Heavy Heart

Woo I feel like my decorating blog has become about sadness of late.  As most of you know Junk Chic Cottage has been on hold for a short time while our lives are in transition.

This has been a hard year for us with Terry losing a job he loved and all the crazy with the employment world to find another one.

We sold Junk Chic Cottage and have been living with our daughter until we can move into our new nest which we closed on yesterday.  That is the good news.  The sellers are getting 30 days to rent back before we can get in there and start the decor transformations.   I cannot wait to share with you and feel like Junk Chic Cottage is coming back to life with new decor happy things to share with all of you.  Just need to be patient a little while longer.  I promise Junk Chic Cottage will be back and will have lots of decor crazy transformations happening.

Now for the heavy heart news.  We adopted Cooper a few weeks ago.
This is my favorite picture of him.  This was his car ride home to come to our forever home.  He was smiling all the way home from Ohio to Chicago.

 Cooper has been the best little guy ever.  He is so sweet and loves everyone.  Almost too good to be true for a rescue dog.  No barking, begging, or bad habits.  Just a great little dog.  We have fallen deeply in love with this little guy.  

NOW with that said, we set Cooper up to go to our Vet for a through check up and get him started with a new Vet for his care.  They found a tumor on his cheek that they did a biopsy on and it was cancer.  So the next step was to remove as much of the cancer as possible and have pathology determine what kind and what his treatment options would be.  We did that last Tuesday and yesterday we got the devastating news that Cooper's cancer is a very aggressive sarcoma and he probably only has weeks to maybe a few months of life left.

This cancer is so invasive that to do surgery to get it all is almost impossible.  We would be looking at him losing his lips, gums, a lot of his neck and all the lymph nodes.  He probably would not survive that kind of surgery and then would suffer through chemo treatments to only give him a little while longer.  

So we decided after talking to our new Vet and her consultation with an oncologist that the best possible thing we can do is give Cooper the best possible life with us until he begins to suffer or it is his time to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  
He is just a love and does not seem sick now so we will go with that and spoil him and love him.  He deserves that with all he has been through.   We will keep him comfortable and happy as long as we can.  He is so deserving of that.  He is just a gentle soul and loves beyond anything you could imagine.

They are going to start him on some pain and inflammation meds that have proven to help keep them comfortable and helps to slow the growth of the cancer to give him hopefully more time.

He probably has had this cancer for a little while and maybe the people that had him took him to a kill shelter knowing they would put him down.  Just glad he was rescued by the rescue agency so we could adopt him and give him a good life with what time he has left.

  Our hearts are breaking into a million pieces but we feel he was brought to us to give him love and happiness for this short time in his life.  He is just a big bundle of love and only asks for us to love him.  He is a gift to us to be able to enjoy this little guy.  He is a dream doggie and so sweet.  So each day will keep him safe and happy and spoiled.  

While are hearts are heavy he will not have a lot of time with us, we feel blessed to give him a good and safe home until he no longer can fight the cancer.

Even with all that has happened to us in the past year, Terry and I feel so blessed in so many ways.  We just closed on our new nest and we will be blessed with a new grand daughter in June to love and we are settling down and living near our family and friends.

Life can be hard but also can have so many blessings too.  I promise and look forward to bringing Junk Chic Cottage blog posts back up to happy decor posts soon.

I cannot wait to share the transformations with all of you.
Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts for Cooper.  He will be loved and spoiled with us.


Baby Sprinkle/ Cooper Update

Cooper Up Date:
Little Cooper came through his surgery just fine.  They had to really cut into his cheek to get all the tumor.  He was wagging his tail when we picked him up at the Vet.  Nothing seems to phase this little guy.  Just happy no matter what is happening with him.  He was back to playing with my daughters dogs and eating that same night.  So now we just wait for the pathology to come back in a week to 10 days.  Hoping and praying for good news on that report.
As you can see he has quite the scar to talk about!!!!  We told him it gives him character and he is still our little handsome man!

Just a happy camper.  He seems to take everything in stride.  Thanks for your well wishes for this handsome sweet guy.

Wooooo Hoooo Closing Tomorrow on the New Nest!!!!!!

We are closing tomorrow on the new house.  We will not take possession of the new place for another month.  We had to give the sellers  30 days after closing to rent back and move out.  While we wait to move into our new nest where I can unleash my decor happy and share, I thought I would share some creative things I am making for my daughters up coming  Baby Sprinkle.

Apparently when you throw a baby shower for the second child it is called a Baby Sprinkle.  Ahhh the new things I learn everyday!

My daughter Jen is having our second granddaughter at the end of June.  Her first baby and the love of our lives is Abby.  Abby will be 6 years old this May.  So we are so excited to know she will be a big sister to a new baby sister in June.

Abby's new sister's name will be Charlotte Grace and we cannot wait to meet her.

My younger daughter Kim and I are planning a "Baby Sprinkle" for Jen on May 14th.

Here are some of the things we are making for the up coming shower.

I took child size garden boots and spray painted them pink.  I added faux pink flowers and tied off with pink Ribbon and Its a girl tags.  I added a pink baby shower umbrella with the boots.  These will be the center pieces for each table at the Baby Sprinkle.
One of my daughter's favorite lip balm is the eos strawberry sorbet flavor.  So I wanted to make favors with something that I knew my daughter loved and would want to share with each of the guests.

I found the pink strawberry sorbet eos lip balms.

I found these cute baby sprinkle cards on Easy with the hole in the center for the eos balls to fit.  Such a cute idea.

For another sweet favor I found these cute Ready to Pop favor boxes.  Garrett's Pop Corn is a popular Chicago treat and one of my daugher's favorites.  So we will be putting Garrett's Chicago Pop corn together in these cute boxes for another take home favor.


For some shower prizes I took two bloom bowl covers.  Have you seen these?  They replace using cling wrap on your bowls and serving pieces.  You can micro wave with these and store left overs.  They are so cute and saves on using a lot of plastic wrap.

I tied off the cute little kitchen towel and bloom covers into a paper tray I found at Michaels.  I loved that I found the cute kitchen towel to tie in the shower/sprinkle theme.

Another cute prize are these Godiva candy dishes with Godiva truffles.  I tied them off and added a Starbucks gift card to each one.
Nothing is better than good Godiva chocolates and Starbucks.

 I am waiting patiently for the new nest to be ours so I can share some of the new decor transformation ideas with all of you.  It was fun to post something sweet and fun today on the upcoming Baby Sprinkle and all the fun ideas we are doing to make this Baby Sprinkle special.

Seriously!!!! after this past year with all the crazy it will be fun to get into the new house and start to post on the decor transformations.
I cannot wait to share that with all of you.

  I cannot wait to get in to this place and transform it into our new Cottage Home.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by.

Good Thoughts and Prayers Appreciated

As most of you know we adopted little Cooper a week ago.  

This sweet little bundle of joy.  We took him to our Vet to have him checked over.  With Cooper being a rescue dog we did not have any history on him except that he was tethered outdoors  24/7 and he was 7 years old.  So after our Vet gave him a through exam she found a tumor on his face that she did not like how it looked.  So tomorrow this little guy will be having it surgically removed.  We are hoping it is not anything bad.  The Vet did take some sample fluid out of the tumor and looked at it under a slide.  She said she did see come concerning cells so we will see what pathology says once it is removed and sent in.
So please remember little Cooper in your thoughts and prayers as you go about your day tomorrow.

The other issue they found with this guy is he had broken all his teeth in the front of his mouth and the back teeth were not looking very good either.  So after we see what will happen with the tumor surgery tomorrow we will then tackle his teeth.

Poor guy with them having him on a chain the Vet said he probably was chewing on the chain and that is what broke most of his teeth.  He also probably did not have a healthy  diet.  The Vet felt pretty good she could save his back teeth that he uses to eat.  So far he has been eating his wet and dry dog food mixture.

We love this little guy so much and even with all these things going on he does not seem bothered by anything.  Just loves to be loved.

Little Cooper might have to get some Doggie Dentures like these!

Thanks for the good thoughts and best wishes for Cooper.
Have a good week.