New Beginnings And A Regret

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.
Happy New Week.


This little garage that was half falling down finally came down yesterday!!!

Within a couple of hours the garage and cement floor were gone.

Now there is nothing. 
Thursday and Friday they will frame out the flooring and pour cement for the new garage! 

Finally we are getting somewhere with getting the new garage.  Only been at this since July!

I added these shutters behind the new corbel lamps.  I think it gives a nice look to the lamps.

Now for the regret!
I found this beautiful piece for a steal. 
Brought it home and wanted to put it in the living room between the recliners. 
The color looked good with the recliners but it felt wrong with all my whites.

 I decided to paint it white.  Big regret. 
I usually am pretty happy painting things white.
Not this time.  I felt after we painted it white it lost its charm.

You can see how the drawers do not fit correctly and painting it white showed those imperfections even more.

I thought I would try to move it into the office space. 

Still did not feel right.
On top of it not feeling right in this room it would not fit on the wall with my desk without taking the entry door off.

What then to do?

 I made the decision to put it up for sale on FB Market Place and it sold in less than 20 minutes.

 After all it is a great piece.
Glad I could recoup what I paid and then some on this piece.

It's gone to a new home so I am happy.

Moral of the story for me is that I loved the piece in its original wood. 
That is what caught my eye. 
When I painted it white it just took the romance away for me.

The lady that bought it loved it white.
 I am happy it has a new home and they love it white.

First for me.  I paint everything white and usually love it. 
This time not so much.

Have a good week.