Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger

Susan from Must Love Junk, and myself wanted to do a regular feature on our blogs, something unique that hasn't been done before.   So we came up with an idea to 'spotlight the real life behind the blogger' in a more personal way.
There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland, and we thought it would be fun to bring you a closer look at the person behind the blog.

Every week on Saturday we will spotlight a blogger and have them tell us a little bit about themselves and their blogs.  You will be able to see and read about each of the bloggers on both Susan's and my blog. 
Ron from Uptown Acorn
August 23rd

This week for Spotlight is special with getting to introduce you to a very charming and talented man in blog land.  Ron from Uptown Acorn.  I have been just getting to know Ron these past few months and I love everything about him, his life and his wonderful talent that shines through on his blog.  

When I asked Ron if he would do Spotlight I was a little worried he would feel awkward with blogland having so few men and dominated by women and he would decline.  To my wonderful excitement he said yes!!!!  You gotta love a man that is not afraid to step forward and share his personal side with all of us blogland chicks.

What I love most about Ron is he is a true southern gentleman.  His charm and talents have no end and he is my hero with teaching kids.    

Enjoy getting to know Ron.

With blogging, you never know who will be reading your daily thoughts and things. I have been thoroughly amazed with the emails and comments I have received from my readers and followers since 2012. I am so happy today to have been asked to participate in the weekly series, Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger. I hope you will follow along.

My name is Ron(ald) Carrier, and I pen the blog, Uptown Acorn. I have written the daily blog most days since January 1, 2012. I started to pen this blog as a suggestion of two very dear friends, Amanda of the oh-so popular Dixie Delights blog and her sister Melanie. It was a leap of faith but something that has become part of my life now.

The name Uptown Acorn has been somewhat shortened from a small custom floral business that I ran out of my home when I lived in Atlanta, The Acorn at Wisteria Hill. You can check out some of my creations HERE. Uptown is the region of New Orleans where I reside, and the acorn is the French symbol of prosperity; hence, the name is joined to form Uptown Acorn.

I live with my partner, J of almost 16 years in a beautiful home on a perfect oak-lined street in Uptown New Orleans. I am originally from Thibodaux, LA, a small town 60 miles southwest of New Orleans. I moved to Atlanta in 2000 where J and I built a custom home in 2004. You can see more of my Atlanta home HERE.

In 2008, J accepted a job with a local news website as a director, and we remain here 6 years later. I am currently a science teacher at a local private school. I teach Earth, physical, and life science to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. I have been a teacher since 1989.

As the subtitle of my blog states: "A great life in the land of unique characters, fine food, creative cocktails, and Southern charm", the Uptown Acorn embodies all of these aspects. New Orleans and south Louisiana is a special place, so I try and share the City and surrounding areas with my readers. I love to eat at the great restaurants New Orleans has to offer. I love to share a cocktail at some of the bars around town. I also love to share the camaraderie of the locals who I meet and befriend.

I love to decorate, and some of my most popular posts tend to be my seasonal changes made to my home. I love the change in seasons because it always signifies changes on the horizon.

Mardi Gras





I am not a trained decorator but have been told that I have a natural eye for decorating spaces. I just love to dabble in all aspects of decor. I have always been one of those kids who loved to arrange and rearrange. I am constantly moving accessories around. You can take a room by room tour of my home HERE.

I have my favorite decor shops here in New Orleans along Magazine Street as well as all across the southeast from Bay St. Louis to Savannah, GA and Amelia Island, FL. I love to accessorize in my decor. I am a believer that one can never have too much. I am constantly moving things around in my home. J jokes that my "junk" storage area could open as a store. I would not consider myself a shopaholic because I usually know what I want, go in to the store, and get out in a flash. 

If I had to describe my style I guess it would be called classic Southern coastal. I love to incorporate elements of Southern design in all aspects of my designs. There is nothing prettier than the things found in nature.

I also love to dress the part of a southern gent. In the spring and summer, I love to don a great seersucker suit complete with bow tie from my fave source, NOLA Couture. As a teacher, there is no pants better to me than a great pair of GAP khakis. Their versatility is outstanding. Gingham and plaid shirts really speak to me. I am much more of a classic dresser who loves it all from Brooks Brothers to J. Crew to Ralph Lauren to deals at T. J. Maxx. I especially love the color navy blue as evidenced in the numerous polos in my casual closet. You can see more of my own southern style HERE.

I also like to entertain. J and I love to host small dinner parties and large affairs in our home. Setting up a beautiful soiree is therapy for me. You can see some of my past soirees HERE.

Lastly, I love the beach. I am a self-proclaimed beach bum. Living in New Orleans, I live just a couple hours from the Gulf of Mexico. Weekend trips to family and friend's camps are easy and accessible. We also love trips to Fairhope, AL, Perdido Key, FL, and Amelia Island, FL. I have always loved time in the sun. Since I am off during the summer months, you will often find me beach or poolside.

I hope this post gives you more insight in who I am. I really hope that you will take the time to look around my site, Uptown Acorn. I would love it if you would follow me along this journey. There are not too many guys in blogland, so I hope you see some unique posts.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of this series.

Cheers from the Uptown Acorn, y'all!

Ron thank you so much for sharing with us and letting us get to know about you and your life.  This was an amazing feature and I enjoyed getting to know you better.  Thank you for being our first brave "man in blog land" to share of yourself.  You are an amazing blogger and a wonderful person that we have all delighted in getting to know better through this feature.
Thank you so much.

Now that you have gotten to know Ron please hop over to Susan's blog and get to know another fun and talented blogger Jo Anne from A Pocket Full of Blue.

Have a wonderful week end.

Junkin Day and Office Change Ups

I went Junkin with a friend on Thursday and we made a stop at one of my fave shops near my home.  The shop is Lucky Junk and I have to say my heart always beats a little faster when I enter this shop.  Friends Janet and Bill own this wonderful shop of Joy, fun and oh so much fabulous!

I will let some of the pictures show you why my heart beats faster!  I took the pics with my cell phone camera so not the greatest but you can see the chippy, crusty, rusty love in this shop.

Welcoming pink old Schwinn bike outfront.  Nothing says "come on in there is great stuff here"  like a cute bike at the entry!

Yep!  You want chippy, rusty, crusty, vintage love it is all here in this shop.  Love the mailbox grouping on the wall.  How sweet are those?

Ohhhhhhh yeah!

I am obsessed with these shutter doors.  Oh My the length and thin chippy goodness to these.  I still am thinking about where and what I could do with these beauties.

Sweet angel napping on that absolutely fabulous yellow chippy table.  Love!

Just one chippy or rusty piece after another.

This scrolly pure piece of joy came home with me from Lucky Junk.  I have a few ideas for this lovely piece.  Stay tuned!

There were two of these babies.  Look at the arch in this cabinet door.  Ohhhhh love at first site.

Oh yeah just enough chippy joy on this cabinet door.  Not sure where it will end up just yet but believe me it will end up some place special.

 It was a nice summer day to get together with a friend and do some junkin together.

******Change ups in my Office******

  Summer is going way to fast for me.  I see all the fall and even some Christmas stuff coming out in the stores and I think oh no not yet!!!!!!!

After that harsh winter I am savoring every summer day I have.

I was in a cleaning mood this past week end and started to clean out the storage room in my house and hubby cleaned out the shed and when we finished those two big jobs I thought maybe I would do a little change up in my office.  Second wind I guess!

Nothing big just some change arounds.  It is amazing what  little movement can do in a room.

My office before I started the switcheroo this week end.
Little rearranging of my office was the plan.  These old french doors are the wall divider that separates my office area from the dining room.

I started by moving my desk over to this area of the office space.  I like it better because the light comes in that window to the left side.

I am using on of the dining room chairs that has the magazine pocket in the back for my new office chair.

This is one  of two pretty chair covers I got when I was out at the White Show in April in Wrentham, Ma.

Yep love the natural light that shines on me when I am on the computer.

This area is where my desk use to be in front of this old Chicago private investigators office door.  I put my scrolly keeper I just found junkin in this space.  

I need to find some fun things to put in this crusty, chippy, scrolly holder.  I did put my collection of old alarm clocks.  Just need to find some more cute stuff to put in here.

I like the open feel now in this small space I have for an office.  This use to be a closet at the back of my dining room.  Much better as a little office space.

Junk Happens in my office and this is where I try to contain most of it!

Love to have some of my family photos around me in my office along with the million magazines and decor books I collect!!!!

I still have this cute lamp on my desk that I found a while back.  Love that it has cute tiered rusty shelves.

My trustee assistant is not too impressed with all the movement in my office.  Shortly after I took this shot of her she took a nap.  I guess seeing me move all the stuff in and out of the office was just too exhausting for her LOL!

My grand dog Penny was staying with us this week end and she was a little more impressed with all the movement and change ups!

Hope your week is heading in a good direction.  Summer is going so fast.

Make sure you come back on Saturday for Spotlight.  Susan and I have two awesome bloggers for you to meet and we have our first man blogger on my Spotlight!!!! Wooo Hooo I cannot wait for you to meet him.  He has an awesome blog and was so brave to be our first guy on Spotlight.  You will love him and his blog.
See you on Saturday. Have a great week.
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Charming Home Series Feature

Happy Sunday.  Hope your week end has been a nice one.

The lovely and very talented Jennifer from Town and Country Living runs a Charming Home Series on her blog every Sunday.
This week she is featuring my home in her series. 
Please take time today to check out my feature on Jennifer's beautiful blog and see some of the other homes that have been featured in this series.  So many gorgeous homes full of inspiration.  

I am honored to be asked to be in this series with these beautiful homes.  
Thank you Jennifer I was really touched and honored when you asked to feature my home.
Thank you sweet friend.

 Charming Home Series

Hope you have a wonderful start to the new week ahead.