Habitat Re Loves

Hellooooo.  Hope your week end is going great.  Finally the temps and humidity here in Chicagoland have come down.  Yikes this past week we were having temps in the high 90's with lots of humidity.  

Finally with the temps coming down we could paint the new pieces I showed you from Habitat Restore.

Here they are:

Here is the before picture of my $10 table.

Here is the after picture.  Yep! just took some WHITE paint and Terry built a new top out of some planks and a can of spray paint for the hardware.  I was going to paint the whole thing white but then I was liking the natural look the wood planks gave to the piece.

Look at her slimmed down pretty legs.

My little finches are happily guarding their new nest on the new coffee table.

Looks pretty in the living room and you can see the other fabulous find re love in this picture too.
So here we go on that re love....

My $40 dollar bottom cabinet.  She just needed a spa day and some love.

It is amazing what a Spa Day can do for a girl!!!

White paint and then steel gray spray paint for her hardware.

I kept my love of gardening for my vignette with this piece.

I got this fabulous metal chippy flower holder at Michaels for 40% off.  Framed it with one of my vintage frames.

Love this chippy watering can with it's sea washed blue spiket.

I have sun streaming in all day long.  Love that about this home.  Always bright and sun filled.

This new place really is beginning to feel like the Perfect Nest.
With being in here less than 2 months I am so happy for all the pretty changes to make it feel like home.  It was hard to move away from the former Junk Chic Cottage but this new Junk Chic Cottage is starting to feel like home.
So happy I have that handy dandy man with all his fabulous tools to make my decor dreams come true in our new home.

  Thank you Terry!

Have a wonderful week end.
It is low 80's with less humidity and sunshine here.
Love Summer!

PS:  A big hug and Thank You to my friend Anita from Castles  Crowns and Cottage blog.  Anita told  me about the White Balance setting on my camera and my pictures are coming out so much better.  Not as washed out like in the past.  Thank you Anita I am now "chasing the light" !!!!  If you do not know Anita or her beautiful blog and Instagram you must hop over to see her beautiful pictures.  She does not disappoint.
Thanks Sweet Friend for the help.

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Habitat For Humanity

I am sure most of you might know about Habitat for Humanity.  It is a great organization that gives back to the community.  If you want to know more about them you can go here.

Terry and I took a ride to the Habitat for Humanity store near our new home.  I was looking for something to possibly  make into a new coffee table.  Well we hit the jack pot with this store.

Look at this cute little chair and table for sale.  Would be super sweet for a porch or sun room.

This sweet hand painted vintage door was screaming for me to take her home.  I just did not have anyplace to put her.  She will be a treasure for someone else.  So sweet and pretty.

If you need a door they had them.  This was just one row of several.  Vintage doors to modern day doors in every size and color.

Lots of beautiful chandeliers.  A nice can of spray paint and these $5 beauties could be new and gorgeous chandy's.
They had lots of coffee table.  I will show you the one I picked out of the sea of tables to go home and be re loved.  Can you see in the background the wonderful choices of china cabinets.  There were rows of these cabinets from antique to modern.  If you need a china cabinet this is place to go.

This one!!!! Yep she does not look like much right now and needs some love, but I am determined to change this ugly duckling to a beautiful swan!
$5 dollar mirrors.  Oh My the choices.

Look at this vintage rocking chair.  What a beauty.

For all you vintage frame hunters they had a large inventory.  Lots of personality to the frames.

It was hard to get in and get a picture of this cabinet the way they had them wedged in.  I tend to find the greatest treasures pushed back into a corner or under something else!!!! Even though I had to squeeze in to see this piece she was well worth it.

  She is having a spa day and I am excited to show you the re love of this piece.  I did not need the top part of this china cabinet so I told the store to keep that and hopefully sell it.    Just loved the character to the bottom of this china cabinet.  Love her curved draws and sweet hardware.

Here she is in the garage with her drawers out and ready for her spa day!

Also getting ready for a spa day is the little table that will be made into a new coffee table.  Very soon I will have these ready to show you.
They had this White Clad ice box for $50.  I have seen these sell for over $100.  It was in great condition.  This piece would make  a great night stand or side table in a family room.   Just a gorgeous piece.

This was their August tag sale.  Guess what??? Both my table and china cabinet bottom where wearing green tags.  Happy Dance!!!! The table was $20 with the additional 50% off brought that baby down to $10.  The cabinet bottom for $40.  I walked out of there with some beautiful pieces to be re loved.

Stay tuned I will have the make overs of both the coffee table and china cabinet soon.  It is amazing what a little bit of love and a furniture spa day can do!  
Hope your summer is going great.  I will be back soon with the reveal of these two pieces.