Summer Inspiration

Happy New Week Everyone.

First I want to thank all of you for your sweet and kind comments shared on my last post about losing our sweet Cooper.  He was a sweet boy and we miss him so.  That little guy with his long ears and big droopy eyes will be in our hearts forever!

I thought I would post some of my past flower garden pictures for a little inspiration and uplifting post today.  I am a summer girl and love my time with garden flowers.  I love to water, feed and just get my hands in the dirt.  So relaxing and peaceful for me.  

With us moving at the end of May and construction starting at the new house,  I will probably have limited flowers this season at the new place.  I did order some cute flower boxes for the windows up front on the new cottage.  Hope to do a few beds of flowers out front too.  We will be staying with my daughter for a month or so after we close to get the construction under way of the new garage and basement before we officially move.  So I will be limited on what I can do in the garden this year with being far away to water everyday. 

I will be taking out the lower bushes on the left side under the window to put up the new window boxes.  Then where the bushes are I will be putting in knock out roses and annuals to fill in the beds.  Eventually pavers will make this sidewalk look pretty too.

Here goes some of the past flower garden pics.  Enjoy the inspiration.

I have begun to take down and sell or wrap up  for this next move.  Packing up my favorites  to move on to the next cottage.

Enjoy this new week.  Hope to have upcoming changes to show you on the new cottage as we move forward.