Living Room Changes

Happy Friday Everyone.

Hope the first new week of the year started out fabulous for all of you.

Struggling here with the cold and hardly any sunshine.  

I just love when that sun comes out.  Makes me feel more motivated in these cold gloomy months of winter.

I told you I would share some of the pics of my escape to Michigan to the Found Cottage last week.

It was a sun filled day and the weather hit 60 so what a fabulous day for a road trip here in the midwest.

Look at this fabulous long wood counter.  Would that not make the perfect island in a large kitchen.  Ohhhhh,  if I had the space that baby would have come home with me.

The shop had some fabulous table setting vignettes.  That candelabra is so chippy and fun.

I know if you follow Liz Marie's blog you know her beautiful old farmhouse is filled with lots of comfy slipcovered furniture.  She has lots of pieces for sale in the shop like this comfy couch.
Look at this wood drawer piece.  That would also be great in a kitchen or a craft space for storage.

For you demi john fans.  The shop has lots of those.

This blessed sign with the basket attached came home with me.  It was a Christmas display so I got it for 50% off.  SCORE!!!
I brought it home and added some spring flowers to the basket.  That will go up on the walls when I figure out all my pieces for hanging.

Terry painted this arch way a solid white with just a little chippy showing.  Looking so good to bling up the opening between the living room and kitchen.  I need to find just the right decor piece to hang on the arch.

Remember this claw table I got for a bargain on Offer Up.  This is going to be the new dining area piece. 
Small world the guy that sold this piece was a Chicago Firefighter that lived a few blocks from Terry's Fire Station!!! 

Here she is!!!!! New table painted white to match my decor.  Love the claw feet and toes on this table!

This chandelier framed out on the ceiling in the middle of the living room will be moved over to hang over the new table.

My little design assistant Buddy was a big helper today!  He was right in the middle of everything with moving and cleaning floors etc. 

Such a big helper lol!!!!

The mirror will be put back in the old door and get hung back up too.

So that was the highlights of my trip to Michigan and also an update on the living room/ dining area changes.

Now I just have to figure out where things will go back up on the walls.

Trying to stay patient while awaiting the new sectional to arrive to complete this room.

It is coming together slowly but I am liking how things are turning out.  I think I will finally have my living room/dining room area that will work in this tiny room.

Have a fabulous weekend.

I found another fabulous item on Offer Up for my office.  It needs some love and I will show you that transformation hopefully after the weekend.

Create, Bake, Grow & Gather

Hello 2019 New Adventures and Changes

Hello Sweet Blog Friends

Here we go into the New Year!!!

I will admit I am not great at the months of January and February here in the Midwest.

It is usually dark, cold and snowing with very little sunshine.

 I try to keep positive and find things in these dreary months to keep me motivated.

As you know we are re doing some things in the living room and trying to find space for a dining area too.

 I am going to recap what has happened so far.

This fabulous Armoire I found on Offer Up got a little make over.

It is now white and ready for placement in the new living room change up.

Wallpaper came down and fresh paint replaced it.

A New Small Space Sectional was ordered.

This is the style we will be getting.  By all calculations it should fit well in the new living room space!  Fingers crossed!

This mirror was moved off the wall to make room for the new Armoire.  It is being de constructed into two new pieces for the living room.

Since we are not taking down the wall between the living room and kitchen we decided this opening from the living room to the kitchen needed a little character added.

Here are some of the pieces from the mirror re loved to make the opening to the kitchen a little more interesting.

Here it is finished just waiting on a few more decorative touches and then it should make this passage way look pretty awesome.

This part of the door/mirror will be made into a new mirror for the living room space.  Sorry the mirror in the pic is upside down!!!

We are moving along with the new changes to the living room / dining room area.  

This is a super fabulous round wood table with fun claw feet I found on Offer Up.
This is being transformed into a new dining table for us.
Stay tuned for this new change for the living room and dining room area.

I cannot wait to get my new sectional in the room and start to pull this room together to create a cozy living room space and dining area.

Hope you all are having a great start to the new year.

Terry and I took a day last Friday and took a drive to Michigan.  We visited some of my favorite shops especially the Found Cottage.

I will have some great pic's of that trip and a few of the new items I bought.

Have a great start to the new week.