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The feet got me!

Hello sweet friends.  Happy New Week.
I found a couple of treasures that I am reloving into new pretty pieces.  Thought I would show you one I finished and one that is going to be in the works soon.

This drop leaf table is perfect for something I am doing in my living room.  Perfect size and oh my the claw feet on this piece got me!

Mix Tiles

I found a company called Mix Tiles on Facebook that did a great job taking some of my favorite family pictures and putting them on canvas and framing them.  I am not compensated in anyway from this company I just love their product and wanted to share.

New Treasure Found

Hello Sweet Friends.
On my trip to Michigan I found this unique table that I thought would look great under my french window in my kitchen.

It was such a unique piece.  Love the old floor grate they put in the middle of the table.


The new roof is being put up today.  Oh boy! the old roof taken off and all the under stuff being replaced.  Lots of pounding and sawing going on.

Vintage Goods

Hello Everyone.  Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend.  
This summer is going way too fast!
Terry and I took a drive to Michigan up along the lake on Friday.  We visited some of my shops I love.  
There is one shop in Three Oaks Michigan that I absolutely love.

Vintage Goods is owned by my friend Diane.  It is a fabulous shop filled with lots of Vintage Goods!!

Happy 4th

Hello Everyone. 

When I was growing up the 4th of July meant a family reunion at the house of my grandmother's sister on the lake in Michigan.  I remember that being such a fun time.

When we lived in Junk Chic Cottage #2 it was in a lake town and I decorated one of my guest rooms in a lake theme.  Thought I would take you down memory lane of that sweet guest room decor.

Excuse some of the picture quality.  These pics were taken in 2012 before Pic Monkey and better cameras!

Some of you that have followed my blog from early on might remember little Midge my sock monkey.  She was a permanent guest in my lake guest room.

Of course Midge would have her boyfriend up to the lake cottage for a little fishing.

Midge always made sure my guests followed all the cottage rules during their stay.

I love seeing the climbing roses growing up around my birdhouse posts and my pretty angel.

The front flowers are filling in beautifully and it is only July. 

The colors are just beautiful this year.  

Wishing all of you a Happy 4th.

Hello Sweet Friends.
Let's begin with cheers to a beautiful new week.