Roses are Red

Roses are red well... Maybe yellow and white and pink.
I am going to show you some of my roses I planted in place of some bushes we moved from the front of the house.

Summer She Shed

Happy New Week Everyone.
I worked on my she shed this weekend.  
Oh boy it was a challenge with no shops or stores open to find cute accessories.  
Had to shop my house a little bit to decorate.  
With downsizing with the purchase of this smaller home I did not have a lot of things in storage or around the house to work with for decor.  
I gave it a good shot but it will be a work in progress.  
When the shops and Home stores return I hope I can find cute decor to add.

My flowers are starting to fill in nicely.  Lots of rain lately for them.  I got my lounger ready for me to relax and get some sunshine.