Wow!!!!!! Shortest Running Post Ever!!!!!

Oh My Gosh!!!! All three of the angels sold this morning after the post went up.  

Thank you sweet angels in blog land for supporting this cause and adopting these sweet angels.  You are rock stars.  

I am blessed to know you quickly came with  your generous hearts.  

This is going to a really wonderful cause.  Your angels will be a reminder of how you are helping battered and abused women and their children begin new lives.

The two Wren's have been sold.  They are leaving to their new homes tomorrow.

Grace is moving on to a brand new home.  Her proceeds will help out so much.  I know Susan and her mom will be so excited to have the money coming to help out their cause. 
Home Sweet Hope.
Thank you all for all the prayers and good wishes for these women trying to begin their lives over in a safe home with their children.

Have a great rest of the week.  I have a little surprise post that will come up this weekend.  Stay tuned.


PS: Just found out this morning that the proceeds from this sale are going to buy a stove for a women and her children that have not had a stove in their home.  They have been cooking meals on a hot pad.  So this is going to make a big difference for them.  Thank you dear angels for your help.

Witches and Angels Oh My!

Hello Sweet Friends.

I know a lot of you use your blogs to make money.  I give all of you so much credit to keep up with the ever changing rules and hard work that goes into all of that.

I do not want my blog to be a place that I advertise.  I like it for showing my decor crazy and connecting with so many of you. 

That is just my preference for blogging.

I have been thinking about some things regarding my blog for awhile. 

As most of you know that follow my blog,  I recently put up some chair covers for sale to help benefit the Rescue where we adopted Cooper.  Our sweet basset Cooper is now over the rainbow bridge.  I was able with all of your generous hearts to raise quite a bit for this rescue which they are so grateful.

That brings me to the blog post for today.

I have a southern angel friend that has been in my life for only a short while but has blessed my life in many ways.

  We connected through my blog and are becoming great friends. 

We share our lives and hearts through emailing each other. 

My sweet southern angel friend can sew!!! She sews the sweetest angels.  After she saw my sale for the Rescue she generously offered one of her angel dolls for me to sell on my blog to help a cause.

Recently, Susan from Must Love Junk along with her mom are helping battered women through their Home Sweet Hope Mission.  

They help women and children fleeing abusive homes into safe housing.   They go in and with generous donations can set up beautiful and cozy housing for these families in crisis.

If you want to go here you can read about the work they are doing.

I have been helping them when I can.  I feel I have been blessed with a good life.  
Not a rich life by any means but a comfortable life.  
So I want to give back.  My blog on occasion will have posts for good causes.

No worries,  I am keeping my blog about white, chippy, neutral home decor and the changes I make in my own small cottage home.

I just want on occasion to do up something to help others.  When I post if you can help great.  Please because we have all become good friends, Never feel obligated.  

Everyone has their own life struggles and I totally get that.  Sometimes just offering up a prayer or good thoughts for people in need is good too.

My southern angel friend also gifted me with a sweet witch angel.  

 Since I was gifted this sweet witch, I thought I might try to mix a little halloween in with my white and neutral fall decor.

Here she is.   Cil my southern angel knows how I love gray, whites and neutrals.  She made this sweet witch angel in light gray and white polka dots with some black and white trims.

I love her sweet face, her big eyes and her oh so fun red curly witchy locks.

Look at the detail to her sweet little white pumpkin she holds.  Crochet green trim.  The trim on her dress is intertwined with black ribbon and white crochet trim.  The detail Cil does on her angels is incredible.

Now I want to show you the pictures of the  Angels I will be having up for sale here on my blog.  

I hope by selling these we can give money to Susan's Home Sweet Hope Cause.  I am adding a sweet Wren Harvest Angel I have in my collection and also one of my first angels Grace.

This is my Grace angel below.  I purchased her from Cathy at Cheswick Company.  I fell in love with Cathy's angels years ago when I got 
Grace from her.

This is my grace angel all decked out at Christmas time.  

I am donating her for this great cause.  I love her and have had her in my home for a few years.  I just feel this cause is so important that I will adopt her out too.

She is up for sale for $100.  I paid twice that for her originally.  She is vintage and sweet.  

If you can give her a good home I am willing to part with her for this special cause too.

Grace is handmade and dressed in a vintage gown.  All hand made bloomers from vintage lace and fabrics and old crochet doilies in her cape.

Grace will come with this blessed pillow and her pretty blessed necklace and heart too.
So if you are interested in Grace you will see the email at the end of this post to contact me.

Cil is having renovations done on her home for the next few weeks so her site is down for now.  In a few weeks if you are interested in her angels you can go on Ebay and look for the seller
angelsgatherhere or contact me and I can help you get in contact with her.  Cil is making the larger Grace angels to sell on her Ebay site.

This is Cil's sweet Wren Angel she has offered up for the fund raiser.
  Cil's Wren is just adorable.  More adorable than pictures show.  Believe me she is so sweet and cute and the details are amazing.  If you would like to purchase this sweet girl you can contact me at my email
The cost of each  Wren doll is $75.  They are all handmade and unique.

Wren is holding the cutest little white pumpkin and cream flowers.

This is my Wren doll from my collection that I am donating up to sell for the cause.
This angel was made by the artist Cathy from Cheswick Company and I paid  $178 for her and will sell her for $75 to raise money.
She will come with a sweet little velvet pumpkin and her purple flowers too as seen in the picture above.

So here are the sweet Angels all together. If you would like to purchase one of them or the larger Grace from my collection you can contact me at
These sweet vintage angels would be a great gift for yourself or someone special in your life.

Remember this goes to help women and children escaping abuse and heartache.  Raising money will help Susan and her mom make a new beginnings home comfy and cozy.  We want to show these women there is hope for them.

If you cannot purchase one of these sweet angels to help the cause please offer up a prayer or good wishes and outcomes for these families in need.

Have a great week.  I will be back with some decor updates.  The Murphy Bed is almost complete.  My living room and kitchen are getting put back together with the new changes.
Hope to have those posts soon.

Thank you again for all of you sweet bloggers and friends out there that support my blog and share your friendship.

What I Am Working On

Hi Everyone.  Happy Monday.

Thought I would show you what is in the works over at Junk Chic Cottage.

I found these custom plantation shutters on Offer Up.  Offer Up is a site here where people post up all kinds of things they want to sell.  I have been very lucky and found some great things at great prices.

These shutters while hard to see with the lighting are all white and fit my front window perfectly.  I scored them for $75 and when I had a company come out to give me an estimate on doing these kind of shutters on my windows they told me this window alone would be $500 to make similar shutters.

So I think I got a pretty good bargain.  The lady that sold them to me said she had them custom made for her living room window and then decided she did not like them.  Win for me!!

Ok you know how one things lead to another.  It is a domino effect when you change up something in your decor RIGHT?!!!  Well I loved how these shutters opened up my front window with still giving me privacy.

As you can see in this picture the cornice is pretty and so are my check drapes.  Under the drapes are wood 2 inch blinds that are so hard to keep clean.  That all came down.

Now the window has opened up the room.  It feels so much bigger. 
Ok here is the part that one thing leads to another!!!
After Terry hung the shutters for me I started to look at the white walls!!!  Hmmmm I think I need to add a little color!!! What color from me!!!! Yep I felt like it was too stark now and I needed to give the walls some color to make all my chippy whites pop.

This is the other long wall across the living room.  This wall needs some color too. My big farmhouse window and shutters came down so this wall could get some paint too.

So now my old farmhouse window and shutters pop on the gray wall.

I like the white shutters and trim with the gray walls.

My little house looks like a bomb went off everywhere.  I hope to have this room back together and I will show you some new decor pieces I have for the newly painted walls.
I am loving the light gray walls with all my white trim and decor pieces. 

The gray walls also compliment my wallpaper.  It looks like decor hoarder lives here right now!!!

 I will get this room together soon to show you the new pieces along with how the paint and new shutters made a big difference in this room.

I got this new piece from Julie Norkus a wonderful artist that I buy different pretties from at the markets I visit. 
Julie had a great frame on this but when I got it home I discovered one of my vintage frames fit.
This piece is going to be in my kitchen with some new change ups in there.  Hope to show you those soon too.

Fall was beginning to appear last week.  Nice daytime temps and cool evenings.  Now this week we are back with high 80's and humid summer weather.  I guess Mother Nature does not know what she wants to do here in Illinois for fall just yet.  So my watering and carrying for what flowers I have left continues.

Have a great new week.
Hope to be back soon with some of the changes going on around here.

Terry finished building the Murphy Bed in the guest room.  Now we just have to figure out the front of the cabinet for the bed.  Hope to find something cool to do there and then I can show you that piece. 

I am so excited I can have a queen bed in my little bedroom that acts as the three in one room.

Happy Week.
Kris :)