Fall Decor? New Kitchen Faucet. Sneak Peek at Entry Way Mirror.

Hello and Happy New Week.

With having the holiday on Monday I am all messed up with my days.

I know a lot of you are getting into fall already and starting to do some fall decor in your homes.

I am still looking at lots of summer going in my garden.  Our weather here in the midwest is still hot and humid and lots of rain. 

This is my flower box under the window. 
The greens have really taken flight in there.

They are the only things liking this hot and humid weather along with hard downfalls of rain.

Even my little Cherub on the birdbath looks mad about all the rain!

The good news is that my hydrangea's I planted this summer are blooming for a second time.  They can do that late summer.  

They are coming in less blue this time around.  More purple and light blue.  Probably less blue this time with the soil ph changing towards the end of summer.

You almost cannot see my chippy white chair on the porch.

I have to say,  if you want a maintenance free flowering plant,  Knock Out Roses are a great choice. 
I dead head these daily and almost overnight I will come out and more blooms have opened in their place.
Knock out roses grow almost anywhere you put them as long as they get some sun. 

They were  tiny twigs when I planted them and now late summer they have tripled in size.   

I will be adding more of these next summer.

Gotta love verbena.  It is like a weed.  It will sustain in almost any climate.  It can take heat, humidity and rain.
Verbena loves summer!

Usually by the end of August my hanging petunia's are just about done. 

With all the rain we have had it did them in early. 
I lost the other one in the opposite arbor but this one is still hanging on. 

These were so full and were touching the ground about a month ago.  Now this is all that is left and the poor thing is really stringy and the roots are pretty much done.

It is still hard for me to think about Fall. 
  I cannot see pumpkins and corn stalks just yet.  Summer is still in bloom at my home.

I did however put out a few pumpkins and sunflowers on my island.

I am sure this will change up as Fall approaches.  Just a little touch of fall for now.

I have always wanted a bridge farmhouse faucet.   I got one on sale this past weekend.

It is hard to see with how the sun filters in but it has the traditional white hot and cold stamped on the handles.

I am pretty happy with this sweet faucet.  I found it on clearance at Home Depot for under $60. 

I changed up my french window a little bit.  Added the birdhouse over it.

Here is a sneak peak at the new Entry Way Mirror made out of the old door and architectural pieces I had. 

 Now the hard part starts I have to figure out how to put decor on it. 

It will have to be easy breezy pieces of decor. 
Maybe a light wreath on the mirror or I have an old cast iron mail box with flower in it for the lower part of the door.   Hmmm...... I will have to play with it for awhile and then when I get it decorated I will show you how it turns out.     

I am not happy with the door plate or key lock with the white paint.  I may have to take the paint off of those and see how the brass looks under the paint.

Stay tuned to see this pretty entry way piece with some decor on it!
Have a lovely rest of the week.

Found Treasure In The Rough

Happy Labor Day to all of you.

It has been nice having the extra day this weekend.

Terry and I went to Michigan for two days of this holiday weekend.  We headed to the Mercantile Market that The Found Cottage Shop puts on in Holland Michigan.  It was a fun adventure for a few days.  

The Market had lots of chippy goodness.

I fell hard in love for this harvest table.  I have always wanted a vintage harvest table.  This one was for sale but no room in my small cottage for a harvest table :(.  It was a fabulous piece!

Deconstructed furniture.  Oh my!

Globes anyone?!!!

Lots of cute farmhouse finds.

I saw so many sweet mantels.  Don't you love that checked pumpkin garland.  I might have to make one of those.

Pumpkins galore!

Beautiful Frame

Of course had to stop in at The Found Cottage shop too.  Lots of scrumptious things there.

In my last post I told all of you how I wanted this beautiful salvage framed mirror from one of my fave shops.   It was way out of my budget at $1200 so Terry said he would make me something similar out of salvage pieces we already had.  Gosh I love that man and his tools!

We had this old door and thought we could build off of this to make a great architectural entry mirror.

Then at the Market while we were perusing the different vendors my eyes were drawn to this chippy vintage door.  Yep! I thought to myself this is the piece that is going to make that entry way mirror a beauty.

So home it came with us.  With a little fixing on this door and the adding of salvage pieces to it,   this is turning into a nice entry way mirror.

I hope to show you the results of this in my next post.  Just doing some little adjustments.

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday.
Be safe and enjoy.