New Island

Hi Everyone.  

I wanted to show you the new kitchen island that Terry made for me.  Which by the way started a whole thing  for me in my kitchen!

I know how most of you know that one change in decor then leads to more switch a roo's!

This was a picture of my old island that Terry made for me.  I had an old vintage frame and this great french stenciled picture and asked him to build me an island around those two things.
Well he did a great job as you can see above!

Then as the story evolved with this island,  it became too big for my space with the pantry doors always opening into it.  You know small living now!!!

So we (Terry) took off the french picture and added these old tins I had in storage.  He also had some old pieces of moldings to add to the front of this piece too. 

Now she was ready to sell and go to a new home.  She did sell and a lady that lives near me bought her and is using her for a craft table.  So win win!

As the story continues I had this Bombay chest that I had to put into storage with bringing the new "expand O matic" table and cabinet in it's place.

It just bugged me that I had no place for this piece I loved so much. 

This is when I said to Terry can you make this into a new island for me for the kitchen.

He said yes and he got out his handy tools!!!

Here she is.  Brand new re love of this Bombay dresser into a new kitchen island.

Terry added a piece off the back with some small corbels he made to give more length to the island and then the chairs would comfortably fit under the island.  He joined the new piece he made to the existing top of this dresser and then made it match and look like one full piece.  Love this man!!!

It fits this space so much better and I can open up my pantry doors easily.

This sweet cherub is from Whimsy a great shop in Morris, Illinois that I love to shop.  I love how sweet this little cherub is.

Next to him is the sweet cherub crystal bowl that Rita (Panolpy) gifted me a while back.  I love this little guy and all the fun things he holds for me.  Right now he is keeping my yummy summer treat of cuties.

Did you ever buy something that just makes you smile and feel fabulous when you look at it.
This little cherub does it for me.
Another piece from this wall is the old porch post and bird house and angel got moved off this wall and into the kitchen.  Yep see one thing leads to another!!!!

This now has a few new bobbles added to it and is hanging on the kitchen wall.

This piece now has an old french bucket with flowers added and hanging on an old added black door knob.  The garden sign attached onto the birdhouse of this too.

I love the gardening saying.

Now this piece has a new home in my kitchen.

Now!!!! I want you all to be so proud of me!!!! Yep that's right look at my new chandelier I found for a bargain on our Michigan trip.  It stayed in the natural color.  No White Paint Added!!!!  Can I have a high five that I left well enough alone on this piece.  I liked it just the way it is.

Yep I think it is perfect contrast to my whites in this room.  Again with the lighting in this room it is always so hard to capture a good picture.  I invite all of you over to see my house in person.  Just wish I could capture how pretty it is.
Something absolutely wonderful happened.  I was minding my  own business in a cute shop.  Then this pretty chandelier called to me.  Yep! it yelled to me from across the room.  "Come over here and look at me".  I have to admit the gold and shinny bobbles did grab my attention!
Sorry this was the only picture I took of it in the shop before I purchased it.  It was all gold with tons of pretty crystals.  Priced $120!  I loved the price but as I was looking at it the owner of the booth happened to be in there.  Then he said to me do you like it?  I said yep I kinda do!  He said I will tell you what if you take it I will give it to you for half price!!!! OMG SOLD!!!  You know gold would not have worked in my kitchen but for $60 I thought I will make this work with some paint.   This did need paint but not WHITE!!! LOL!!!

Here she is painted in a dark gray patina paint from Rustoleun.  Again I liked the contrast it gives to my kitchen whites.

Then the most beautiful thing happened over night.  After I hung the new chandelier it had a baby.  I know great right?!!!  This cute little baby chandelier appeared over my sink the next morning.  How fun that my mamma chandelier had a baby and surprised me the next morning!!!!

They are side by side.  Pretty mamma chandelier and her new baby chandelier over my sink.

A few more items picked up on my trip was this cute bird feeder soap dish.

I got this beautiful chippy birdhouse.  Love love love it!!!

Looks fabulous on my shelf in the kitchen.

I also hung this pretty blessing plater with the old silverware spoons for handles on the shiplap above the shelf of dishes.

So there you have it.  A new smaller island made out of a favorite Bombay dresser I had.

That started the switch a roo of a few decor pieces.
I loved adding the new pieces I got on my trip to this kitchen too.

Have a great rest of the week.

May I request from all you prayer warriors to say a prayer for my mom.  My mom had hip surgery yesterday and is not doing quite as well as we had hoped.  Hoping as each day passes she will find strength and be able to walk again on her new hip. 

My mom is also fighting breast cancer that has moved to her bones.  So that has added some complication to this outcome too.
So good thoughts or prayers are so appreciated.
I am off to the hospital now and then to go over and take care of my mom's new kitty.  He is really missing my mom.  Poor little guy.

Have a great rest of this week.

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