Lucky Junk Shop

Happy Saturday.  I had all my Christmas shopping done and wrapped so I thought I would do a little "Me" time this morning and go to a new shop of a wonderful blogger Janet and her hubby Bill.  Janet's blog spot.

Janet's facebook page is called Lucky Junk Shop and that is the name of her new shop.

Well I walked in and Oh My!!!! It was Love at first sight.  It is a great shop with all kinds of wonderful treasures.  

So here are some pictures of the shop and a few pictures of the treasures that came home with me.

The shop is so fun and is just full of all kinds of vintage treasures.

Look at this awesome mantel.  The patina is perfect and she had beautiful curves.  Gorgeous.

This is the lovely Janet and her wonderful hubby Bill that own the shop.  They are so sweet and the cutest couple.

The beautiful post on the left came home with me.  It still had the house numbers on it.  After the Christmas decor comes down I will show you where this sweet find will go in Junk Chic Cottage.

Remember the chair my hubby got me for Christmas well Janet had a cute pillow that was white and had the word Love spelled out in cream like the chair.  I love that my husband got me this chair out of love so I thought the pillow was perfect for this chair.

Janet had this very cute Laundry Service Tote bag.  I had to bring that home for my laundry room.

Hope you are not too stressed with Christmas almost here.  I have everything accomplished for Christmas so it was nice to take the day and enjoy this new shop and to not have to go near any Malls or retail stores today.
 If you live near Chicago or plan a visit here you must check out Janet's shop in Arlington Heights Illinois.  You will love it.
Thank you Janet and Bill for all my treasures today.
Merry Christmas Everyone.

Sweet Surprise

Today as I was rushing through my day trying to get as much done as I can with Christmas only one week away  when I got a little Act of Kindness that I would like to share with all of you.

Susan from Must Love Junk and I have become friends over this past year in blogland.  We met last summer when Susan and her hubby Keith were visiting Chicago.  Susan and I hit it off right away and have been good friends since.

Today I received a cute little package from my buddy and I wanted to show it off and say Thank You.  

Inside the box was this light grey and white stenciled box with a crown hanger and little horn playing cherub.  Susan knows how I am changing and embracing light grey with my tan and white decor .

Look how stickin cute that cherub and box are.  I think Susan told me she got this from her friend Lori's shop in Ohio near where Susan lives.  It is chippy and oh so me.  Love this box.  I have already moved it around the house to several places to see where I want it to hang.  I am like a little kid with a new toy.

The cherub is making his way around my house.  Right now he is in my garden planter in the transformed hall bathroom.  I think he looks super cute in the garden planter for some Christmas decor.

We have so many sweet angels in our lives and Susan is not only a sweet angel but a wonderful friend.  Thank you Susan for thinking of me and sending me these sweet treasures.

It was a nice distraction to slow down today and open my box and see that a special angel was thinking of me with this lovely gift.  This is what the season is about when you can stop for a minute and know someone special took time to think of you in a special way.

I LOVE It and You my wonderful bloggy friend.

Visit with Santa

Happy Monday Everyone.

Hope your week end was great.  We took our granddaughter Abby to see Santa at the North Pole and the minion's from Despicable Two were there too.  Abby wore her minion hoodie.

While we waited with our 1 million other closest friends that were there to see Santa they had this snow globe you could go into that had snow and it was actually snowing inside the globe.

Abby was having such a great time in that globe while we waited to see Santa.

This is my son in law Tim and Abby and my daughter Jen.  They make such a cute family.
This is a family picture of all of us while we waited to see Santa.  Ok do not judge the hair do I am wearing it was snowing and blowing outside before we came in so my hair was glued to my head!!!! Plus I never take good pictures. Ughhh! After a picture like this my husband and girls always say yep Mom much better in person!!!!

Abby with her mom and dad with Santa.  Last year she was afraid of Santa and would not go near him! This year she sat on his lap and rattled off her Christmas wish list to him.  Funny what a difference a year makes.
Have a great week.
This was a nice break for us to all see Santa even with the Malls being nutty and to all have dinner together afterwards.
Enjoy the slide on to Christmas.  It is coming so fast.