Kitchen Open Shelves

Hi Everyone.  Well the open shelves in the kitchen won and the bakery cabinet was remade into the cabinet above the refrigerator.  So it is all good!  

I still have Terry's grandmothers bakery cabinet over the refrigerator for storage and now the open shelves keep the kitchen from feeling closed in.

Warning Lots of Pictures in this Post.  Get a frosty beverage!!!!

Before Picture of Kitchen

This is with the bakery Cabinet Before picture hanging where I felt open shelves might work better.

This is the bakery cabinet down and open shelves up.

The bakery cabinet looked nice with all my glassware but it just made this kitchen feel closed in.  I think it was just too much competition between the cabinet and the chippy window.  Plus it took up all my counter space to have the big shelf on the counter for my plates.

The open shelves are easier to get at my dishes and also give an open feel to this kitchen.

Pretty but took up too much counter space.  This shelf on the counter top was remade into a shelf for under the old chippy window which you will see a few pictures down.

Now I have more open counter space.

My good friend gave me this beautiful sign for my kitchen as a housewarming gift.

Fits in perfectly on the side of the new built in bakery cabinet over the refrigerator.

I still have my old chippy window hanging and there is the bottom shelf that was sitting on the counter.   Re loved  it under the window for a shelf.

Added a touch of color with my lavender candle and faux flowers. Even a girl that loves white needs a little color here and there!

Adding some more color to my milk and cream jugs.  

Got this candle that is lemon sage at Home Goods.  Best smelling candle I have ever had.  It smells so fresh for your kitchen.  Lemon and sage make a great combo.  With the house closed up and air going on these hot summer days it is nice to have this fresh candle burning.  Smells like my kitchen opens to a garden of fresh sage and lemon trees.
Terry rebuilt the bakery cabinet over the refrigerator.  Now I have storage up there for things I do not use all the time like my cake platters.

I am sure I will be finding more stuff to be storing up in this cabinet.

I was able to keep my coffee bar area over on this side of the kitchen.

This is the door going to the garage from the kitchen.  I made a place to hang car and house keys along with my apron.  

Glad I could use some of the old frames I moved along with us from the last house.  It framed out this plain door and the old knob gave me a place to hang up my apron.

So now this long and narrow kitchen feels lighter and brighter and more open.

Terry cut down my dining room table one more time!!! Yep that saw is getting a work out!   With this dining space being small and the china cabinet on the wall the table just felt too big for the space.  So he cut it down to a square table for 4.

He was able to keep the detail of the old drawer fronts on each side of the table.

This smaller table fits so much better in this dining space now.
There you have it.  The kitchen is done and I am liking the new open cabinets so much better.  Sometimes you just have to try things a few different ways until you get it feeling right.  I am just so excited that Terry has been able to repurpose almost all the pieces of salvage into new things in this kitchen.  Love that man and his tools!!!!!

I will have my master bedroom and master bathroom ready to show you soon.  Terry has repurposed some awesome pieces into these two rooms for me.  So stay tuned.

Have a wonderful week end.


PS:  So happy most of the decor changes are done now on the new house.  Opens up my time with these two precious angels and the furry angel too. Lovin summer!

Charlotte two weeks old and Abby 6 years old.

Shabbilicious Friday

Ruffles Repurposed, Shower Curtains Shout Out And Kitchen News

Hi Everyone.  Happy Monday.  Happy New Week.

 I got a nice package in the mail today.  Yep it is some new shower curtains I had made up special for my two bathrooms.  

I also want to show you a DIY I did with some old ruffles off a shower curtain that I repurposed on to an ordinary make up vanity stool.

So here goes.........

Just an ordinary vanity stool from Home Goods.  $29.99 and I had a $20 gift coupon so it brought this stool to a whopping $9.99!!!!

Took the screws out holding the top cushion of the stool.

Had this old shower curtain panel with four rows of ruffles.

Cut the shower curtain ruffles off and just placed them around the top of the stool cushions and staple gunned them onto the bottom of the cushion.  Easy Peasy!!!!!

Ta Da new custom vanity stool with ruffles.

Fits right under the make up vanity built into my bathroom.

This make up seat looks cute with her new ruffles.  Keeping it real in this picture with stuff all over my counter tops.  We are almost done with this master bathroom to show you soon along with the master bedroom.
Now on to the new shower curtains.

I had Terri from Simply French Market make up two shower curtains for my guest bath and master bedroom bath.  Yep Teri does beautiful work and I have gotten shower curtains from her before.

Here is Terri's Etsy  to check out her beautiful work.

 Terri did not compensate me in any way for this shout out.  I just like to give recognition of beautiful work I have gotten and info to those of you that might need a new shower curtain.  I would highly recommend Terri.  She does great work and is reasonable with her prices and is quick.

This is the shower curtain from Terri's Etsy site that I bought.

I had three rows of lace I found packed away when we moved.  So I asked Terri if she could some how put the lace onto the shower curtains.  Terri said yes and I sent her the lace and she did a great job layering the three different rows of lace onto the shower curtain ruffle.

I love both of the shower curtains.  Gives a nice look to both my bathrooms.  

  LOL I just noticed in this picture that I took off the vintage hanger hook I had on the old post.  I painted it and forgot to put it back up before I snapped these pictures.
Yikes my mind sometimes!!!!

Have a great week.
I am taking a personal day away from the house tomorrow to spend with a friend.  Love those mental health days!
Hope you have a great week.

The kitchen is done.  I just have a few things to finish up and then I can show you the open shelves and how much of a difference it makes to have them instead of the vintage bakery cabinet.  I will also show you where the vintage bakery cabinet ended up.  So stay tuned.