Counter Top Revive

Hello Sweet Bloggers.
Happy Easter Week.

I wanted to share with you today how I revived my butcher block counter tops in one easy step.

This was the kitchen when we moved a little over a year ago!!!!

These pictures hurt my eyes to remember how this kitchen looked when we first moved in.

Here is the kitchen after we renovated. 

This is how the counter tops looked before we revived them. 
We never sealed the butcher block and kept them natural. 
We would used a butcher block conditioner on them only. 
Using just the conditioner and not sealing them left them open to wear and drying out. 

They needed to be conditioned and sealed.

I used this Watco Danish Oil Finish.  It  penetrates deep into the butcher block.  It then seals and protects the butcher block.  

It is easy peasy to do.  You use a clean rag and wipe the oil onto the wood.
You do not need any fancy applicators or brushes.
 It penetrates deep into the wood. 

With each coat it deepens the color and the beauty of the wood. 

We did three coats.  The more coats the deeper the color.

Now the counters have a nice rich color and more importantly are sealed and food safe. 

After using Waco the butcher block counters match with my kitchen floors.

Wishing all of you a Happy Easter.