Vintage Bed Frame

Happy Saturday Sweet Friends.

I was minding my own business while in a cute shop and saw this old vintage bed frame.  

It just grabbed my attention and when I saw the price I knew it was coming home with me!

We are finally working on the office area in this tiny home.

I needed something special to go over my desk and this vintage bed frame was perfect.

My Grace Angel hangs on this sweet frame now over my desk. 

You notice my make up next to my desk and it is sitting on my cart of ribbon and cards and wrapping things!

When you live small you have to use all the spaces as best you can for many purposes!

The bed frame was cream and chippy in all the right places.

Grace seems very content to watch over me on this super cute chippy bed frame.

I found these sweet angel wings on Etsy. 
I want to give a shout out to this sweet talented lady and her
 Etsy site
It is all about us women supporting each other especially in small business.

Her Etsy is: Southhardhouse

Tammy has some of the prettiest items to sell on her site.  
I love these beautiful angel wings she sells.

Grace is one of my favorite angels I have in my collection.
 She fits perfectly over my new chippy bed frame over my desk.

Happy Saturday.
Hope you are all having fun getting ready for Thanksgiving. 
Woooo it is already Thanksgiving.
Why does this time of year seem to go so quickly and then January through March in the dead of winter time seems to drag!!!!

Enjoy getting ready for Thanksgiving to share with family and friends.
I am so grateful for all of you special friends here in blog land and count you as my special blessings.

Big Hugs,