Living Room Switch Ups and Fall Angels

Happy Friday Everyone.  

You know how one thing leads to another!!! Right?

 I took down the headboard off the wall in my living room and it started a whole switch a roo!

This was the iron headboard hanging on the wall.  I liked it but it just was not really what I wanted on that wall.  Plus there were some other changes happening with that couch.

This is now on that wall. 

I had these old corbels and I asked Terry if he could make them into lights for the wall in the living room. 
We do not have a lot of lamp space so these worked out beautifully.

My little house sign and corbel lamps now hang where the door and shutters use to be.

Sorry but another cloudy gloomy day with no sunshine for a good picture.

I really like how these came out.

This is how the corner of my living room looked.  I hated that bay window and corner being blocked by Terry's recliner.

This corner is now open again. 
No recliner blocking that corner. 

I will show you in my next post how I solved keeping a recliner for Terry and opening up this space. 

The bay window allows a lot of sunshine and light into my living room.
  Today not so much with the cloudy day!

My little bird cage sitting on the bay window shelf.

I started some fall pumpkins around the house.
  We are finally getting fall weather here in Illinois.

If you look closely in this picture you might see what some of my solution is for opening up the corner bay window!!

I will have that in the next post.  

This is my fall angel Gertie. 

I have had her for a number of years.  Going back to my primitive decor years actually. 

Every year I embellish her with new fall flowers and hang her on my front door. 
She has held up so well. 

She is over 15 years old and you can see how she has held up beautifully to the outdoor elements.

I bought this Gertie on line to make pretty to gift to a friend. 
I had looked for another angel like mine for a long time and could never find one. 
This popped up in a pinterest search one afternoon.
After she arrived.   I embellished her with some flowers and pumpkins.

Their dresses have heavy poly applied to them so they can hang outdoors or in.

My friend loved her new Gertie that is similar to mine.

I will be back with my new living room
switch a roo soon.
Have a great weekend.
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