Decor Steals and Prayer Request

Hi Everyone.  Happy Wednesday.  

I got a package in the mail yesterday of something I purchased on Decor Steals.  I thought I would share it with you.  They are not compensating me in anyway to show this.  Just was cute little purchase I made and thought I would share it with all of you.

Cute little bike basket wall hanger.  I miss having my garden bike in the new place so this little gem made me smile when it  popped up in my email.
Filled it with my little birds and a their nest and some greens.

I thought it looked cute with my cottage garden decor over my garden bench.

I thought about painting it white and distressing it lol!! I know a real shocker for someone that paints everything white!!!! I decided to leave it alone with its nice patina for contrast.
Just a sweet little piece.

Prayer Request.
My daughter Kim and I are leaving for Florida tomorrow to take my mom to one of the best Cancer Treatment Centers down in Florida where she lives.  My mom has survived breast cancer twice in her life.  Once at age 58 and just a few years ago at age 82.  They did a lumpectomy both times since the cancer never moved into the lymph and she had chemo and radiation.  Just this past month she had her annual scan done and they found that the breast cancer moved into her bones.  So now we need to see what the best treatment options will be.  My daughter Kim is an oncology nurse and knows about the treatments and she is coming along to help with the decisions.  She will be a great help since she works with these treatments.
So if you could just say a little prayer for my mom that we will get some good news on treatment options it would be so appreciated.
The power of prayer is amazing.
Thank you sweet blogging friends.