It is not about shabby cottage chic decor for this posting!!!  Just a little personal post today.  This is my granddaughter Abby and her mom my daughter Jen.  Abby was a unicorn for Halloween.  They came up to trick or treat by Grammy's and Grandpa's.

Little Abby is 2 1/2 and was really into Halloween this year.  She was so cute and learned quickly that saying trick or treat at the neighbor's door would get her some candy.  She caught on to this little tradition very quickly!!!

This is Abby's little bff Aiden.  He was Buzz Lightyear.  I miss my two daughters being little and going trick or treating so it was fun to see my granddaughter love trick or treating. Hope your Halloween was fun.

Today I went a little bit out of my comfort zone and bought this new light fixture for my dining room.  I was set in my mind on getting two chandeliers to swag across the large farmhouse table but then I saw this light fixture!!!! I was drawn to it because you could use old vintage ball jars as shades.  It is a little more industrial than cottage in my mind but I think I like it.  It still gives me the farmhouse vibe and I am hoping to find some wide mouth vintage ball jars at the next flea market to use as shades.  I was thinking of painting it a cream or white.  What do you think???? My hubby likes the dark and says it gives some contrast to the room!!!! Love when the hubs gives some decor comments!!!!! I think he may be right so it stays dark for now.  I would love to hear from all of you on what you think of the light and the color etc.  Thanks for your input. 

I was thinking maybe when I get the vintage ball jars that will help and also maybe some burlap bling on the jar lids.  I might be playing with this one for awhile.