My Christmas Card to You.

Merry Christmas

As we approach Christmas Day I want to wish each and everyone of you a wonderful holiday filled with gathering, sharing and most of all loving.  

As we reflect and remember all the blessing in our lives please enjoy the best gift of all  the gift of family and friends.  

Thank you for your blogging friendships.  Each of you are near and dear to my heart and I appreciate your gifting me with your friendships. 

Merry Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas Songs is Mary Did You Know? 
I could have chose numerous celebrities that sing this song beautifully but the two I chose just touched my heart. 

There is nothing like the angelic voices of a child.  Enjoy the two 12 year old angels that perform this so beautifully.   I wanted to share this as part of my Christmas Card to each of you. 
 Hope this up lifts your heart as we move closer to this special day.


Did I tell you they are 12 years old?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How is your shopping, wrapping and baking and spreading good cheer going as we head to Santa's big day.

My shopping is done, my gifts are wrapped and my baking done.  I feel so ahead of the game this year.

So yesterday no Bears Game so Terry and I took a drive to Geneva for a little lunch and I stopped in one of my fave shops in Geneva.

I wanted to show you what I got.

This sweet little Joy pillow that is made of old vintage necklace and jewelry pieces.  Loved this when I saw it.  So I have it with some of my other pillows on my chippy bench in the entry way.  I think I will keep it out even after Christmas to spread joy through the winter months.  Too pretty to put away RIGHT?!!!

It was a nice day to have to ourselves.  No malls or crazy shoppers and peeps forgetting what the season is really all about.    Just the two of us having a nice day in Geneva and wonderful quiet lunch together.  We stopped in at a few little shops.  It was a nice peaceful day in the midst of all the hustle and bustle.

Hope as we slide on down to Santa's big day and all the millions of things left to do you will find some moments or hopefully hours of peace and quiet to enjoy.

Have a great week.

Christmas Entry

My post today is of my Christmas decor for the front entry into my home. 

I kept my front entry very simple this year.
I used by two old vintage french doors I had in the garden this summer to anchor my trees.  Used an old window to put my angel on the front door.

I love the serenity with this beautiful angel.

We have not had any snow to speak of yet so some of the fall is still remaining on the ground.  I am keeping some of the chippy vintage garden pieces out front for Christmas.
My chippy garden chair and old vintage watering can with greens.

I have my cherub birdbath that I am adding seed too each day for the birds this winter.

My old vintage sled that I had as a kid that I painted a few years ago and I added greens and my old skates.

Front Entry Way with lights on at night. 

It is so hard to get a good night shot with all the shadows from the lights.  You'll have to take my word that it looks pretty all light up.

Have a great start to the new week.
Happy decorating, shopping, wrapping and baking.