Sneak Peek

Good Morning Blogging Friends.

I have been trying to keep the January blues away by doing some small projects around Junk Chic Cottage.

Love my Habitat Restore.  I find the best stuff there to re love and the prices are fabulous.

Our Restore is in an old town where unfortunately they are tearing down a lot of old vintage homes to build new homes.  So our Habitat has been getting a lot of old salvage from these tear downs.  I am always amazed at some of the great old doors, windows, cabinets etc. they have been taking in.

Just wanted to give you a sneak peek at a couple of finds that my Handyman Terry is fixing up for me to reveal to you soon.

Look at this scrolly chippy bench.  That bench fell from heaven and needed to come home with me.  I will show you soon where this pretty ended up in Junk Chic Cottage.

Her boards are warped and do not fit but no problem for Terry.  He has tools and knows how to use them!!!!

Just look at her curves and pretty patina.  So much personality in this old garden bench.

She was screaming make me pretty again and find me a place in your cottage.  Yep I can do that!!!!
I will show you soon where she landed.

Old vintage twin headboard for $10.  This is getting re loved too.
Working on a few change ups where both of these pieces will find new places in Junk Chic Cottage.
Stay tuned.

This is how Terry and I felt after we scored these two fabulous pieces for a steal at Restore!!!!!

Have a fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend.

Rescued Door

Good Sunday Morning to all of you.  I was at Habitat Restore looking for an old armoire when I came across this door that was in the clearance area.  They get one week in the clearance bin and then it is out to the trash.  WHAT?!!!!  Something with good bones and history out to the trash.  No way.
The door whisper in me came out and I called Terry over to check out this door.  I got the eye roll and the comment "Where on earth are you thinking of putting that?!!!!"

Yep it was one of these moments!!!!

This picture really does not show it too much but the door was pretty scratch and in bad shape on the one side of the door.  I still was determined she was worth saving.

As you can see the back side of this door looked like someone started to sand it down.  So Terry said he would sand the front so it could take paint.  Shocker I wanted to use White Paint on this old girl!!!!

Terry has this bin in the garage that has all kinds of broken and misfit things in it.  He found these old chippy hinges in the box to attach to this door. Love that he has that bin with cool things in it.

He used a metallic spray paint that gave the hardware a silver grey antique look.
This is how the pantry looked.  Just a stock closet door that I had white washed and antiqued with gray paint and wax awhile back.

This is where I envisioned the new "old" door to go.

Off came the closet bi fold doors.

New pretty "old" door.  Sorry but there is no way to get a good pretty white picture in this corner of my kitchen.  I have to stand in the hall to get the angle of this and there is no natural light.  Plus it has been very cloudy and rain filled days.  Would love to see some sun.  Trust me this door and her new hardware blend in nicely in my kitchen.

Loved rescuing this old vintage door and re loving her in my home.

Have a great start to the new week ahead.