Farmhouse Bathroom Beginnings

Hello sweet blogging friends.

I have a new project to hopefully share soon.

I am making some changes to my bathroom. 

 I want to get a farmhouse look.

This is how my bathroom looked before we removed the vanity and mirror and light fixture.  Which by the way I sold in two hours on Offer Up.  Love that Offer Up!!

She went to a good home.
Here are some inspiration pictures that I found on Pinterest that have the look I like.

This is my new found piece that Terry is  rehabbing and making into and new vanity and mirror for the bathroom.

You won't believe the changes we are making to this piece. 

I will say this,  the funky design at the top of the mirror is gone!!!!! 

This blah vintage piece is turning into a very nice farmhouse vanity.

Here is an inspiration picture I found on Pinterest to show checked wallpaper in a bathroom.  I purchased some light gray and white buffalo check wallpaper similar to the one in the picture.

This is another inspiration picture of the look I am going for in my bathroom.

I will have the bathroom done soon to have a  reveal.

 I am waiting on the wallpaper to arrive.

Hope you all had a nice Easter and are enjoying the new week.