Well Hello!

Hello Everyone.  I am still here just waiting on  a few things to get finished and then we will be moving into the cottage.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

This has been a long journey to have the rehab done in the basement and also a garage and new drive area done.  When they tell you 3 to 4 weeks and it actually ends up being 3 months you just have to take in deep breaths.  I am so happy we are at the end of this journey and will be moving in soon.

Waiting on the flooring guys to set up a date to put in the floors in the basement and then we can set up our move in date.

Yeah!!!!!!! We might actually move in soon.

This past Labor Day Weekend Terry and I took a small trip away to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary.  We so needed a small get away from all the house crap and living with no home for the past 3 months.

We took a drive to Hudsonville and Holland Michigan area.

This is one of my absolute favorite shops to visit when we are in this area of Michigan.  A lot of you that follow Liz Marie's blog know about her great shop in Hudsonville, Michigan.  If you do not know of Liz's blog you must visit.  Her farmhouse style is gorgeous.

These next few pics are some of the great treasures that can be found in her shop.

Loved these lamb paper towel holders.  Sooo cute.

Lots of great signs.
Also next door to Liz's shop is a great Habitat Store.  We found this 12 inch door that is going to fit perfect in the kitchen of the new house.  More about the re love of this door soon.

Terry also found these vintage lanterns that he is going to hang on the new garage.  They were $20 with 25% off.  Loved the aged patina on these and the bubbled glass.

This is a treasure found that went home with us too.  I could totally envision this immediately in my bathroom of the new house.  Loved the brass faucet and bowl.

I spent a long time cleaning up the brass.

I am debuting on painting this brass or leaving it.  So far I am liking it in the brass.

We needed to add some legs to her to bring her up so we could use her in the bathroom.  So stay tuned to see how this sweet cabinet gets re loved into the bathroom. She may get a little white paint too :).   Hoping to get that up and done this weekend.

Have a safe rest of the week.  Praying for all of you in the path of Irma.