Santa his wish list for Christmas.  Santa told him since he has been such a good boy that he will be getting some nice treats under the tree this year.

Just wanted to take a little break from this busy time of year to say Hi and share Buddy with Santa.

I am enjoying having all my shopping and wrapping done and most of the baking of cookies done.

Now I can just enjoy the few days left until the big day arrives.
Have a great Weekend.

Living Room Christmas Tree

Hi Everyone.
Hope the baking, shopping, wrapping and final decorating is all going good and you are enjoying all of it.

I know I have said this many times but this time of year goes to quickly.

Here is my living room tree.

I have always wanted a noble fir tree.  I love the long branches and the natural look.  I found this one about a week ago at the Home Store.  All trees were 50% off.

I decided to keep the decor on the tree simple.  This tree is so pretty just by itself with just the lights.  I added the snowflakes to give it a little bling and of course my lucky nest I made.

The branches feel real.  Such a pretty tree with the two colors of green.

Here it is lights on at night.  It gives off a really pretty glow.  Looks so bright in this picture but the lights are pretty subtle. 

I have snowflakes from the dollar store hanging with white ribbon from the shutters.

The tree came with lots of realistic pinecones on the branches.  I was going to take them off but when I got it set up I loved them for a realistic look.

The snowflake theme was pretty easy and inexpensive to create.  Dollar store big snowflakes and little snowflakes for ornaments were from Walmart.  Twenty four snowflakes in a package for $2.98.

Enjoy the rest of the week.
Wish this time of year did not go so quickly.