Musical Chairs

Hi Everyone.
I am almost done with packing and am ready for the Pod to come on Tuesday to be loaded with our things.  Our house items will be in storage until we can move into the new Cottage.  We will close next Thursday on our new cottage.  It is finally here!

We will have a contractor putting up the garage and basement after he can get permits pulled after closing next Thursday.
Hopefully that will not take a long time and he and his crew can begin the work.  In the meantime Terry and I will be staying with my older daughter and SIL and grand girls for a month or so while the work is being done.

Abby is very excited that MiMi and Bop are moving in with them!  We are called MiMi and Bop, not grandma and grandpa!  To this day we do not know how Terry got the name Bop but he did and it is his forever!

Abby is excited to have a sleep over every night with us!

As a lot of you know I am also going to be moving my mom into her new senior apartment in June.  So I am getting us packed and also getting my mom ready for her move too. Since we are downsizing,  my mom will be taking a lot of my furniture for her new place.

One of the pieces I am giving her is my small dining table and chairs.  Well I was giving her the dining table and chairs and then.......

My daughter Jen wanted the chairs to match her farmhouse table and she was taking my chippy china cabinet too.  So we played musical chairs.

My mom will be taking 4 of Jen's current dining chairs and then Jen will take mine.  Got all of that!!!!

These are the four chairs that my mom will take from my daughter.  These chairs by the way were from our very first dining room set  that Terry and I purchased when we were first married.  They are nice oak chairs.  That dining room set was the first real wood furniture we could afford after being married.   I am happy they are still being passed around in our family.  

As you can see lots of warm sunshine here in Chicago land today to work on the chairs outside.
My daughter had burlap fabric on the chairs.  Not my mom's taste.  My mom picked out some  new fabric from Walmart for the seat covers.

We took off the chair covers and then cut the fabric to cover the seat.  Using a staple gun we attached the fabric to the chair.  Easy Peasy.

Gives the seat covers a whole new look.  The fabric is a steel gray with the white pattern.

Here it is the new chair seat covered with new fabric.

The covers look a little blue in these pics but they are a true darker gray.  The sun was setting as I took these pictures.

Terry being the sweet handyman he is gave each of the chairs a new coat of white paint.  Now the chairs look brand new.

My mom will have 4 pretty chairs for her new apartment to go with the pretty dining table I am gifting her.

My mom will have this sweet dining table with her new chairs and my daughter will get the farmhouse chairs seen in this picture for her dining area.  I have 6 chairs from this set to gift to her.   The musical chairs is complete!

In the new cottage we will not have a dining room area.  I will be excited to share with you soon the new idea I have for our dining needs.

Have a fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend.

This is our final weekend in Junk Chic Cottage II.
I will miss this sweet home.  I know I can make Junk Chic Cottage III a beautiful nest for us too.
Stay tuned for updates.