New Old Mirror Door

This is the door/mirror piece that Terry made for me.  I loved that we could use a lot of architectural pieces to make up this piece.
I could not quite figure out why I was not real happy with this piece on this wall.

I felt like maybe it was the wallpaper competing with the door/mirror.  So down came the wallpaper and we painted the walls gray matching the rest of the living room.

Then we sanded down the door to expose more of the woods underneath.  That was a problem since the woods underneath were several different colors with it being different woods. I wanted to take all the white off and then stain the door.  Nope was not going to happen with all these colors of different woods.

Then this came in the mail to me.  It was a saying I bought from a person on Etsy about 3 weeks prior.  Hmmmm while I was thinking about where to hang this piece I got an idea!
After it was sanded we added some white wash paint to the sanded areas.  Made the wood bleeding through look more uniform and a little more gray.

You can see the details come out on the door now.

The new saying piece looks good attached to the bottom of the door.

So now the door/mirror has a little more character to it.  Trust me it is not as washed out as these pics show.  It looks pretty on the light gray walls.

I like the chippy woods of the door and also my french window together in the entry.

Still on the hunt for a rug for the living room.  No luck yet.  I am determined to find one before the holidays!
I am on the hunt for something to hang just inside the door on the wall of the entry.  Hope on one of my trips I might find something interesting for this space.

Mr. Buddy has grown a lot since we got him a month ago.  

He is such a love.  The puppy training is going great.  He and Terry go to puppy class on Tuesday evenings.  So far Buddy is the best one in puppy class. 

He still is hesitant to be around big dogs but loves the smaller dogs in his class.

He knows how to sit, stay,  fetch, release, give and leave. He has mastered walking on his leash with his harness.  He is such a smarty pants!!!

  He is doing great with the potty training. 

 He is a big snuggler and loves to play with his toys.  It has been fun to see him growing into such a great little dog.

Glad we took the plunge and got this sweet guy.

Have a great rest of the week.
Vintage Charm


Happy Fall Y'all!

I love this southern way of greeting in fall.  I had to say it even though I live in the Midwest.  You southerner's should not have all the fun with this cute saying!!!

Here is a little fall from my front yard.  I was hoping all the pretty greenery that was over flowing the flower boxes would have lasted for fall decor.  The frost came in the other night and they did not survive.

So I just worked with what I had.

Junk Chic Cottage Fall Front Decor.

My sweet fall angel hangs on the front door to greet guests.

The Garden Birdhouse got a little fall decor too.

Filled up the empty flower boxes with some fall things.

Even the sweet cherub birdbath got some fall decor.  I have to use everything faux when it comes to pumpkins or gourds.  Mr. Squirrel has no manners and takes all of that kind of stuff away.  So faux it is for this front yard.

I was going to put away the bike for the season but then decided to leave her out and doll her up with some fall things.

Replaced the summer wreaths off the two front windows to fall wreaths.

We are ready on the porch for the trick or treaters at the end of the month.

Now to tackle the backyard and clear away the last hold outs of summer plants and winterize the deck and get the roses cut back for winter.

Hope you are having a great weekend.
Fall is finally here to stay in Illinois.

The trees are beginning to change.
Terry and I have an escape weekend to Michigan at the end of this month.  I know the trees will be at peak then.   I think that road trip is going to be a pretty one.

I finally figured out my new door mirror and I will have that to show you soon.

Happy Sunday
Happy New Week.