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She Shed Update

Happy Monday Sweet Friends

This was the chicken coop I purchased to become my garden she shed.

Spring Bunnies and Sunshine

Love to see this sunshine stream in the house the last few days.  It makes confinement at home feel better.

I have been putting out some little areas of Spring decor.

When I was cleaning out a closet I found these sweet little black and white bunnies.  I found these cute black and white carrots in the $3 bin at Target awhile ago.

Sometimes it is the unexpected surprise that can make your day.  When I got back from walking Buddy yesterday I found these beautiful flowers in my door. 

A sweet friend of mine surprised me with these and left them with a beautiful card.  It is these little acts of kindness that can help during this very scary, anxious and time of isolation like this that helps keep hope alive.

Thank you sweet friend.  This was an unexpected surprise that made my day.

What are you doing to make the isolation from human contact bearable.
I miss my family so much.  Facetime helps but it is not the same as contact hugs and kisses.

This too shall pass and it is not forever so I hold on to that.

Have a good weekend.  If the weather is good Terry and I are going to start to paint the She Shed.  Woo Hoo that will be fun and exciting.
Big Virtual Hugs,

Box Pleat Slipcover

Hello Sweet Friends.
Hope you are all safe and well.
I want to show you my slipcover with a new box pleat that Lisa from Fabric 8 Slipcovers sewed for me.  
I sent her the bottom cover that came with the sectional and she added the box pleat to give it a more custom look.  
Lisa always does great work.  
If you do not need a full slipcover done but would like to add a little custom to one you have contact Lisa.  
She does not disappoint with her work.

Hope Is Not Closed

Hello and Happy New Week.

This weekend began the ramping up of Covid 19.  
It is certainly a scary time.

As we see signs that say "We Are Closed" one thing for sure that is not closed is Hope.

How Can I Help?

Happy Weekend Sweet Blogging Friends.
We are all trying to stay in and stay safe.  Finding things to keep our minds still and feel productive can be a real challenge.

What A Little Paint Can Do

Hello Everyone.  
Hope you are staying in and safe and finding things to do inside.  
The weather is breaking a little bit here in Illinois so I have been able to get out for walks with Buddy.  
Love that fresh air.  I feel less cooped up.

Bakery Sign

Hello Sweet Friends.

I found a cute bakery sign to share with you today.  I have had this spot over the doorway that needed a little something.  I found this cute bakery sign and it fits perfectly up above the doorway.