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Vintage Goods

Hello Everyone.  Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend.  
This summer is going way too fast!
Terry and I took a drive to Michigan up along the lake on Friday.  We visited some of my shops I love.  
There is one shop in Three Oaks Michigan that I absolutely love.

Vintage Goods is owned by my friend Diane.  It is a fabulous shop filled with lots of Vintage Goods!!

Look at this fabulous porch swing.  Ahhhhh Swooning over this porch swing.

A beautiful part of her shop is an outside garden shop area.  Oh  makes your heartbeat a little faster to stroll and shop out there.

Look at this fabulous old Schwinn bike with the old vintage baby carrier.

The garden area is filled with so many vintage pieces along with beautiful plants and flowers.

Diane's hubby makes these fabulous garden houses made out old salvage windows, doors etc.

It is a super fun place to shop.
Here is Diane's FB Page for Vintage Goods.

I will have a quick post up in a few days on the new treasure I acquired on our trip.  Can't wait to show you.

Happy 4th

Hello Everyone. 

When I was growing up the 4th of July meant a family reunion at the house of my grandmother's sister on the lake in Michigan.  I remember that being such a fun time.

When we lived in Junk Chic Cottage #2 it was in a lake town and I decorated one of my guest rooms in a lake theme.  Thought I would take you down memory lane of that sweet guest room decor.

Excuse some of the picture quality.  These pics were taken in 2012 before Pic Monkey and better cameras!

Some of you that have followed my blog from early on might remember little Midge my sock monkey.  She was a permanent guest in my lake guest room.

Of course Midge would have her boyfriend up to the lake cottage for a little fishing.

Midge always made sure my guests followed all the cottage rules during their stay.

I love seeing the climbing roses growing up around my birdhouse posts and my pretty angel.

The front flowers are filling in beautifully and it is only July. 

The colors are just beautiful this year.  

Wishing all of you a Happy 4th.

Hello Sweet Friends.
Let's begin with cheers to a beautiful new week.

Bloom and Blossom

Hello Everyone.
Yay almost the weekend!
I wanted to show you these sweet pillows that a sweet friend gifted me.  She got them at Hallmark and I just love them.

She Shed Living

Happy New Week Sweet Friend.
I wanted to share a little news with all of you.

Two very talented ladies Erika and Sabrina have published a book and each year publish a calendar of very unique and beautiful She Sheds.
This is their IG spot if you would like to visit and see some of the amazing she sheds.  Click Here.

New in the Garden

Hello Everyone.
I have a few new things added to the garden to show you today.  I love to enhance my flowers with old chippy vintage pieces throughout the garden.  Brings whimsy and character to the garden.

This is my newest old chippy awesome birdhouse I have added to the garden.  It is made out of old salvage pieces.  The green almost is the same color as my house.  I also added this sweet angel to the post.

Let's Go Shopping

So it was glorious weather on Friday.  
A soft summer breeze kind of day.  
Terry took a well deserved day off of work and we decided to take a ride to Michigan.  
Michigan is a little further ahead of opening up than we are in Illinois.
That meant my shops would be open as long as you wore a mask and keep social distancing.
So off we went.