Moving Day

Hi Everyone.
Happy Weekend.

My daughter Jen and I picked up the U Haul truck to move my mom into her new senior apartment today.

Jen and I were laughing and saying "we do not need no stinkin men to get the moving truck"! We handled driving the truck  on our own.  Oh! Wait!  I guess we will need the stinkin men to help us load and unload the truck lol!

So today we will be moving all the stored furniture and boxes for my mom into her new place.  I hope to get it all set up this weekend for her.  My mom has been down in Florida visiting friends and will be coming home on Tuesday.  I hope she will love living independently once again and near all of us.

Hope to be back with you soon with some of the new changes to our new home.  Hopefully this week we will get some news on permits being pulled so the contractor can begin his work.  I want to have my move in day soon and get settled in Junk Chic Cottage III.
Have a great weekend everyone.


Bath Room Renovation

Hello everyone.  Thought I would share a few of the changes we are starting at the new house.

Here is our 1950's bathroom in the new house.  Love the cast iron tub and glass block window.  Gives some character to this bathroom.  With all the other reno's and builds the budget is spent so Terry and I are on our own for this bathroom.

I wanted to keep the cast iron tub.  It is solid and keeps to the cottage feel of the house along with the glass block window.  The tiling in this bathroom well let's just say I am not a fan!

Yeah No!!!  The tiles had black streaks and the grout was a mess.

Yep! not so much on this pattern either!!!!!

Since we wanted to keep the tub and not have a major tear out of the tiling this is the solution we came up with to update and save money.

This is epoxy paint that refinishes the surface of tiles and tubs.  The cost is about $36 dollars.   We used a similar epoxy paint once before.  It did a pretty good job to seal and protect and give a new appearance to tiles in our past home.  You can tint this to any color.   I chose to keep it white.  I know shocker I wanted white!!!!

You use a small sponge roller to paint the epoxy paint after cleaning off the surface of the tiles.  It is pretty easy to do.  

It took two coats of paint.  You have to wait an hour in between each coat of paint.  Then this paint has to cure on the tiles for 48 hours.   As you can see it adheres to the tiles and grout pretty nicely.

The tub came out beautiful.  Better than I thought it would.  

Now the old dated tiles and tub have a new look.  This tub and the tiles for very little money have been updated and I could keep the character and vintage feel to this bathroom.

Now we will add new fixtures.   We are painting and adding a new vanity and sink in this bathroom.  The old vanity and light fixture was well... Yikes!  So that is out and new will be coming in.  Stay tuned for the whole bath reveal soon.

I cannot wait to add new paint on the walls and some of my old chippy vintage pieces to this bathroom.

  Still waiting on permits to be pulled on the garage build and basement reno.  Getting everything the city wants to ok permits has been a real task.  Hoping this week to get some of that accomplished.  In the meantime we are working on the bathroom and kitchen reno ourselves.  Lots of painting of walls going on too!  Hope to show you some before an afters soon.

Have a great new week.