Outside Christmas

Happy Saturday.  

Christmas is coming quickly.  

Here is JCC#4 Christmas decor outside.

I put fresh green garland on the picket fence and archway and gate.  I like to support the Boy Scouts and a little guy in our neighborhood sold me the beautiful garland.

I also added greens to the flower boxes with lights.

My two bedroom condo with a yard and garage bigger than the house lol!  is now decorated on the outside for Christmas this year.

This time of year comes and goes so quickly.  I am trying to enjoy every minute.

Have a great weekend.

New Dining Area

Hello sweet friends.

When you live small you have to be creative  when trying to carve out useful areas in your home that you need.

I thought I could live without a dining area but after living here for 6 months I felt I really needed a dining space.  

The kitchen is too small for any regular size table.  The people before us has a bistro table in the kitchen.  Terry would not be comfortable sitting at a bistro table!

I found a round table and 4 ladder back chairs on FB Market Place. 

Got some chalk paint and painted everything white. 

We also were going to have to do a change up of the TV to over the fireplace to make the room work for both a living room and dining room.
The TV is now over the Fireplace.  I chalked painted the cabinet and then distressed it a little to match all the chippy in the room

I made the bay window area a new dining area with my $40 dining set from FB Market Place.
We can look out the big bay window when dining.

Moved my angels and candles to this bay window that use to be on top of the TV armoire.

This is my Christmas centerpiece for the new table. 
Little candle votives inside these sparkle angels and then the old ceiling light fixture made into a candle holder.

Now I have a dining area off in the corner of the living room area.  

My comfy RA couture couch is angled now to face the TV over the fireplace mantel.

My farmhouse window has stayed put!  Love that window.

Terry has a new power recliner in the corner that he absolutely loves. 
I was able to sell both of the other recliners so that was a blessing. 
They were not power so we had to pull them away from the wall and into the middle of the room to recliner to watch TV. 
This recliner for Terry is so much better.  He pushes a button and the chair reclines without moving it away from the wall.  He loves his cup holders too.

I want to say Thank you to my blogging friend Debbie for making me these cute fairies for my tree.

They are so adorable.  Thank you Deb.

Well there you have it.  
New living room switch a roo and new dining space.  

I love the whole layout of the new living room now.  
I feel content finally that this will stay and will work nicely for us. 

Ok I saw a few of you roll your eyes!!!!  I really feel content with this for now lol!

When the tree comes down after Christmas I will have that open area to find a new chair for this spot.  
Then it will give me one more seat in this small living space.

Hope to have up my outside decor on the little cottage soon.  
We are finally seeing some sunshine here in Illinois.  It is super cold but the sunshine helps so much.  
I just pretend it is 75 degrees outside and not 20!!!!!

If anyone is interested in a gift for me this Christmas here it is.   
What I want for Christmas!!!!

Have a great week.  Enjoy getting ready for the big day.

Front Door Christmas Tree

Happy Sunday Sweet Friends.

I wanted to show you a pretty Christmas tree I bought recently from a local artist.  

She takes vintage pieces and ornaments and vintage frames and makes these beautiful pieces.

Here is the one I bought from her for my front door.

This had a very dark frame and I white washed it to have it be seen easier from the front of the house. 
I love all the glass ornaments and vintage pieces she uses to make her framed trees.

Of course it is over cast and no sunshine to try and get a good picture.  Plus the shadows were giving me grief!

Trust me this looks really pretty on my front door.
I will have my outside decor to show you this week.

Have a great Sunday and beautiful start to the new week.