Front Porch Devotions

Hello Sweet Blogger Friends.

Happy Friday!

Thank you all for the sweet comments left about my foot recovery.  I am doing much better everyday.  Very bored being stuck at home but healing nicely.

Recently I received a beautiful gift from a dear angel friend.  I wanted to share this book review with you today here on the blog.

With being laid up this past week I have been reading a lot and this book is a great daily read.

As we all feel there is nothing quite like our front porch or even our back porches to get us to slow down the pace of our lives.

It is a place we can unwind from our day and take some quiet moments to reflect on things we do in our daily.

"Devotions from the Front Porch invites you to retreat from the busyness of everyday life.  The devotions in this book are centered on the front porch and home and are meant to soothe your soul".

This book takes everyday things we do and relates them to devotions that remind us that God with us in our every day lives.

Here are some examples from this beautiful book.

This book also has beautiful pictures of front porches throughout.

This is a beautiful gift and I have enjoyed reading the devotions throughout.

It does not matter what denomination you are it is  about connecting back to your inner soul  for peace and knowing that God is with all of us in our daily lives.

I highly recommend this book.  I did not receive any compensation for this book review.  

I received this as a beautiful gift and wanted to share it with any of you that would find interest or want to give this as a special gift.

I have a copy I purchased and would like to offer it up as a give away as a thank you to all of you sweet bloggers.
If this is something you would love a chance to receive or even pass it on as a gift to someone special just leave me a comment.

Have a wonderful Weekend.

Now that my foot is better hoping this weekend   to finish up this new mantel.
I will have this to show you soon.

Thank You And Progress On New Fireplace Surround

Helloooo sweet blogger friends.  

 Happy Sunday.

I had my surgery on Friday for an abnormal bone growth to be removed from the top of my foot.  Thank you for the good wishes and prayers.

I will be sporting this for a couple of weeks.

This is the fireplace surround I got a few weekends ago.

Progress is being made.  Here is where we are at with this piece.  New Oak mantel in place and surround painted white.

We put some shiplap on the wall behind the fireplace surround.

Now onto getting the right decor for above the mantel and adding a nice fireplace insert or possibly candles to the opening.

Stay tuned for this wall and fireplace surround to be decorated and finished up.

Things will be slow this week while I recover from my foot surgery.

Have a great Sunday and wonderful start to the new week.