New Year New Table

Happy New Year.

 This weekend I hope to take down the Christmas and start to arrange some new things into my decor.   I found this cute table that was in natural wood and had a cute little drawer.  

Merry Christmas

Outside Cottage Christmas

Simple Wreath


Potato Chip Cookies Yum!

Beautiful Angel Story and a New Crown and Christmas in the Bedroom

Hello Sweet Friends and Happy Friday.

Cute Stocking Stuffer

Oh Christmas Tree

Hello Sweet Friends.  Hope the week was a good one for all of you.

Christmas Fireplace Mantel and Random Acts of Kindness

Hello sweet friends.  

Do you do Random Acts of Kindness.  Maybe pay for the person's order behind you in the drive through line, do things for neighbors and friends when they do not expect it.  Do you give to your favorite charities throughout the year and especially at the holidays.

A little Christmas in the Kitchen

Hello Everyone.  Happy New Week
Finding Joy in getting out my holiday decorations.

Gift Idea and Happy Thanksgiving

Thoughtful Homemade Gift

Christmas Gift Idea

I wanted to share with you a cute gift idea.  This would be great for a friend, teachers, fellow office girls etc.  I found everything at Home Goods.

Soft Christmas Office Area

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I started some of my holiday decorating this weekend.  With Covid numbers higher than ever it is hard to even think about holiday cheer but I am trying!

Christmas Decor and Winners

Hello sweet friends.  Happy Friday.  
I am getting ready this weekend to put up my tree and begin some decorating.

Giveaway and Cute Wine Ornaments

Home Is Where The Cookies Are

Happy Friday everyone.
Since Christmas is just around the corner and we are all cooped up at home because of the Virus I have been looking at decor and baking ideas for Christmas.  

Advent Calendar

Hello Sweet blogging friends.  Hope your Halloween was nice.  For the first time in a long time the weather was mild and sunny for the trick or treaters.  Unfortunately we did not have a lot of kiddo's probably due to Covid fears.

Fall on the Porch

Hello Sweet Friends.  Happy Friday.  Wishing all of you a wonderful Halloween and weekend.

Winterizing and planting bulbs

I want to thank all of you for sharing your kind hearts and deep felt sympathy for me and my family with my mom's passing this past week. 
On Tuesday we will be taking my mom to Michigan to be buried next to my dad.  Terry and I will be staying a few extra days.  We rented a cute cottage to have a few days to find a little peace and rest.

Thank you

Thank you everyone for all your good thoughts and prayers for my mom and my family.  This past week was a hard one as my mom passed to her heavenly home.  She fought hard to stay but in the end she passed peacefully and is now out of pain.  She could feel the power of prayer as she made her way out of this world and into heaven.  I thank all of you.


Hello sweet blogging friends.  
I will be off from blogland for a short time.  My mom has been battling cancer for some time now and she is transitioning into the final stage of her cancer.  It could be days to a few weeks but she needs me and I will be by her side until the end of her battle.  Prayers would be so appreciated.  This is a recent picture of my mom.  She is 88 years young.  Cancer is such an ugly invader of life.

New Re Loved Coffee Table

Happy New Week Sweet Friends.
I wanted to show you my re love of an old coffee table I found on FB Marketplace.

New Guest Room

Hello Sweet Friends.  Happy Friday.

I have been showing you the challenges I have faced as we downsized to this tiny cottage home over the past year.  When you live small you must utilize every inch of space you have.  It has been a year of trying things that worked and others that did not.

Fall Decor

Hello Sweet Friends.  Hope your week is going well.  Thought I would share a little more fall decor.  With being in a tiny house I have very limited space for decorating.  Less is more I guess.

Re Loved Pantry Cabinet

Hello Sweet Friends.

Fall is definitely in the air and those long summer days have gone.  Sweater weather is on our heels.  New pumpkins are beginning to appear.

Beginning Fall

Hello Sweet Friends.  
Cleaned out all my flower beds and winterized the front and back yard this weekend.  We will only be in the 50's and very low 60's all this next week.  Lot's of rain this week too.  In Illinois we go from one extreme to the next with our weather.  These temps are below normal for this time of year.  I hope that is not a sign of what is to come!

Fall is Beginning and New Re Love Project

Happy Weekend Sweet Friends.
Today is the last nice day of summer weather.  We will begin to drop drastically this coming week.  80 today and only 50 on Monday.  One extreme to the next!  That is Illinois weather!

Fifteen dollar Slipcover Chairs

Hello Sweet Friends.
Happy New Week.

I found a real bargain on FB Marketplace.  Found these two slipcovered dining chairs for $15 for the pair.  I saw these and thought even with how dirty they are I think I can do some magic to them and make them pretty again.  

Painting a cement porch.

Happy Friday Sweet Friends.
Hope your week is going well.
Today I wanted to post about how to paint a cement porch.

Shabby Chic Scarecrow

Hello sweet friends.  Thank you for all the sweet wishes for our 39th anniversary.  Wow where has the time gone?

39 years ago and a new shop

Happy Saturday.  39 years ago today I married a wonderful man.  He is my best friend, a wonderful dad to my two girls and a great grandpa "Bop" to my two grandgirls.  We really have built a life we love.

No Sew Kitchen Chair Covers

Hello Everyone.  Hope your Labor Day Weekend was a good one.
I found these Ray Dunn pillows at HomeGoods on the clearance shelf for $10.

Easy Peasy Sweetness

I have something to share with you that is a nice dessert to take to a party, give as a gift or keep and enjoy for yourself.

Fall Decor

Hello Sweet Friends.  Happy September.  
I am a summer girl but I am actually looking forward to Fall temperatures arriving.


Hello Sweet Friends.

Good Friday sweet friends.
It has been unbelievably hot here all week in Illinois.  Today some rain and then a cool down.  We are instore for a nice weekend.  I am so happy to hear that since I am having some girlfriends over for Al Fresco dining out on the deck tomorrow night.

New Kitchen Table and Chairs

Hello sweet friends.
I got my table and chairs done for the kitchen.  Since I no longer have the dining room set I thought this small space in the kitchen might work for a table and chairs.

There's No Place Like Home

Hello Sweet Friends.

I wanted to show you something I found on Etsy to put over my armoire.  It is a long narrow space so was not sure what would look right up there.  

New Slipcovered Chairs

Hello Sweet Friends.

I want to share with you my new slipcovers.

Prayers for a sweet blogging friend.

Covid is Real my friends.

Power Outage and New DIY

Happy Thursday 

We had a wicked storm come through our area on Monday. 80 mile an hour winds and 7 tornadoes in our area. It knocked out our power and 400,000 thousand other homes. As of today still no power with the estimate of maybe tonight before 11 pm.


Hello sweet friends.
I found a new duvet for our bed.  It brings in a little color and pattern to our bedroom.  I like my bedroom to be soft and serene.

Armoire Re Love

Hello Sweet Blog Friends.

I want to show you what we did with that big armoire to make it fit in this tiny house.

What to do with an old Armoire!

I recently found an armoire on FB Marketplace for free.  Yep FREE!!!
I have no business getting a big ole' armoire even if the price is right at FREE!

Prayer Warriors Wanted

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.  I have a special request today.  Do you believe in the power of prayer?  I do and have actually seen it work.  I need to ask all of you that believe in prayer to please say a prayer for my mom.

New Siding. Garden Flowers. Beverly Hillbillies

Shabby Chic Headboard

Hello sweet friends.  Happy Friday.

A blast from the past!!!

Hello everyone.  Do you ladies and gents remember Tupperware?
 I normally do not do this kind of thing on my blog but I thought I would help my daughter out with having an online Tupperware Party. 

New Cottage Rug and Chairs

Good Monday Morning Sweet Friends.
I have the hardest time finding a rug.  How about you?  
I am hesitant to buy a rug on line for fear it will not be the true color it appears to be on line.  
Then it is such a big hassle to try and return it if it is not right. 
I try to find rugs in places like Home Goods, Target, Pier One where I can see it in person.  
That can be a challenge because of selection.

The feet got me!

Hello sweet friends.  Happy New Week.
I found a couple of treasures that I am reloving into new pretty pieces.  Thought I would show you one I finished and one that is going to be in the works soon.

This drop leaf table is perfect for something I am doing in my living room.  Perfect size and oh my the claw feet on this piece got me!

Mix Tiles

I found a company called Mix Tiles on Facebook that did a great job taking some of my favorite family pictures and putting them on canvas and framing them.  I am not compensated in anyway from this company I just love their product and wanted to share.

New Treasure Found

Hello Sweet Friends.
On my trip to Michigan I found this unique table that I thought would look great under my french window in my kitchen.

It was such a unique piece.  Love the old floor grate they put in the middle of the table.


The new roof is being put up today.  Oh boy! the old roof taken off and all the under stuff being replaced.  Lots of pounding and sawing going on.

Vintage Goods

Hello Everyone.  Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend.  
This summer is going way too fast!
Terry and I took a drive to Michigan up along the lake on Friday.  We visited some of my shops I love.  
There is one shop in Three Oaks Michigan that I absolutely love.

Vintage Goods is owned by my friend Diane.  It is a fabulous shop filled with lots of Vintage Goods!!

Happy 4th

Hello Everyone. 

When I was growing up the 4th of July meant a family reunion at the house of my grandmother's sister on the lake in Michigan.  I remember that being such a fun time.

When we lived in Junk Chic Cottage #2 it was in a lake town and I decorated one of my guest rooms in a lake theme.  Thought I would take you down memory lane of that sweet guest room decor.

Excuse some of the picture quality.  These pics were taken in 2012 before Pic Monkey and better cameras!

Some of you that have followed my blog from early on might remember little Midge my sock monkey.  She was a permanent guest in my lake guest room.

Of course Midge would have her boyfriend up to the lake cottage for a little fishing.

Midge always made sure my guests followed all the cottage rules during their stay.

I love seeing the climbing roses growing up around my birdhouse posts and my pretty angel.

The front flowers are filling in beautifully and it is only July. 

The colors are just beautiful this year.  

Wishing all of you a Happy 4th.