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Roses are Red

Roses are red well... Maybe yellow and white and pink.
I am going to show you some of my roses I planted in place of some bushes we moved from the front of the house.

Summer She Shed

Happy New Week Everyone.
I worked on my she shed this weekend.  
Oh boy it was a challenge with no shops or stores open to find cute accessories.  
Had to shop my house a little bit to decorate.  
With downsizing with the purchase of this smaller home I did not have a lot of things in storage or around the house to work with for decor.  
I gave it a good shot but it will be a work in progress.  
When the shops and Home stores return I hope I can find cute decor to add.

My flowers are starting to fill in nicely.  Lots of rain lately for them.  I got my lounger ready for me to relax and get some sunshine.

Beginning Summer Flowers

Hello Sweet Friends.  Happy Friday.
It is finally beginning to look like Spring in Illinois.  
Planting and getting flowers going is underway.
Thought I would show you the beginning flowers and hopefully in about a month or so can show you the progress and how big and filled in the flowers will be.

Hung the flower shoppe sign on the she shed.

Garden Bike

This weekend I was finishing up all the planting of annuals and perennials.  
Lots of work but if everything takes by the middle of the summer it should be looking very pretty.
I did work on my garden bike.  
It is a work in progress but I think it is coming out cute.  

My old schwinn has been dressed up with sweet pink petunias.  I am surrounding the bike with some pretty hydrangeas and pink begonias.  We are waiting to put mulch into the beds as soon as all the planting is done.
We attached the bike to the fencing to keep it from falling.  The petunias are attached to the fender piece on the bike.  Happy plus is you cannot tell this bike was missing it's seat.  The flowers make a great camouflage. 
I filled in the vintage bike basket with some old books and a pretty garden hat a friend made me for my birthday back in April.

I will try to remember to bring in the books with the threat of rain.
Wishing you a great start to the new week.
We were working on the she shed this weekend too.
Hope to have that to show you soon.


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Garden Tours

Finally the weather is warmer and I have begun planting flowers in between rainy times.  
Hope to show you all the new garden flowers soon.  
In the meantime I thought it would be fun to stroll down memory lane of a few of my past garden flowers.  

Flowers and Past Lounge Chairs

I cannot wait to get my garden flowers going like these from past summers.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful friends.  It will certainly be a different kind of Mother's Day for all of us this year. May you enjoy this special day.