New Fur Baby

Hi Everyone.
Here is my little surprise! We were able to pick up our new sweet fur baby.
  It has been 7 months since we lost Cooper and we have missed him so.  When this sweet love came up for a rescue adoption we decided to take the plunge once again.

This was Cooper when we picked him up from the rescue and brought him to our forever home.  We soon then discovered that this sweet lug of love had a aggressive cancer.  We were able to give this guy a full year with lots of love before the cancer took his life.  He was such a sweet boy and we have missed him so.

So fast forward 7 months and this is our sweet new rescue girl that we picked up today.

This is our new fur girl.  We named her Peggy.  Sorry to all of you that wanted Lucy but Peggy won out with the grand girls vote!!!
So Peggy is now in her forever home and we will love her and spoil her.

So it's Peggy Sue the Basset Poo!

Peggy is on the tiny side for a basset hound and has the sweetest laid back personality.  I think she is going to share so much joy with us.

Peggy is all smiles.  So happy to be going to a real home.  Kennel life is over for her.

My granddaughter Charlotte is thinking of napping with Peggy.
Both have worn each other out today!

Peggy is zonked and needed a nap after the car ride home and playing with her new family.

So happy to give this sweet girl a new forever home.  She will fill our hearts with love and joy.  Happy we will be moving into the new house next week and she will have a real home.  Saying goodbye to kennel life.

Life is good.

Happy Weekend.


Moving In!!!!!

Hi Everyone.

I can hardly believe I am typing this but we have a move in date to the new house.  We will officially have the movers there on Thursday 9/21. 

It will be so nice to have a home again.  We have been through a lot with the contractor and the pitfalls of renovations over the past 3 1/2 months.

Our original promised move in date was going to be July 1st so my patience has been tested!  Just happy that we have a move in date.  We still have work to do to the house but with the garage up and the majority of the basement done,  I think we can move in and work on the house while living there.

I cannot wait to get my chippy decor unpacked and start to decorate our new cottage home.

I also have a surprise to share with you this weekend.  That post will be coming soon.

Have a great and wonderful new week.