Indulge Me

I interrupt this decor blog for a small little post today to brag just a little bit.  I know you all come here to see cottage chippy and whites but today I am going to brag and show you two of the most precious things in my life.

Just when you think you could not love anyone more than your own children they give you grandchildren.  We took my two grand girls for their Christmas pictures.  

So I want to show them off.

This is Abby she is 7 years old and such a kind and sweet girl.  She is growing up so fast.  I can see it in this picture.

This is Charlotte 16 months old.  She is full of mischief and fun.  She is always happy.

This picture is one of my favorites taken.  Charlotte is saying Yep!!! I drop my letter in the box for Santa.  She was very excited.

As many of you know my husband Terry is a fire chief and this year there was a Christmas party for the firefighters and their families.  Terry has a fabulous Administrative Assistant that put together one of the best Christmas parties I have ever been too.  Good food, fun things for the kids to do and Santa arriving on the firetruck were just a few of the fun things going on.

They had face painting for the kids.  The artist that did up the kids faces was fabulous.  Abby wanted to be a panda bear.

Charlotte at 16 months old is a little scared of Santa but when you put a gift in the mix she is all in lol!

Charlotte was painted up to be Rudolph.

The firefighters have some of the sweetest kids and they all enjoyed being together and seeing Santa.

Thank you for indulging me a little bragging time.  I love these sweet angels and love living close enough to see them often and help my daughter out with babysitting.  They really make mine and Terry's hearts flutter.   

Hope you are enjoying getting ready for the big day.  It will be here before we know it.
I am trying this year to really enjoy the simple things about the holidays.  One of them was taking the day to go for pictures with the girls and then a big family dinner after.  So much fun for all of us.
Have a great rest of the week and wonderful weekend.

Tiny House Christmas Decor

Hello Everyone.  Hope you are enjoying this most festive time of the year.  

I have been learning a lot since we really downsized to this tiny cottage home this year.  

I fell in love with this house the minute I walk through the doors.  I could see me transforming this tiny space into my style and cozy for us to find peace and comfort here.

With that said I still had a tiny part of me that was hesitant that I could live this small and be happy with less stuff and less space.  Well that worry is gone.  

I am embracing this living small and loving it.  I love that this house is less maintenance at this point in life.  
I can keep it clean and cozy with very little effort.  
Just makes my heart smile to live more of my life without being a slave to a house.

I have always loved to decorate for the holidays and this year having very little space to decorate was I going to be happy?!!! 

I have to say YEP!!!!  Wooo Hoooo! and Yeah!!!  The little bit of space I had to decorate I made pretty and still was able to let out my holiday decor happy!

So here we go..........

Peggy and I will begin the tour of the Tiny Cottage Christmas Decor .

Lots of light filters into this living room throughout the day.  Not good for picture taking but beautiful for living.

I put my tree in front of the larger living room window.

The tree lights at night.

My Hope angel adorns the tree each year.  She wears my grandmothers angel brooch.

Hope was the theme of my tree this year.  I always believe we can hope and pray for a better world with more peace and love for all our futures.

I surround myself not only at the holidays but year round with my angels.  They give me such peace.

Simple white wreath with a single rose along with votives that are beautiful when lite at night.

My birdhouse adorns another small angel.

Some simple little ice skates hanging on my vintage arched window.

A small garden vignette for the Christmas Cottage.

Now on to the kitchen for the little touches of Christmas here and there.

Love the sun filtering in.  A simple wreath on the cottage back door and a sweet little centerpiece on my table.

My sweet friend Sandy gifted me this cute centerpiece the night of my girlfriend party.  Love this piece.  Perfect for my coffee table in the kitchen.

My sweet bird family has their own special Christmas Tree in the kitchen

One of the snowbird family flew from the Christmas tree and landed on the wreath of the kitchen chalk board.  There is one in every family!!!!!

Added some sweet candy canes to my little skate on the open shelves in the kitchen.

The coffee bar shelves needed some sweet red and white candy canes too.

Another of my sweet angels has found a friend and they both are enjoying the open shelves too.
I tell ya I am having more fun with these little birds this year.

That is my tour of my tiny cottage home all done for Christmas.  Not a lot of big decor spaces but small cozy and pretty touches throughout the spaces.
I wish all of you peace and love as we head on down to the big day.

Before I go I wanted to show you a little tour of Terry's Fireman Cave all done for Christmas.

Another friend gifted me this sweet little snowman.  He is so cute and soft.  I love him and he is sitting on the dining table off the family room in the fireman cave.

Wishing all of you a lot of fun as you shop, wrap, bake and decorate for Christmas.
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