Selling, Buying, Packing and Moving Oh My!!!

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.

Well things are moving quickly to the new job for Terry and the move into our new 
Junk Chic Cottage #4.

Terry will be sworn in on June 24th as the New Fire Chief 
and we will close on this house and our new house on July 8th.

We are going to rent back for a week so we can go to the new house and paint, clean and re do the bathroom to get it ready to move in.  

Terry is also building me a new pantry for the kitchen. 

We would like to have all of this done before we move in officially.

This sweet guy is very confused and wondering why furniture is disappearing and all the decor has come down off the walls.
To be nice to the new buyer we decided to touch up all the walls after taking down the decor. 

This way she can move in and not have to paint a thing.

I have been getting all chippy decor I want to take to the new house down and getting it ready to move.
I have sold a lot of my pieces I know I cannot use in the new house.

Who ever invented this green bubble wrap that adheres to each other is genius. 
When you wrap up fragile's it clings automatically to the bubble wrap. 
The item does not unwrap. 
The white bubble wrap does not do this. 
 I am glad I found this green bubble wrap.

My hydrangea plant on the one side out front is finally blooming. 
They have been slow to open up with all the rain and lack of sunshine.

This is the one on the other side. 
It is getting a few buds but at this time last year this plant was three times it size now and full beautiful blooms. 
I really think this cooler weather and so much rain has hindered their growth.

On the other hand my annuals are going crazy with all the rain. 
My bike basket is almost down to the ground and so full. 
These usually are not this big until the middle of July. 
They are loving all the rain apparently.

My knockout rose bushes are going gang busters with the prettiest roses this year. 
Every day they seem to open more and more buds.

This is one of my deck boxes.  It is thriving too. 

I am taking the two of these to the new house to hang out front as window boxes on the new house.

My hanging geraniums are doing great.  I will be moving those to the new house too. 

I told the buyer anything that is not in the ground is being moved. 

I love my flowers too much to leave them all here.

I have my garden angel praying with me that I can make it through the packing, closing and moving and small renovations at the new house!!!!

I may be MIA for awhile in Blog Land with needing time to pack up JCC#3 and move on to JCC#4.
I promise I will show you before and afters as I put my touch on the new JCC#4 in the coming weeks.

Prayers I survive the purging, packing and moving once again.