Just a little vacation update as we are nearing the end of our trip to Florida.  The weather has been great and our family trip has been a great time.
We head back to Chicago on Monday Night :( I will miss this beautiful weather and this beautiful home we rent and all the fun parks.  Disney really is the happiest place on Earth!!!!

Grandpa in the pool with Abby!!! Oh love this pool.

This is a salt water pool and Jacuzzi in the home we rent.  So much better on your hair and skin than a chlorine pool.  The house backs to a conservatory so it is very private.

Abby with her daddy (our son in law Tim) in the pool.  Oh how we loved coming home to the pool after long days and  evenings in the Disney Parks.

My favorite spot the Jacuzzi after walking all day in the parks!!!!! It felt so good on my back and feet!!!!

Here is Abby  with my daughter Jen blowing out her candles on her birthday cupcakes.

This is where all the memories begin!!!! The front gate of Disney just like it was when I was a kid.  So much excitement to see that entry way with Mickey's face.

Here is Abby waiting in line to see Mickey and Minnie.

Daddy being very patient waiting in line to see Mickey!!!!!

Here we are all taking our picture with Mickey. Love Mickey!!!! We were all melted and hot that day.  It was 94 degrees in the park. Mickey was so sweet to have his picture taken with all of us sweaty and hot people.

Here is my daughter Kimmie with Mickey.  She has had a huge crush on Mickey since she was 4 years old.

Grandpa with Abby on the carousel.

One of our favorite places to eat is the T Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney. Food is so yummy and fun and it is all about dinosaurs.  We were in the ice age room with the Volcano dessert at our table. The smoke coming out of the volcano in the center of the dessert was so much fun to get.

Our volcano dessert was so yummy. Best Chocolate Cake and ice cream concoction ever!!!! 

There are so many artist employed by Disney and this guy was one of the face painters.  He did such beautiful work. Abby wanted Minnie Mouse Face.

Abby's Minnie Mouse Face matched her Minnie Mouse Stroller.

We spent a few days at the beach and away from the Parks.  I so loved the sounds of the waves crashing and the smell of the ocean and that white sand. Oh so Heavenly.

By noon the beach was full.  It was a beautiful day to spend on the beach.

Abby trying to hide from me snapping her pictures.  No more pictures Meme!!!!!

I have to tell ya that sun zaps your energy! Abby took a nap on the beach chair.
So far we have had a wonderful vacation at all the theme parks and the beaches.  It was nice to spend time with my mom that lives down here.
Thanks for indulging me with some of my personal pictures of my family's vacation.  I usually like to keep the blog to DIY and decorating stuff but since many of you have asked me to post pictures I thought I would share a few.