Imagine and Create

Good Morning Everyone.  I put up my last post for the year yesterday with my Merry Christmas Card to each of you then something fun and sweet happened after I posted.  I want to share this and thank this sweet blogger and friend.

Kim over at Exquisitely Unremarkable sent me this sweet angel she made.  This special little angel is made out of macaroni.  So looks who's hanging with my sweet birds!

Kim is so crafty and at one time in her life taught school kids.  I bet they just loved having her as a teacher with all her creative ideas that are so much fun.  This little angel just makes me smile so she had to go up into my kitchen Christmas tree with my birds.

Along with the sweet macaroni angel she gave me these two Rae Dunn mugs.  Kim said when she saw them she new they were perfect for Terry and I.  I imagine and then Terry with his trusty tools creates for me.  Gosh I love these Kim.  Thank you so much sweet friend.

I have to say as we move on down into Christmas and think about all the blessings in our lives.  I have met and become friends with so many of you sweet bloggers.  My life changed so much when I started my little chippy white decor blog over 6 years ago.  I have met and become friends with so many of you sweet friends that I probably would have never met if it were not for blogging.

To this day it still amazes me how people from all over the world can meet and become friends and click instantly and feel like life long friends without ever meeting in some cases.

I truly love all of you that I have come to know.
I wish all of you that celebrate Christmas a very Merry one and I wish all of you most of all a brand new year filled with happiness, health and most of all peace.


My Wish

Wishing each of you love, good health and happiness in the new year.
Merry Christmas.

Let it Snow

Good Monday Morning Everyone.

Wooooo Hooooo!  We are on the last week before the big day.  Hope you all are enjoying your pretty homes all decorated, cookies, wrapping and getting ready for the big day.

As we begin this last week before Christmas I wanted to share a little something special with all of you.

My friend Diana from Nana Diana Takes A Break blog and Cottage on the Cove came to my annual girlfriend party this year.  As a gift from one of the other girls that came to my party I received this cute snowman.

Diana took one look at this sweet and cute little snowman and said she could make something very similar.  Each year she gives a gift to her family members that she makes to remember that year of Christmas.  She thought a little snowman or snowgirl like mine would be the perfect gift.

These are a few of the sweet little snow peeps she came up with.  Are they not the cutest.  She gifted me the pink hat snow girl on the left for my snowman.  He was excited to get a Snowmail Order Bride!!!!  She also gifted me the little snow baby too.  Now my snowman has a sweet little family.

Little Snow Baby

The other three I bought from Diana for gifts.  These little snow peeps are soft and oh so cute.  I think Diana did a great job making these from just looking at mine.  Oh how I wish I had that crafting talent.

Diana still has some of these left in her Etsy Shop here.  The snow babies are just adorable and would make great gifts.  Thank you Diana for these beautiful snow peeps.  I love my little snow family and I know my daughters and my mom will love the ones I gift them.

Enjoy the rest of this sweet week before Christmas.  I am trying to enjoy every day.  This time of year moves way too quickly.