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Winterizing and planting bulbs

I want to thank all of you for sharing your kind hearts and deep felt sympathy for me and my family with my mom's passing this past week. 
On Tuesday we will be taking my mom to Michigan to be buried next to my dad.  Terry and I will be staying a few extra days.  We rented a cute cottage to have a few days to find a little peace and rest.

Thank you

Thank you everyone for all your good thoughts and prayers for my mom and my family.  This past week was a hard one as my mom passed to her heavenly home.  She fought hard to stay but in the end she passed peacefully and is now out of pain.  She could feel the power of prayer as she made her way out of this world and into heaven.  I thank all of you.

I have to pack up her apartment and finish closing some of her affairs and then I think I can begin to grieve this loss.  My faith is strong and it has helped me and my family say goodbye.  RIP mom.


Hello sweet blogging friends.  
I will be off from blogland for a short time.  My mom has been battling cancer for some time now and she is transitioning into the final stage of her cancer.  It could be days to a few weeks but she needs me and I will be by her side until the end of her battle.  Prayers would be so appreciated.  This is a recent picture of my mom.  She is 88 years young.  Cancer is such an ugly invader of life.

New Re Loved Coffee Table

Happy New Week Sweet Friends.
I wanted to show you my re love of an old coffee table I found on FB Marketplace.

New Guest Room

Hello Sweet Friends.  Happy Friday.

I have been showing you the challenges I have faced as we downsized to this tiny cottage home over the past year.  When you live small you must utilize every inch of space you have.  It has been a year of trying things that worked and others that did not.

Fall Decor

Hello Sweet Friends.  Hope your week is going well.  Thought I would share a little more fall decor.  With being in a tiny house I have very limited space for decorating.  Less is more I guess.

Re Loved Pantry Cabinet

Hello Sweet Friends.

Fall is definitely in the air and those long summer days have gone.  Sweater weather is on our heels.  New pumpkins are beginning to appear.