Sneak Peek

As many of you know we got into our new "nest" last Sunday.  This week has been a whirlwind of painting for Terry and I.  We start early in the morning and stay until early evening sanding, painting etc.  

My muscles are screaming and Advil has become my new best friend!  I have found muscles I did not know I had!

We are trying to get as much of the painting and sanding and messy stuff done before next Tuesday when the movers come to unpack our life that is stored in the pod right now.  I just see all the dust and debris all over and am glad we are getting a lot of this done before my furniture and things are put into place.

I thought I would show you a few of the changes starting.  The cell camera is the only picture taker I have right now so bear with the pictures.  I hope to find my good camera when we get things unpacked next week.

This is the entry and front part of the living area before shot.

Dining area before

Living room Before

I chose the color snowdrift.  It is a basic white with a hint of gray.  It should look nice with all my chippy white decor.

The windows and all the baseboards were painted in white.  You can see a little bit the contrast between a true white on the trim and the slight gray tint in the wall color.  Hard to tell how pretty this color is with my cell camera.  It is bright and fresh.

Before Kitchen.  Lots of work being done in this room.

Cabinets all came down.  Counter tops removed.  We began to paint the lower cabinets with a cabinet paint in white.
I will show you more pics of the progress here in the kitchen.  It is beginning to come together.  These pictures were taken early in the week before we got a lot more done in this room.  I cannot wait to show you the reveal.  You will not believe the transformation of this stock kitchen to a new french farmhouse kitchen.

The stair case is going to have a complete re do too!  Carpet is coming off and new stairs with a darker stain to match the floors complimented with some white spindles etc.

The balusters will be stained in a darker color to match the floors and the spindles and bases will be white.  The top stair treads will be done in the darker stain.

Inspiration off pinterest.  I cannot wait to achieve this look on my stairs.

Ok this was the best found treasure of the day.  When Terry ripped off the carpet on one of the stairs we found that real wood stairs were already in place underneath.  I did the happy dance.  We were able to take back all the stair treads that we were going to use.  That is a savings of over $500 in stair treads alone not to mention the work to make builder grade steps into wood steps.  The picture does not look great but I assure you there are pretty finished wood stairs under all that mess.

We are trying with all our might to get as much done to this place before the movers come on Tuesday with all our furniture.  This week is going by so fast with all the painting and changes we have to do.  Some of the changes in the bathrooms etc. will probably not get done until after we have officially moved in next week.  There is only so many hours in a day that Terry and I can get things done.  Once one thing is checked off the list there are several other things still to be completed.

Have a great rest of this week.  Hope to have some nice reveal pictures soon.