Happiness is a wonderful flea market!!!!

Grayslake Flea Market was today and my hubby and I took a drive there.  So glad I did I found some sweet chippy's to share with you.

From Jeanine Chippy Shabby I always find the best stuff.  I went right to her booth when the market opened.  She always sells out quickly.  Her stuff is so full of charm and chippiness.

First score from her is this chippy architectural piece.
I think I may make this into a candle holder. Not sure yet.  I just love the chippy vibe it gave off in her booth and I had to have it.

Next little chippy I found in her booth was this skinny bench. Ohhhh so cute.

I have been playing around with putting things on it in my dining room.  Not sure what will end up on it yet but it is fun trying different things. I don't know what it is about chippy little benches and me but this one is super cute.

Ahhhhhh big time score.  The minute I laid eyes on this candle chandelier I knew I had to have it.  Jeanine told me this was from her personal collection and she was having a hard time parting with it.  I can see why it is so gorgeous and vintage.  Jeanine knew she was going to a good home so she let me have her. SCORE!!!!! I hung her over my mantel in my dining room for now.  She may end up in my bedroom because of the romance vibe she gives off but for now I like her in front of the mirror over the mantel.
If you have not visited Jeanine's blog you can go here http://chippyshabby.blogspot.com/

Then it was on to another sweet and favorite vendor.   Carol and her vintage potted plants. Carol takes unusual vintage things and plants them with flowers.  She had a vintage golf bag today all planted, a couple of tool boxes, some old vintage food cans, old vintage wire baskets,  well you get the picture fun things she plants up and makes them so so cute. I wish I had taken some pictures of the unique vintage things she uses to plant her flowers to sell.  Next month I have to remember to take some pictures!!!! Carol is the person I got that great chippy blue door garden table from. I saw this picket fence box with the little garden fairy in Carol's booth. Loved this she came home with me .
Look at the sweet little garden fairy.

Found a cute old Borden's Cheese box to sit my black cow on!!!! Super sweet.

Since I bought the one box the sweet lady in this booth gave me this one too.  Since I live outside Chicago in the burbs, I love that it had the Chicago address on it.

Well my friends me and the hubs had a nice day to walk around the flea market.  It was 75 and sunny and so beautiful.  Just perfect to shop the flea market. It is always fun to chat with Jeanine and see all the other sweet vendors.  I also found a few pieces of white iron stone.  It was a great day.
Have a great rest of the week end.

Junk Chic Cottage Summer Home Tour

Welcome to my summer home tour. I am joining in on the fun over at Shabby Creek Cottage Summer Home Tours.  After visiting my home
be sure to check out all the other homes. Lot's of great inspiration.

Entry Way

Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room

Dining Room
Dining Room


Master Bedroom

Guest Cottage Room

Cottage Office

Cottage Office

Laundry Room

Thanks for taking the tour.  Be sure to check out all the other homes on tour.
Have a great week end.
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A little plaster paint project. Plus a big thank you for two very special bloggers that are the sweetest.

I have to tell you it is so exciting when you win something in blog land.  Recently I was picked a winner of plaster paint on Judy's fun blog 20 North Ora you can see it here 20 North Ora.  I was excited to get this paint and try it out on a few projects.  I have never used the plaster paint before.  I have to tell you it was pretty easy to use and I was thrilled with my two projects I finished with this paint.
I also won on Melanie's blog Sweet Melanie beautiful pillow and runner and hand towels that I am using in my new lake guest room.
You can see Melanie's blog here 

Cutest blue and ivory pillow.

Along with the cute pillow came the beautiful patch work runner and three cute cute cute hand towels.

Melanie is so talented and the sweetest if you have not visited her blog please pop over and check it out.  Her home is amazing and her decor so pretty.

Here are some pictures of the paint and my projects I did with my win at Judy's blog.

The paints came in some fun colors I used the Ocean Breeze blue and then I mixed the toasted marshmallow with the french ivory to make the color for my second project. Judy sent me the cute heart painted in the red with the cute embellishments. 

The paint goes on nicely in one coat.  Dries quickly and then waxing and it is a finished project.

Project number #1. I had this old vintage cream colored stool and I used the french blue on this piece for my new lake guest room.

Project number #2 was my make up vanity from my bathroom.  It was white hard to tell in this picture but it was pure white and needed a new face lift. So I mixed the toasted marshmallow with the creamy french ivory and got a pretty cream color for the vanity.


After. I painted it and then just took a wet sponge after the paint  was dry and ran it over the spots I wanted the cream to come through.  Then I waxed it and let it sit over night.  This project from start to finish was less than an hour.

There she is in all her lake blue glory.  It added a little more pop of color to the room.

Project #2 Before

After.  I know it does not look like a color change in these pictures but it was.  It went from stark white to a creamy taupe color.

I did not want to have any color come through on this so I just waxed it.  This one I gave two coats of wax since I sit there and do my make up and hair so the top gets cleaned a lot.  The wax then would seal the vanity really good for cleaning when needed.

There she is in my master bathroom all ready to greet me in the morning.  I have to give a big thank you to Judy for sending me this lovely paint.  I am not a big furniture painter but with this paint being so easy I may have to do some more projects.  Thanks Judy and Melanie you are the sweetest.  I love my new paint and how my projects came out and I love the beautiful pillows and runner and towels. It felt like Christmas to win from both of these talented bloggers. I really appreciate both of you and the lovely treasures I won. Thank you and big hugs to both of you.
Have a great week.
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