Girlfriend Party

Some of you asked if I would share some pictures from my girlfriend get together last night.  It was a fun evening. Lot's of food, drink and sharing of our wonderful friendships.  I did not get a whole lot of pictures.  I get so busy with being the hostess I forget to take pictures.

Getting some of the yummy appetizers out.

Holy Crap Cupcakes!!!!

The greatest BFF's Ever!

Sara my daughters friend from college figured out how the do the timer on my camera so I could hop into the picture.  All of us girls together.  We wear jammies to this party to be comfy for the night.

My older daughter Jen in the middle with her two besties.  They all wore the same pj's from Target that said "These are my Party PJ's".  Loved how cute the three of them looked.

Not a whole lot of pictures but we all had a great evening together.
I look forward to this celebration of our love and friendships with each other.
We play lots of fun games, eat to much and have yummy drinks and the Holy Crap Cupcakes lol!
The gift exchange was fabulous.  The gifts all the girls come up with to exchange that benefit charities are so fabulous.  Sorry I did not get a picture of that.  There were gorgeous gifts that were exchanged.

Hope your week end is going great.
Come back tomorrow I have a Home Tour for Christmas I am participating in.  You can see some of my Christmas decor for this year.

Have a great week end.

Random Act of Kindness And A Merry Give Away

Random Act of Kindness
My favorite thing to do this time of year well actually all year long but especially this time of year. 
Just a random act of kindness doing something small or big to help someone else out in need.

Terry and I were out to dinner the other night and a young couple with 4 little ones was going over their Christmas list and talking about which up coming pay check they will use to buy gifts for the kids for Christmas.  They wanted to stick to a budget and not charge anything. The hubby was saying his next check will have his overtime on it and that is where they could find the extra money for the kids gifts this year.   I thought that was so sweet how they were figuring out where the extra cash for Christmas will come from to buy the kids something for Christmas. 

 So Terry and I paid  their dinner check.  Going out with 4 kids for dinner is not cheap and we thought to ourselves been there done that so lets help them out and pick up their dinner check as a random act of kindness.  This way they would have a little extra cash towards the kids gift buying. 

 They had the same waitress so we just had her give their check to us and we paid theirs and ours and left before they could know who paid their bill.  Just a nice random act of kindness.

So today I am going to do a little post on random acts of kindness.

You are all angels to me to come  read my blog posts and leave your sweet messages.  So I want to share some kindness with all of you.  So below you will see the little treasures I found to do a give away here today.

All you have to do is leave me a comment sharing with all of us an act of kindness you did for someone.  It is always heart warming to read the wonderful acts of kindness that we do for each other.

In the spirit of your act of kindness I will put your name into a hat and pull out the names.
 This is open to the United States only.  I wish I could open it up to all of you sweet bloggers from other countries but the shipping is cost prohibitive.  Hope you understand but I invite you to share your act or acts of kindness with all of us.  It just does my heart good to read all the generous and loving things that we do for each other.

Hope as you get your Jingle on with decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking you will take time to do some random acts of kindness. 

Here are the treasures I have found to have in the give away. 

I found this Christmas Morning Coffee last year to give each of my neighbors with some home baked Christmas Cookies.  They all told me it was the best coffee ever.

 So this year I found it again and want to share this wonderful coffee as a giveaway.  Below the coffee is a sweet book I found.  It is full of gardening ideas for example putting coffee grounds into certain garden plants help them thrive.  Very interesting read for the gardner's out there.  I found two of these for the give away.

This is seriously one of the best hot chocolate mixes I have ever had.  The salted caramel is so yummy.

This little cutie is a fur coat that you can throw in your purse or attach to your purse or key ring etc.  Inside is a cute little reusable shopping tote.  These are just too darn cute.

I have a few of these in different patterns as you can see in the first picture of the prizes.
So please leave me a comment and share your random act of kindness you have done and I will enter you into the give away.
I will divide all these treasures up to let more of you have a chance to win.  

Speaking of angels and kindness I wanted to leave all of you with the beautiful singing of O Holy Night by the Celtic Women.  Please take a few minutes to listen to this beautiful song.
Thank you sweet angels in blog land.  Enjoy.

Happy Sunday Decor Happy

Hope your holiday weekend was great.  It was all about friends and family gathering to share lots of good food and be thankful for each other and the love we share.

We had our Thanksgiving on Friday instead of Thursday.  With having a firefighter son in law and a daughter that is a nurse it is hard sometimes to get our schedules all the same.  They both worked the holiday so we did our Thanksgiving on Friday all together.  It was fun and yummy.

I wanted to share with you a few more things I made up for the girlfriend charity party I am hosting this Friday Night.

All dollar finds to make up this little favor.  The white Christmas nail polish I found at the dollar store.  So pretty.  Clear nail polish with sparkles.  The emery boards I got from the dollar bin at Michaels.  Two in a package with Christmas designs.  The little paper bag gift card holder I got at a market show I just went too.  I added the ribbon and striped cupcake liners.

Found these cute chalk board tags at Michaels.  They came 12 in a package for $1.99 with 40% off.  Great deal.  Used a white paint marker to write "For Your Mistletoes" on the tags.

Got boxes of Brach's candy canes from Walmart.  98 cents a box.

Tied everything off in little clear gift bags.

So each girl will get a "For your Mistletoes" favor at the party.  Cute favor for less than $5 dollars to make.  Here is the post on the cute gift bags I made for the party if you missed this post.

Have you ever played the "Purse" game.  It is a fun party game.  You have everyone grab their purse and we sit all together with our purses and then I pick out of a bowl items that can be found in your purse.  For example a tube of lipstick, a costco membership card,  gum, mints, grocery reciept, toothbrush etc.  If they have this they get a piece of candy or a point.  Then the one with the most points or pieces of candy at the end of the game wins a prize.  I try to come up with hard things to find in your purse to make it a little more challenging along with the usual stuff.
It is fun to see what peeps find in their own purse.  My daughter won last year because she had a sock in her purse!!!!  Yep don't ask me why but she had a sock in her purse.  Anyway it is a fun game.  At the end of the game I give each player a little prize for playing.  

This is what I did for everyone that plays the purse game.

Found these sassy little purses at the dollar store.  I think they are actually cute gift card holders.  Anyway they were cute and fun for the girls and I nabbed them for a dollar.

I then got $1 scratch offs to put in the little purses along with a lucky penny.  Every girl needs a little holiday cash right?!  Hope someone wins big when they scratch off their prize ticket.

Happy Decorating if you are starting your decor happy.
So there you have it.  A couple more little things I have done up for my girlfriend party for this Friday night.  I will show you some of the prizes in the next post.

Have a great day.