Give Away Winner (s)

I want to announce the winner of my giveaway today.

 I am adding a few little runner up prizes to the giveaway.  All your stories touched me so much.  I had to add few more kindness prizes after reading all the wonderful stories. 

This way I could share more kindness back to you.  I made up these Cute Let Love Grow Pads of Paper and a cute pen to match into a gift container.

I have tied this off with ribbon and they soon will be on their way.

Misty and Cil Stevens were tied with the beautiful stories they shared.  I was going to honestly put all your names in the bowl and pick. 

After reading their random unplanned act of kindness,  I thought these two were so deserving.

I have put their stories below to read.  I think you will agree they deserve to both win.  I have an extra nozzle and fountain that I will package up.  Thank you both for sharing your stories.  This is the sort of kindness we all need to have happen in everyday life.
Misty's Story

I look forward to seeing the dungeon finished. Sorry to hear that Terry ws hurt. I don't like patting myself on the back for a good deed, but I want to enter your giveaway. Yesterday I was in line at the cashier at the grocery store. A young Mom with 2 small children was in front of me. She had a few items for her kids to have lunch and breakfast. Her food stamp card wouldn't go through, and the cashier told her to call them. She was almost in tears, so I told the cashier just to add her items to my bill. She was so thankful that she hugged me with tears in her eyes. When she left with her groceries, the cashier told me that she also had a sick child at home. But my greatest work is all the cats I take care of. I shelter elderly cats. I have 12 at the moment. I also tend to some feral cat colonies. And I do take canned cat food donations. Most of the old cats have no teeth. (

Cil Stevens Story
Hi Kris, what cute give-aways and so generous of you to share with some lucky someone. Speaking of acts of kindness- I didn't see your request until today but will share this in case someone needs a little chuckle today. Last Thursday I was coming home from an errand when I saw a lady leaving our local Social Security Office walking in the hot Alabama sun with a back pack and carrying a bag. I pulled in an office parking lot and when she got to my car, I asked if I could give her a ride. She looked a little apprehensive, but I guess she decided I wasn't much of a threat being probably older than her, so she accepted. When she got in, she said "You're not going to lock me in here, are you?" I replied no intention of doing that and we chatted til we got to her destination, just a few blocks away. When she started to get out of my car, the doors were locked and I couldn't figure out how to get them open quickly (only had this vehicle a few weeks)!!! Poor lady is jerking on the door handle and I'm panicking, trying to tell her to stop because every time I pressed the unlock button she had the door handle up and it wouldn't unlock. Sooooo,after that little act of kindness (??) we were both a little frazzled! But I don't regret it, I think that's why God blessed me with being able to find the vehicle I needed when my old one died a natural death. My favorite quote is by Sister Theresa: "We all may not be able to accomplish great acts of kindness, but we can do small acts with great love." Or, words to that effect. Have a great day.
I did put the rest of your names into a bowl and had Terry pick out 5 of you.  All your stories were so touching.  So if your name is below please email me your address.

Yvonne Sanders
Jane Blue Bird 1959
Melanie Riley
Carla from The River
Desires of the Heart

One more prize winner I need to mention and share her story.  It touched my heart.
Cecilia's Story:
Oh no! I'm glad Terry is ok! Goodness.
The items in the giveaway are so pretty! Who doesn't love the sound of gurgling water too? However, I have a large fountain already so please let someone else win.
My good deed is in the making - a woman at church recently lost her husband in a car wreck. They were in the process of adopting their four grandchildren as the parents are unable/unwilling to take care of them. I am going to go purchase gift cards for her to use whenever she needs them - kid-friendly restaurants, grocery, etc. it's not much but I hope it will ease her burden.

Cecilia I have a gift card I purchased that I am sending to you to help out your friend from Church that you are giving the gift cards too.  So please add it to your gift cards to share.  I also will have a little special treat for you too along with the gift card.  Every little bit helps.

This was a heart warming post for me.  I am so glad there are so many people out there that still want to share kindness.  It renews our faith in fellow human beings.  

In a world full of so much unrest and violence it is good to know we still can feel good about sharing human kindness with each other.  Thank you all for sharing your stories.  I am glad I could share a little kindness back to all of you.


PS: I think we just might have the Dungeon done this weekend to show.  We have had a few hiccups and rain delays but we are almost done.

Sweeeeet Give Away

Good Sunday Morning to all of you.

I want to thank all of you that weighed in on the  Social Media choices.  What I came away with from all your comments, is that we all agree blogging provides the more personal way to communicate out of all the choices we have.  

My true feeling is some people come into our lives and will be with us until we take our last breath and others will come in to our lives for a shorter time to teach us something or share a certain amount of time with us.  

I truly believe this in my own life.  Blogging has given me a way to form friendship with like minded people that I would probably never have had in my path if it were not for blogging.

 I think by sharing more of a story with our blog posts it lets everyone know our style, creative heart's, inspiration and most of all a little about us.  I am thankful for all your caring hearts and friendship you share with me.

I have a pretty give away.  This is from me and not from a sponsor.  Just a nice little thank you gift for coming by and supporting my blog.

How many of you love the sound of water running but maybe do not have the room for a big water fountain in your yard or on your deck.

I found this on Amazon.  It is a solar fountain.  I bought two and only needed one.  So I have one to share with one of you lucky peeps.

It is very inexpensive and it will give you a cute little water fountain in any container or birdbath, dish etc. that you have currently in your yard.

All I did was bought a very inexpensive plastic planter from Lowe's.  $10

I added some faux flowers around the edge of the plastic planter and then added put the solar fountain in the planter.  It has section cups to stick to the bottom of the bowl.  Then you fill  water to the edge of the solar fountain base.

Now I have a little water fountain on the deck.  It is a soft sound and very peaceful.  I will share with you that these do not store the solar energy so once it is not in the sun it shuts down.  Ok with me I like it on a hot sunny day when I am out on the deck in the sunshine.

This is my friend Sandy's pretty deck and how she set her fountain up.  Since she did a movie I thought if you want to hear the water sound you can click on her movie. 
Thanks Sandy for letting me share this.  If you think my flowers are big and pretty!!! Oh my I will have to take pictures of her beautiful flowers sometime to share.  She is the flower fairy and her flower gardens are just gorgeous.
I also have this sweet hand painted nozzle for your garden hose.  I will add this to the solar fountain in this give away. 
Isn't it pretty.  I found these cute pink nozzles on Amazon awhile back.  I contacted a sweet lady on Etsy that paints pretty roses and she agreed to paint up the nozzles for me. 

I kept two for me and gave the other nozzles for Mother's Day gifts.  Lorena @ RoseChicFriends on Etsy  used an outdoor enamel paint to keep them from fading and coming off with all the water it would be exposed too.

After I asked her to paint the nozzles for me she asked me if she could take my idea and make these to sell on her blog. 

I said absolutely they are so cute and pretty and you are so talented and you have the special paint lol! 
Lorena then purchased some of these pink garden hose nozzles and painted them to sell on Etsy. 
Here is her Etsy Shop in case you do not win this one in the give away and would like one of these.  The make great gifts for the gardener in your life.

The best is yet to be is a great saying and this cute little painted sign with the aqua blue bike is too adorable.  Adding this to the fun package for the give away.

Soooo cute.  They were cute and pretty in just the pink but then I thought they needed to be even cuter!!!! So I thought I am going to ask a few of those talented ladies out there that can paint pretty flowers to see if one of them wanted to make my vision come true.
 I was so thrilled when Lorena contacted me back and said she would love to paint them and had a special enamel paint that would keep them from chippy with the watering.  I love how they came out.
This one is going to be in the giveaway package too.

Yep super cute for any of you summer girls or garden girls out there. 

Normally all you would have to do for my giveaway is to leave me a comment.  Easy Peasy is how I roll!!!

I am going to add just a little extra step this time. 

I love when we can pay it forward.  So please do something really nice and kind for someone.  We live in a world that is scary and violent and sometimes we all feel we have lost caring and valuing each other.
Sometimes when you could not imagine someone doing something nice or they share some kindness to you we get back to thinking there is good in people.

Do something really nice for someone and come back and leave me a comment.  If you want to share what you did that is beautiful if not and you want to keep it private that is ok too.

I think you are all caring angels in my book and probably do so much for others everyday of your lives.  Just try and do one extra little thing for someone today.  We share so much kindness and giving at the holidays but I think it is great to try and do it all the time.

So my angel warriors go do a special kindness and come back and leave me a comment and I will enter you into my giveaway.

We were almost done with the "dungeon" yesterday and disaster struck!!!! Literally struck Terry.  Thankfully he just got a few cuts on his arm and wrist from the disaster.  I will get into the disaster more when I post the reveal and let you know how we had to scrap plan A and do a plan B.
Have a super fun week.