Merry Christmas


Kitchen Dining Room Christmas


Daytime Christmas


Christmas Decor Video


Christmas Cherub Centerpiece


Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas


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Junk Chic Cottage

Blumen Gardens Holiday Market


Kindness Cost Nothing and Makes a Big Difference

Wedding Day


Fall Condo Hall and Wainscoting


Pumpkin Spice Fall

Cottage Fall Beginnings

Surgery and Up Coming Bridal Shower


Finished Bathroom Wall


Refresh of the Bathroom


Summer Lounge Chair


New Entry Table


A New Clock and Sad News

As some of you know I have been searching for something to put on my open kitchen wall.  I found this old clock that was originally a rust color and thought it might work with a little tweaking.

Beach and Michigan Summer Rental

We just arrived back home from our trip to Michigan.  We had the beach and Lake Michigan for the week.  You can see the small pic of Terry on the beach.  This is how massive the beach area is along the coast of Lake Michigan.


She Shed Feature

MacKenzie Childs Winner


Chair Score


Kitchen Island And New Counters


Summer Bike


Just for Fun

Mother's Day Surprise

Mothers Are Angels On Earth


Re Love Coffee Table


Dining Room Home Sweet Home


Past Easter

Easter Ideas

Can you believe Easter is only a few weeks away.  
Thought I would share some of my past Easter decor.

Mirror Mirror On The Bathroom Wall


Chippy Arched Window


New Vintage Ice Cream Bucket and picket fence


The winner is......


Decisions Decisions I Need A Curtain Fairy


Spring Centerpiece


Bunnies and Chair Covers


Chippy Post Chippy Birdcage


Smart Roses

New Dining Chairs


The Seat Cover Shop

Adding Personality To Lamp Shades


New Counter Tops


White Distressed Table Part 2


Candle Method For A White Distressed Table Part One

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Sweet Porch Swing


A little more Valentines Decor

New Year Changes