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Katherine from Katherine's Corner

 Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger is a feature done each Saturday that introduces you to a blogger you may already know or a new blogger for you to get to know. This feature gives you a peak into the personal life of the blogger.  Getting to know the special person behind the beautiful blog.

There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland so enjoy getting to know these talented bloggers each Saturday.

Before I begin I would like to take a moment to thank Kris for shining a spotlight on me today. I am happy to be featured on her blog and grateful for her friendship.
 Hello, I’m Katherine. Tea drinker, hug giver and friend maker at Katherine’s Corner. I am an open minded and spiritual person who strives to always maintain a positive attitude and greet each new day with grace, dignity and gratitude. Originally from England and Living in the US since 1975, I have a rare dual citizenship. I am a proud citizen of both the UK and the USA. I am happily married to my best friend. I am a Mother to one (she’s 35) Grandmother to five (ages 5-16) and I am also Mama to our sweet dog Izzy.
 I invite you to get better acquainted by visiting my About Page HERE. I love to make new bloggy friends. When I am not blogging I am a self-employed artist and designer at Keepsakes By Katherine, Be Well Gifts and Blog Art By Katherine.
At Katherines Corner I share a variety of things that make me smile. Recently I shared decorating with precious mementos, baked blueberry scones, wanderlust and the new giveaway. You'll find plenty of other goodies too.
You will find my blogging schedule is pretty consistent. • Monday- is Make It Monday” a day filled with features and inspiration from the previous weeks blog hop. • Tuesday- a new recipe is shared. • Thursday- is time for Thursday Favorite Things blog hop ( it actually starts Wednesday night at 7 pm MST) I invite you to link up and share your blog. You will find blogs for everyone; style blogs, lifestyle blogs, recipe blogs, makeup blogs, craft blogs, faith blogs and more • Friday/Saturday/Sunday you will find new giveaways, life stories, DIY/crafts, makeovers, blogging tips, etc.
 I started blogging when I received a rejection letter from a publisher. It was a nice rejection, well as nice as being rejected can be. Not your standard “fill in the blank with the authors name ” rejection, although I did have a few of those. It read something like this-, “ loved your writing, the photographs are beautiful, but…we are not taking on any unknown authors at this time.”So taa daa...Katherines Corner (originally known as Go Ask Katie) was born. Who said we can’t control our destiny? I am very happy my road led to blogging. I am motivated to keep blogging by my desire to share with others. Bloggy friendships are amazing! The hugs felt through comments and emails and the bond between blog friends brings me true joy.
  I am often asked "What do you do if you get writers block as a blogger? All writers/bloggers have experienced this at least once. I like to describe my blogging style as reliable, comfortable, worth reading and filled with sharing spirit. It is with that in mind that I can move forward when I find myself “blocked”. Meditation and a look around at the things I enjoy motivates me and the stagnant fog of writers block leaves quickly. I actually have a second blog, Be Well Gifts blog where I post guided meditation and more.
 I share blogging tips regularly at Katherines Corner. I have a whole blogging tips section HERE. When I first dipped my toe into the blogging pool ( it felt more like an ocean) I found very little being shared about how and what to do. I found my way stumbling in the dark. So I keep the light on for bloggers new and old with my blogging tips. I do my best to keep informative and useful information updated regularly.
 The best thing a blogger can give to their readers is, to give of themselves. I know that may sound cliché. But, bloggers need to be true to themselves in order to reach the readers. Not a carbon copy of other blogs. Do not, and I mean DO NOT compare your blog to another, especially a blog that has been around a while. It important to remember that it is a blog, not your life. Move away from your computer, live your life. Then sit down and share it with us. We look forward to reading about it. I am a planner and I find my need to plan works well for blogging. I’m currently setting up giveaways ( I have one every month) and planning new recipes to share. If you would like to be part of Katherines Corner giveaway circle of friends I would love to have you. Please send me a note and I will add your name to the list and you will be invited to be a hostess of an upcoming giveaway.

It has been a pleasure sharing with you I hope you will stop by for a visit. I'm social too lets connect and share ♥
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Thank you Katherine for sharing yourself with all of us today in Spotlight.  Now that you have gotten to know Katherine please hop over and check out her blog.
Have a great rest of the week end.

For The Love Of Summer Garden Hats

Did you ever find you are a collector of things?!  You don't mean to be but you just are attracted to certain things and buy them and then the next thing you know you have a collection.

Well I have been like that with garden and straw hats.  Vintage and not so vintage just love them all.

So I came across a few on my junkin trip the other day.

I like when I come across some men's style hats too.  I hung these on the gathering sign that leads out to the back garden deck.

So these are a few of the newest hats I have found.

These are a few of the vintage hats I have hanging in my front entry way.  Gotta love a good garden hat.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for your visits always.

Easy Spa Up Date To Shower Floor

I was on Pinterest!!!! yep, spend a lot of time  there.  It has a lot of great inspiration.

I showed you my big double wide shower in our Master Bath last week.  I used sheer curtains to cover it up instead of just having the glass doors exposed.  If you missed this post you can see it here.

 I found another quick and inexpensive fix to that same shower that gave it a more spa like feel.

It is adding cedar planks and making a shower floor out of them.

Cedar is the best and cheapest wood you can use to do this project.  Cedar is treated and will hold up to water so it is a win win for a shower floor.

Here we go:

Dull and boring hard to clean typical shower floor.

So we went to Home Depot and got some pretty inexpensive cedar 1 by 2 planks.  The planks were 8 foot pieces for about $2 a plank.  Our double shower floor took about 14 planks to make the base.

Terry measured the shower floor and cut the planks to fit.  The four planks on the end in the picture to the right he rounded the edges to match the curves in the shower floor corners.

Terry then drilled holes to fit the pieces together to make the base.

He used stainless steel deck screws so they would not rust and would hold up to the water in the shower.

He then fitted the base outline pieces together to make a perfect match for the new plank floor.  This sits 2 inches above the drain underneath to allow for good drainage.

The next step was to attach all the planks to complete the cedar plank floor.

We stained the floor with a semi translucent outdoor deck stain.  Here is the inexpensive trick to saving money on the stain.  I got a $3 sample can of the color I liked it was plenty enough stain to do all the planks.  

Semi transparent stain gives coverage and color but also lets the natural knots etc. in the wood to show through.  You can use a solid stain and then none of the natural grain of the wood will show through.  Semi transparent or solid is just what ever your preference is.   I like to see the knots and grain of the wood.

It was a pretty easy and inexpensive fix to spruce up the Master Bathroom shower floor and I did not have to spend much money.  Under $50 dollars for all the supplies, stain and wood.  We have a 5 foot long shower floor with it being a double shower so I did not think that was bad to make this spa flooring.  Most showers are smaller and would probably be half as much to spruce up.

That is my DIY for this week.
Hope the week is starting out great for all of you.

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