Ruffles make a difference

Hi Everyone.
It is a very gloomy and a rain filled day so not so bright pictures.  Sorry :(  

I know I have shown you my wonderfully made slipcovers from Lisa Harmon over at Fabric 8 Slipcovers.  

Love her work.  Recently I gave her my slipcovers to make a new ruffle and piping on the arms and cushion covers with the same fabric as my drapes.  Lisa did a fabulous job.  I just got them and want to show them to you.

This was how they looked with the white ruffles.

Lisa did a great job adding the buffalo check light gray and white ruffles to the chairs.

Now my 4 conversation area chairs have the ruffles and piping to match the fabric of my drapes.

The piping is the matching fabric on the arms and cushion covers too.

I think the new ruffles and piping pull the room together now with my drapes.

I changed up the round conversation area to two chairs straight and facing the two other chairs that are on an angle.  It opens up the entry way to walking into the room.

These are the new slipcovers with the buffalo check fabric ruffles.

I like that the two chairs are straight and face into the living room.  Gives me a way to have a lamp and table between all 4 chairs.   I either need a pretty rug or maybe a nice long coffee table with some character down the middle space.

I love Lisa's work.  She always does a nice job.  I did iron the ruffles but I like the shabby look and style to these chairs.  I want to sit in them and feel comfy .
If you need slipcovers I will add Lisa's link below.
Lisa is super sweet and will work with any design ideas you have.
Lisa Fabric 8 Slipcovers

Next Up will be showing you some changes to my 3 in 1 room.  I have one bedroom that is my office area, my make up area and also my guest room.

This hot mess is my office this past weekend.  The walls got painted Behr white mocha.  It is a light cream color.

The white mocha color paint goes nicely with the one wall that has wallpaper.

We are working on some switch a roo's and a few changes in this room.

This small bedroom will still work as my office and make up area and also a guest room with a queen bed.

Terry is going to solve the problem of how we can add  a queen bed to this small room and still have open space to move around.  Stay tuned for this idea.

I hope to have this room finished up soon to show you.

Have a great new week ahead.
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