Angelic Gift

Hi Everyone,
Oh my do you feel like the month of December is going waaayyy to fast?!   I love this time of year and it seems like it just goes to quickly.

This is the time of year that sweet surprises arrive at your doorstep.  This happened to me just the other day.  Vera from Instagram Rowhomesandcobblestones sent me a beautiful and sweet gift.  Vera knows my love of angels and Madonna's and she sent me this beautiful new Madonna for my collection.

This angel is from the Holy Journey series that is a tribute to Christian Faith.  The sculptures in this series are of the people and events during Christ's brief time here on earth.  The pieces are just beautiful by Veronese Designs.

She joins with some of my other angels and Madonna's that hold special rosaries from family members that have passed.  These beautiful angels and Madonna's give me such peace.
Thank you sweet Vera for making my heart sing when I opened up this lovely thoughtful gift from you.  I will treasure her.

I wanted to show you this sweet little mannequin Christmas tree I found at Marshall's.  Just was too adorable to pass up.  I have her on my makeup table.

I have to tell you I am having the best time with these sweet little birds from Target.  When I come into the kitchen in the morning they just make me smile.

Hope you are having fun with all your decorating around your homes.  This is such a fun time of year.  Enjoy and have a great week ahead.