Blogging Thoughts and Country Curtains

Happy Friday.
How many of you were saddened when the news came out that Country Curtains was closing down and going out of business after many years of bringing us pretty curtains for our homes.  I for one was sad :(

They always had such a great selection of country style, cottage style, contemporary styles to choose from.  I have had their curtains in my home for years.  I always loved the quality and the prints.

Well no worries.  Country Curtains designs are back and sold now by Vermont Country Store.
So you can visit Vermont Country Store and look at the past and some new patterns of drapes that were carried by Country Curtains.

Please note I am not compensated for this shout out.  Just love their drapes and was excited to see they are now being carried at Vermont Country Store.  Just like to share great information with all of you.

The second part of this post I wanted to share some blogging thoughts with you and see what your feedback might be.

For a long time 
I have been thinking whether to keep my blog going.  A lot of bloggers I have come to know and have loved their blogs through the years have moved over to Instagram. 

I have found that in our life journey,  some people come into our lives and stay with us and others come along for a short time to teach us something or share some kind of life lesson with us.

I am amazed at the friendships formed with peeps you might have never met if it were not for this crazy arena called blog land!

I love Instagram but feel you lose something with the personal connections you have with blogging.
Just my thoughts on this.  

I love to post up on IG.   It is fun and you can capture a special moment and share it quickly.  I personally feel more of a connection with my blog posts.

Life is always changing and moving towards new and more inventive ways to get your story out there.
Blogging let me know there are others out there that like white, chippy and neutrals.   It also let me form wonderful friendships with people from all over the world.  

The crazy part is I have formed long lasting friendships with people that are not neutral and chippy lovers like myself.  

I have found their colorful styles are fun to see emerge in their decor.

I have met so many people from all over the world that I can now call friends.

  Without blogging these relationships would have never formed.  This is where I feel grateful to have started to blog over 7 years ago.

This is also why I struggle with the thought of  letting my blog go.  

It seems a lot of you are still with me and come to visit and share ideas and friendship when I post.

  So for now I will continue to post when I have something to share with all of you.

I know there are always struggles with social media and the always changing rules and issues.

  We bloggers are all dealing with the comment/email issue right now and privacy policies etc. but somehow we all seem to stay connected and help each other out when we can figure out solutions.

I am so computer not savvy!!!! When I get help from other blogger friends it always reassuring to know we all can share and help each other.

I have a personal Facebook page that I keep to stay in touch with family and friends but do not really get into FB as much as others.  

I feel comfortable with my blog and IG more than FB.  Saying this makes me feel like a dinosaur!  

I know everyone loves FB and it is the hip social media platform!  I just cannot get into FB on a full time basis.   I have the luxury to not feel compelled to be on FB because I do not have a business venture.  For some of you sweet entrepreneurs this is a big outlet for growing your names and  business's.

I still post pics on occasion on Instagram.  I just love blogging so much better.   

I feel a connection with others more here with blogging.  That is just my feelings on this.  What are your feelings about blogging, Instagram, and Facebook? Leave me a comment on what you think about blogs, IG, FB, Youtube etc.

We are getting to a good place with the "Dungeon" re love.  Unfortunately we have had a lot of rain which makes it hard to work outside on this project.  
I am hoping this weekend we might be able to finish up that area.  I will then show you how we transformed this Dungeon Staircase below.

Have a fabulous Weekend

Chippy Whites & Blogger Information

Hi Everyone.  

I had the old chippy porch column in the corner of the living room and it felt so lonely.  So the other day I found this chippy white birdhouse and beautiful angel wings to add to this space.

Lots of chippy white goodness on this sweet birdhouse.

It fills in this corner of the living room so nicely.

Some New Information and hopefully a little help to share! 

I want to share something that I have learned about the " Not getting comments from out blog posts into our emails" !!!!!

Apparently the powers that be are still working on the problem!!!!!  

Ok while we wait to see if this will ever get fixed.

  I was told that when you finish writing your blog post you can check Notify Me at the bottom of your post page and then each person that comments on your post will go into your email.  

Sounds great right?!!! Well it is except for the fact that when the comments come into your email they all come in as no reply bloggers.

 Again no worries!!!  If you have peeps emails saved in your address book you can just add the address to your reply.   So this is a almost good fix until they get the whole thing working right again.

Hope this helps any of you that are frustrated with not getting comments sent into your email.

Have a super rest of the week.