Baby Sprinkle Day

Today I had the Baby Sprinkle for my daughter Jen that is expecting our second grand baby girl at the end of June.  Apparently the second shower for someone is called a Sprinkle and not a Shower.
All these new age things I am learning!!

Me and my girls.  My daughter Jen that is expecting to the left and my younger daughter Kim to the right.  My granddaughter Abby in the middle.

My daughter Jen and son in law Tim and Abby

Table set pretty for the shower.

Party Favors

Menu for each guest
Tim as the new dad to be got a "man" diaper bag.

Abby even got in a gift or two.  Abby got a new bitty baby from American Girl.  Now she will have a new baby to take care of while mommy is taking care of her new sister.

It was great to share this day with family and friends.  We are excited about our new little granddaughter that will be coming very soon.

Tomorrow Terry and I are loading up the car with paint supplies and lots of Advil to start the painting marathon of the new house!  I am excited to get in there and start to get things rolling.
Have a wonderful Week End.

New Nest Beginnings

Yeah!!!! We are taking possession of our new Home this coming Sunday.  The Sellers will be moving out on Saturday and we will have our new nest to start the decor changes.

Hope you will enjoying coming along as we begin to transform our new nest.
I am excited and have been pinning ideas and running different decor ideas through my mind on each room.

We will not officially move in until May 24th to give Terry and I time to paint and do some of the reno before moving in our furniture etc.  It will be easier to do a lot of the changes before we move our things in.

It has been a long and stressful year.  I finally feel like our journey is on a better path with the purchase of our new home.

I will begin to post some of the changes as we start working on the new nest after next week.
Ahhhhh Home Sweet Home!!! I like the sound of that!!!!
Have a great week everyone.